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The Indian Act Social Studies 10. Ms. Benkowhat happened last class?  NWMP  Cypress Hills Massacre  The Number Treaties

Jan 02, 2016



The Indian Act

The Indian ActSocial Studies 10Ms. Benkowhat happened last class?NWMP

Cypress Hills Massacre

The Number TreatiesShape of the DayWhat impact did residential schools have on the First Nations community?

Objectives:Understand the Indian Act.Understand assimilation and the reasons why government might want it.Analyze residential school photos (Primary Document Analysis).Consider the lasting effects of the Indian Act.What does Wab Kinew think?500 years of history in 2 minutes.What is the Indian Act?Read page 182.

Write down two ways the Indian Act directly affected the way of life of First Nations people.

Be ready to share!

Indian ActIndian Act: An act created to regulate the lives of the First Nations of CanadaIntroduced in 1876Formalized the assimilation of First NationsAssimilation: the process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological characteristics of a group.

Allows the government to control most aspects of Aboriginal life: Indian status, land, resources, wills, educationetc

Handout: Residential SchoolsRead the Residential Schools handout with a partner.

Discuss questions 1 and 2 in Reconnect.

Be ready to share your ideas with the class!

Residential SchoolsConditions:OvercrowdingUnsanitaryOutbreaks of tuberculosis and other infectious diseasesPoor dietInadequate medical carePhysically and sexually abusedSome schools had more than 50% of the children die

Residential Schools Primary Source AnalysisAnalyze the following photo of Thomas Moore, a First Nations boy who attended a residential school in Regina

Complete the graphic organizer and answer the 2 follow up questions. You may work alone or with a partner.

After completion, be prepared to share your answers with the class!

How does this affect Canada today?What does Stephen Harper have to say?Residential Schools - ReconciliationI stand before you today to offer an apology to the former students of Indian residential schools. The treatment of children in Indian residential schools is a sad chapter in our historyThe burden of this experience has been on your shoulders for far too long. The burden is properly ours as a government, and as a countryTwo primary objectives of the residential school system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture. These objectives were based on the assumption Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal. Indeed, some sought, as it was infamously said, to kill the Indian in the child. Today, we recognize that this policy of assimilation was wrong, has caused great harm, and has no place in our country. - Prime Minister Stephen Harper, official apology, June 11, 2008

Residential Schools - Reconciliation2006, the federal government reached a settlement with former residential school studentsLargest settlement in Canadian historyStudents received $10,000 each for the first year they attended schools$3,000 for each subsequent yearAdditional compensation for abuse

2008, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) createdGive anyone affected by residential schools a chance to share their experiences and create a historical record

Do you think the response from Harper and the settlement and TRC is sufficient compensation for the impact that the residential school system has on the First Nations people of Canada?

Write a mini-letter to Harper/The Canadian government expressing your opinion on the governments efforts to reconcile the residential school system.

Be ready to share your letter with your classmates! Extension:Complete the Ethical Dimension worksheetYou can focus on any aspect of the Indian Act or materials covered in class so far.


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