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The Forecaster, Portland edition, January 4, 2012

Mar 22, 2016



The Forecaster, Portland edition, January 4, 2012, a Sun Media Publication, pages 1-20

  • INSIDEHoliday break overWinter season gets seriousPage 11

    Coffee by Design gets national nod for being coolPage 2

    Disclosure gap hides $235M in work tied to officialsPage 3

    January 4, 2012 News of The City of Portland Vol. 10, No.

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    Some municipal policies violate Maines right-to-know lawBy Mario Moretto and Emily GuerinPORTLAND The publics

    right to know is described in Maine by the Freedom of Acccess Act, which clearly outlines the rules and obligations for operating an open, transparent government.For example, a citizen who re-

    quests a document from a public

    Portland mayoral candidates spent as much as $40 per vote

    By Randy BillingsPORTLAND The 15 candi-

    dates who hoped to become Port-lands first elected mayor since 1923 spent more than $300,000 on their campaigns.Some candidates dug deeper

    than others to get first-place votes in the opening round of the instant-runoff election, but who spent the most per vote ($40) and the least ($2.86) may come as a surprise.According to 42-day post-elec-

    Peaks Island wind plan abandoned, waterfront turbine not producingBy Emily ParkhurstPORTLAND Despite initial

    optimism that Casco Bay would be a good location for wind power, a city waterfront project has pro-duced less energy than expected and a project on Peaks Island has been abandoned because there isnt enough wind.This comes as the City Council

    prepares to act on a wind en-ergy ordinance that would govern where and how wind turbines

    What ifs after mayor reveals cancer surgeryBy Randy BillingsPORTLAND Mayor Mi-

    chael Brennan is recovering at home after having a cancerous tumor removed from his intestine.A press release late on Dec.

    29 said surgery was performed the previous weekend at Maine Medical Center and Brennans prognosis is excellent, although he will continue to be treated for lesions discovered on his liver.City Hall spokeswoman Nicole

    Clegg said in the release that Brennans surgery involved the removal of a carcinoid tumor from his small intestine. According to the National Can-

    cer Institute, the federal govern-ments principal agency for cancer

    Plunging into 2012

    TiM GREEnWAy / FOR ThE FORECASTERShelly Thorp of Harrison, left, and Anita Day of North Fryeburg run from the chilly waters of Casco Bay during the fourth annual Polar Bear Dip at East End Beach in Portland on Saturday, Dec. 31. They said participation in a polar plunge was one of their bucket list items. Entry fees for the noon event and a 5K walk/run earlier in the

    morning support the Natural Resource Council of Maines work to reduce global warming pollution.

    See page 13

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    tion reports filed Dec. 20, Ethan Strimling raised and spend more money than his nearest competi-tor (and eventual winner) Michael Brennan by more than $30,000.Strimlings campaign raised

    $90,000, and $7,000 came be-tween the Oct. 26-Dec. 13, 2011 period covered by the report.But the $20.42 that Strimling

    spent for each of his 4,390 first-round votes is only half of what

    Palm Pilots, umbrellas, consultants among campaign expenses

    agency may not be charged more than $10 per hour for time spent fulfilling that request. And that fee can only be charged after the first hour.In spite of this, the Scarborough

    School Board has a policy allow-ing officials to charge up to $30 per hour. Late last year, the board was prepared to increase the fee to

    $50 per hour, but tabled the pro-posal after questions were raised by a reporter from The Forecaster.The incident prompted an

    investigation into public right-to-know policies in cities and towns throughout greater Port-land. That investigation revealed that Scarborough isnt the only municipality or school district to

    run afoul of the FOAA.While many area government

    officials understand their FOAA rights and responsibilities, some may not uphold their obligation to residents to provide open access to government.

    Extralegal feesIn addition to the $10 per hour

    cap, state law allows agencies to

    charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of copying documents.But in Freeport, officials

    charged a resident $28.75 per hour for a request received in May 2010, reflecting the salary of the employee who filled the request.The residents request, for all

    meeting minutes and agendas

    could be installed.There was significant fanfare

    when distributor Nelson & Small installed a wind turbine atop DiMillos restaurant on Long Wharf. The company installed the turbine free of charge, confident the publicity would be worth the investment.However, the DiMillos turbine

    has not produced the energy ex-pected.It has continued to get remark-

    able publicity, said Steve Hayes, a manager for Portland-based Nelson & Small.The turbine was installed last

    summer, and Hayes said a techni-cal glitch has kept it from produc-ing the expected 2,000 kilowatts per hour. Instead of fulfilling 20 to 30 percent of DiMillos power needs, the turbine is only produc-ing 5 percent.

    research and training, carcinoid tumors typically are slow-growing tumors that originate in the cells of the gas-trointestinal tract.They rare-

    ly produce s ymp t oms in the early stages, but can cause redness in the face or neck, swollen ankles, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate and soreness or fullness in the abdomen if the cancer spreads to another part of the body.


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  • January 4, 20122 Portland

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    Business that perksCoffee by Design gets national nod for being cool

    Emily Parkhurst / thE ForEcastErCoffee by Design owner Alan Spear holds the companys newest gourmet coffee, part of a new Harvest Reserve category of high-quality and expensive coffees. The Panama Geisha

    coffee will be sold in glass jars for $25 per half-pound.

    By Emily Parkhurst PORTLAND Alan Spear and Mary

    Allen Lindemann dont think they look particularly cool.I mean, look at us, Lindemann said,

    pointing to her simple gray dress and straight, brown hair, pulled loosely back. Spear, her husband, was wearing a black sweater and jeans.But their business, Coffee by Design,

    was recently called one of the 10 Coolest Independent Coffee Shops in the country by the Zagat rating guide.The designation was based on customer

    service by baristas, the atmosphere of the shops and the quality of the coffee served.Lindemann said those three things define

    Coffee by Design. The company has had op-portunities to expand beyond its four shops, on India and Congress streets and Wash-ington Avenue, and in the main L.L. Bean store in Freeport but they dont want to.We dont want to be huge, she said.

    Thats not our vision.Coffee by Design opened 16 years ago at

    620 Congress St., after the couple moved back to Maine from Seattle, in the days when Starbucks was still only a Seattle

    company and small, independent coffee companies were rare in Portland. Although the original plan was to sell coffee out of a small cart, like many of the Seattle-area vendors, the couple decided a shop would be a better fit for Portland.The goal from day one was to provide a

    great product and great service, Spear said.Back in 1994, people in Maine didnt

    know all that much about coffee, Spear said. In fact, he hadnt known much about it until he moved to Seattle. But they were passionate about bringing great coffee east, despite the recession the country was in at the time.They both admit Starbucks rapid expan-

    sion helped pave the way for small, inde-pendent shops like theirs to find success.They created the niche market for all of

    us, Lindemann said.At first, they were buying roasted beans

    from the West Coast. However, it wasnt long before Spear started getting into roast-ing beans himself. In 1998, he started the commercial roasting operation at the 67 India St. location. For a while, there was no storefront. It wasnt until the city ap-proached them and asked them to open a

    company designed the space.We have a great relationship with L.L.

    Bean, Spear said. What they stand for, we stand for.Even though what started as a small

    dream of a coffee cart in Portland has grown to a nationally recognized company that helped launch

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