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Feb 24, 2016




THE DECLINE OF AUSTRIA-HUNGARY . Problems with the Empire. Austria-Hungary faced problems similar to Russia in 1800s Numerous languages , cultures, no modern government Feudal system still in place, censorship used, arrests of critics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Problems with the EmpireAustria-Hungary faced problems similar to Russia in 1800s

Numerous languages, cultures, no modern government

Feudal system still in place, censorship used, arrests of critics

Ruled by a royal family for centuries and did not embrace modernization

RevolutionRevolution of 1848 showed weakness of government National assembly and constitution createdDid not last because groups were not unitedMinister of Foreign Affairs von Metternich worked to put down ethnic groups, radicals

Francis JosephFrancis Joseph comes to the throne for 68 year reignHe works to restore the old order conservative, dissolves revolutionary assembly and rejected the constitutionAustria loses land in 1850s and 1860s in war

Dual Monarchy1867 Franz Joseph grants Hungary some freedomsDual Monarchy created he is king of Austrian Empire and Kingdom of HungaryTwo nations share foreign affairs, money but not internal affairs each with own constitution, parliament and prime ministerReliant on each other economically (Austria had manufacturing and Hungary had food products)

Minorities in the EmpireSystem worked for a while, but problems erupted3/5 of people in A-H were Slavs with no rights (Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, Serbs, Montenegrins, Bosnians all wanted a Slav kingdom)

The Balkan PeninsulaThe Balkan Region of Europe known as powder keg of EuropeRegion of ethnic/religious hatred for 100s of years (even war in 1990s)Where Muslim world meets Christian world where differing forms of Christianity (Catholic and Orthodox) meet centuries of war, bloodshed, andmassacres.

RevoltOttoman Empire (Muslim) had dominated for centuries, but in decline in mid-1800sRomania, Serbia, Bulgaria rise up Turks brutally putting down revoltsRussia comes to aid of fellow Slavs against Turks in SerbiaGreat Britain wants to contain Russia so joins in on side of Turks (France and others join and beat Russia in Crimean War in 1854)A-H Empire tries to take advantage of this and take landVarious ethnic groups in this region want independenceSerbia, Bosnia, Croatia (today independent states)

1877 Russia goes to war with Turkey on behalf of Slavic people and wins large piece of Bulgaria Treaty of San Stefano angers many in Europe particularly Britain who fears Russian expansionJingoism (extreme patriotism, usually provoked by perceived foreign threat, comes from British song) became the mood of Europe by late 1800s

Congress of BerlinCongress of Berlin tries to establish stability, but pleases nobodyBy early 1900s Balkan League of Nations defeats Turkey in 1912 warIts own members turn on each other by 1913France, Britain, Germany all try to contain these conflictsFear Russia or A-H getting too powerful

Powder KegBy the beginning of the 20th century, it is clear that this region of Europe would be the likely place that a huge war would erupt.

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