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The many advantages of steam cleaning and sanitizing your home

Aug 17, 2014



  • The Many Advantages Of Steam Cleaning And Sanitizing Your Home Presented by GrueneSteam
  • Pre-Green CleaningIn years past, bleach was the go-to cleaning agent forkilling germs and cleaning homes.Bleachs initial popularity continued despite itsstrong odor, adverse affect on children and potentialdanger to the environment.During these times, people who rallied forenvironmentally friendly options, such as steamcleaning, were considered to be counterculture andmore concerned with the ozone layer than their dirtyresidences.
  • Modern And Mainstream Cleaning Methods Today, cleaning products have evolved and a green floor cleaner efficiently scrubs and disinfects without utilizing strong chemicals. No longer are the old mop and heavy bucket the token standbys to attack that daunting and dirty hardwood floor. Steam cleaning offers an ideal way to sanitize floors without sacrificing performance.
  • Ideal Surfaces For A Green Floor Cleaner A green floor cleaner is designed to not only manage hardwood floors, but virtually all hard floor surfaces. Steam cleaning works effectively on tiles, quality laminates and other sealed surfaces. Wax floors and unsealed surfaces are not recommended without testing a small spot or checking with the floors manufacturer. Carpets are also not recommended.
  • A Green Floor Cleaner -Good For The EnvironmentGreen floor cleaners are now accessible to everyone.These cleaners come in many different types, from astraightforward design to the more complicated andintricate model.Steam cleaning is a guaranteed and effective methodto disinfect without utilizing strong chemicals.Steam cleaning only requires water to get the job doneproperly.
  • Benefits Of Steam CleaningIn addition to being eco-friendly,steam cleaning also eliminatesdirt and kills germs moreeffectively than traditional mopand bucket methods.A green floor cleaner is simple and lightweight butstill has a huge impact on germs and bacteria.With minimal effort, these products remove debrisand grime that seems impossibly saturated into thesurface area.
  • Safe For Children And BabiesBabies and toddlers spend a large portion of their daysitting, crawling, lying and playing on the floor.Parents should take into consideration what agentsthey use to clean their home.Traditional cleaners not only harm the environment,but can also have adverse effects on young children.Steam cleaning disinfects the highest traffic areas inthe home without using harmful toxins or leavingbehind potentially dangerous residue.
  • Steam Cleaning Stops And Kills Germs Before SpreadingBabies and toddlers also use their hands to grab any and allobjects and stick them into their mouths, easily spreading germsthroughout the house.Steam cleaning has proven to be safe for children and alsoefficiently kills germs and eliminates filth and grime.A green floor cleaner only requires water to be effective, thussimply leaving a clean smell and shine behind on the floor afteruse.Mothers can rest assured knowing that their babies and childrenare safe on surfaces where steam cleaning has beenused.
  • A Green Floor Cleaner Saves Money Steam cleaning saves money by utilizing free tap water to easily cleanse surfaces. Simply plugging in the green floor cleaner starts the heating process which produces the steam necessary for cleaning. Inexpensive, washable pads, terry cloths or even old t- shirts can be used as a cleaning pad and help further minimize expenses.
  • The Benefits Of The Multi- Purpose CleanerPurchasing products with multiple functions alsosignificantly cuts down on household cleaning costs.Changing the unit into a hand held steamer willeliminate wrinkles from the familys wardrobe.The garment attachment will clean curtains and refreshmattresses.Utilizing the brush attachment cleans countertops, tilesand grout.The wire brush can even clean and disinfectgolf clubs.
  • Businesses Benefit From Steam Cleaning Even businesses are seeing profits increase with steam cleaning. Companies have gone green to cut down on costs, gain the attention of new clients and show genuine concern for the environment. By purchasing a green floor cleaner, companies easily implement environmentally friendly and energy efficient business techniques. Utilizing steam from tap water eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and old mops that must be purchased and replenished often. Chemical solutions often leave behind a visible filmy residue that can affect the health of employees; steam cleaning just leaves behind shine.
  • About GrueneSteamGrueneSteam is a company that manufacturers agreen steam mop that users can turn into a handheld steamer. The product was born out of a desire forone simple household appliance that can clean andsanitize, without using harsh or harmful chemicals.Designed by Richard Baccus, the GrueneSteam 2N1is available through number of dealers across theUnited States and Canada. To learn more or to find adealer, visit