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The Fairest of Seasons

Mar 28, 2016



A zine about winter. Created by Hannah Belden. © 2013

  • / T H EF A I R E S T \ \O F /

    S E A S O N S

    winter 2012vol. 1

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  • the fairest of seasons

    a zine curated & created byhannah belden

  • the fairest of seasons

    photos by mikayla schedlbauer

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  • it was a clasp-knife, my father gave it to me when i was 9. its the best because i really wanted it but didnt expect him to

    do this.

    my best friend gave me this book & she

    filled the pages with her artwork &

    quotes,pictures of exotic places &of the town we grew up in.

    photo by judy chong

    what is the best present you have


  • i wish i could hibernate.

  • Author: Lexi Harvey Photographer/ stylist: Julia Thompson Model: Ariana Gantous

  • These Days- Nico

    That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore- The Smiths

    Apocalypse Dreams- Tame Impala

    Sagrad - Grimes

    Real Love- Beach House

    Because The Night- Patti Smith

    This Must Be The Place- Talking Heads

    Doll Parts- Hole

    Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams- Nico

    Do You Believe In Rapture-Sonic Youth

    Femme Fatale-The Velvet Underground

    Perfect Circle -R.E.M

    Box Of Rain -Grateful Dead

    playlist created by Shweta Mann

  • illustration by julie liang

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