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The Hummingbird SAGE Newsletter19cw0powsi320yelz2oewe9v- · PDF file 2019-02-07 · 5 5 Benefits of Performing Community Service in College 1) Improved Resumes– Volunteering...

May 21, 2020




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    A Federally-Funded TRiO Program

    February 2019, Volume 20 Issue 6

    The Hummingbird SAGE Newsletter


    Meet Thomas Schlitt Director of Sage……………………..2

    Coming Soon…….………………..…...3

    Interested in earning extra money…………………………………....4


    Preparing for Your Progress Report Meeting……………...……….5

    5 Reasons to Volunteer……..……...5

    February Mentor Workshops…....6

    Spring Campus Visits….......……...7

    February Birthdays..………..........8

    “Too often we underestimate the

    power of a touch, a smile, a kind

    word, a listening ear, an honest

    compliment, or the smallest act of

    caring, all of which have the potential

    to turn a life around.”

    -Leo Buscaglia

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    Hi everyone!

    I am very excited to join the SAGE team as the Director! My background

    is in counseling, and in my previous job, I helped folks with mental

    health challenges navigate barriers to reach their educational and

    employment goals. I am big believer in the power of education, and I

    believe that everyone should have the access and support they need to

    reach their goals. I am a graduate of Appalachian State University,

    where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s

    degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. To share a little about

    myself, I am recently married, and my wife, Sarah, and I have three dogs

    named Luna, Hugo, and Pavlov. For our honeymoon, we went to

    Scotland. Stop by my office, and I will be happy to share pictures and

    stories! That was my first experience with being in a different country

    and my first experience navigating things like driving on the other side

    of the road, so I can certainly relate to being in a new place and learning

    a new system of doing things. I am excited about learning and growing

    with you all this semester, and I look forward to getting to know you. My

    door is always open so please don’t hesitate to stop by!

    Thomas Schlitt

    Director of SAGE

    Meet Thomas Schlitt, Director of SAGE

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    February 1—Wilkes Campus Sobriety Bowl

    February 5– Wilkes Campus Basketball Intramural

    February 6– Wilkes Campus Rock Your Resume

    February 7– Wilkes Campus SGA Meeting

    February 11-12– Alleghany Center Stain Glass Valentines for Nursing


    February 12– Wilkes Campus Breakfast with SGA & Student


    February 13– Wilkes Campus University Visit Western Carolina University

    February 14– Wilkes Campus Lucky Hearts Prize Hunt

    February 21-Wilkes Campus Ace Your Interview

    February 23-Wilkes Campus N4CSGA Western Division Meeting

    February 26– Wilkes Campus Bench Press/Squat Contest

    February 26– Wilkes Campus Get LinkedIn

    February 28-Wilkes Campus Blood Drive

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    Interested in earning

    some extra money? Tutor for SAGE!

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2019-2020 academic year is

    now available online! Filing your FAFSA now will ensure you meet school deadlines and

    will increase your opportunities for the most grants and scholarships. So visit, and get your FAFSA started today! If you need any assistance in com-

    pleting the FAFSA or have questions, please see Kim Perkins. She is happy to assist you!

    Currently in need of : Chemistry, Math, Anatomy & Physiology

    tutors! If there are other subjects you are interested in tutoring for

    we may have a need for those as well!

    Contact: Jenny Webb, [email protected], 336.838.6561 or

    stop in and see me in SAGE!!

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    5 Benefits of Performing Community Service in College

    1) Improved Resumes– Volunteering looks great to employers and shows an employer that the student really cares about their community.

    2) Boost Grades and Academic Potential-According to research, students who do community service are more likely to do well in school.

    3) Create a Network-Students who want to break into a specific field can use volunteering to network with other professionals in their industry.

    4) Become a Better Person– Volunteering is a rewarding experience. Studies show that people who help others are consistently happier individuals.

    5) Enjoy a Health Boost-A recent study indicated volunteers are less likely to deal with depression. Studies indicate that people who spend over 100 hours volunteering each year

    showed remarkably positive health outcomes.

    * If you are interested in volunteering through WCC, assisting

    with activities and events, please see Sabrina Bowman,

    [email protected]

    During the month of February you will receive the Progress Report forms to send out

    to your Instructors the week of February 18th.

    **PR meetings will take place the week of

    March 11th– 27th. Look for more information

    to come in early February via email!

    ***Remember, this is a requirement in order to

    receive the SAGE Scholarship, so do not miss out

    on this wonderful opportunity! More cash in your


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    Mentoring Events

    “Success & Study Skills” February 5th drop in anytime between 10 – 12 pm OR appointments as needed


    “Life Talks with Cassie” -Topic is vulnerability this month

    February 8th drop in anytime be- tween 10-12 pm


    “All About My Resume” February 8th 8:45 am—9:45 am Alyssa

    “Note Taking” February 13th 11 am Katrina

    “Resume” February 14th 8:45-9:45 am Alyssa

    “Cover Letter” February 18th drop in anytime between 11 am – 1 pm


    “Success & Study Skills” February 19th drop in anytime between 10 am – 12 pm


    “Resume/Cover Letter” February 21st 8:45 – 9:45 am Alyssa

    “Application Central” February 22nd drop in anytime between 10 am – 12 pm


    “SAGE Spa” February 25th drop in anytime between 12 – 2 pm


    *** Starting in February, we will now

    offer a drawing at the end of each

    month (February, March, April &

    May) for the chance to win gift cards.

    For each workshop you attend your

    name will be entered into the

    drawing. The winners will be announced at the end of

    each month!

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    Then you need to hit the road with Kim Perkins! SAGE offers free campus visits to

    members interested in exploring universities within North Carolina for transfer op-

    portunities. Each visit includes transportation, university information session, student

    -led tour of campus, individual meeting with the department you’re interested in

    pursuing, and LUNCH! Below is a listing of proposed visits for spring 2019. See Kim

    Perkins if you are interested in attending or if there is another school not listed that

    you would like to visit.

    February 18th – Mt. Olive University, sign up by Feb. 6th

    March 1st – Appalachian State University, sign up by Feb. 18th

    March 8th – North Carolina State University, sign up by Feb. 25th

    (this visit occurs during WCC’s spring break)

    March 21st – UNC-Greensboro, sign up by March 4th

    April 5th – Western Carolina University, sign up by March 15th

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    Wilkes Community


    Supporting Academic Goals for

    Education (SAGE) is a Student

    Support Services federal grant

    funded TRiO program that

    began at Wilkes Community

    College in 1979. The purpose

    of this program is to provide

    academic support services to

    increase the college success

    rates of its participants.


    Bauguss– 01/01

    Hannah Hamby– 01/01

    Katherine Kelly– 01/02

    Kang McCoy– 01/02

    Alicia Widener– 01/03

    Andrew Holder-Walker– 01/05

    Ebony Anderson—01/08

    Fabiola Perez– 01/12

    Polly Poe—01/12

    Brooklin Carroll– 01/13

    Brandie Combs– 01/14

    Stephanie Wingler– 01/14

    Julie Childers– 01/15

    Hazel Francisco– 01/15

    Faith Lenz– 01/15

    Roger Morrow– 01/15

    Alexis Stout– 01/15

    Vernon Byrd– 01/17

    Dakota Parks– 01/18

    Valerie Hynson– 01/19

    Mary Hannewald– 01/21

    Jessica Rominger– 01/22

    Lakyn Webb– 01/24

    Tori Johnson– 01/25

    Yvette Johnson– 01/26

    Alexis Roten– 01/29

    Maria Goebeler– 01/30

    Christopher Zeidner–

    Birthday Corner

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