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The CEOS WGISS Atmospheric Composition Portal

Dec 30, 2015



The CEOS WGISS Atmospheric Composition Portal. Presented by Stefan Falke on behalf of the AC Portal Technical Team. WGISS 29 17-21 May 2010. Outline. AC Portal Background Anticipated Features and Users Initial and Future Capabilities AC Portal Demo Technical Team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • *The CEOS WGISSAtmospheric Composition PortalWGISS 2917-21 May 2010

    Presented by Stefan Falke

    on behalf of theAC Portal Technical Team

  • AC Portal BackgroundAnticipated Features and UsersInitial and Future CapabilitiesAC Portal DemoTechnical TeamAlpha Release AnnouncementInput and participation from WGISSOutreach and Collaboration ActivitiesACC Workshop Feedback and Potential Use CaseGEOSS Architecture Implementation PilotIDN CollaborationWADC CollaborationWGISS 5-year Plan2010 next steps


  • Atmospheric Composition Portal BackgroundThe Atmospheric Composition Constellation (ACC) and the Workgroup for Information Systems and Services (WGISS) within the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) is developing a portal to support interoperability among the atmospheric composition research and applications communities.The portal was called for by CEOS as part of the sanctioned constellations and is a GEO taskA need was perceived to develop a shared collaboration place for remotely sensed atmospheric composition related data and informationThe aim is to enhance international cooperation, data sharing and servicesThe technical challenge is to explore how disparate systems across agencies and countries can work together more seamlessly.*

  • *AC PortalMission Statement

    Provide access, tools, and contextual guidance to scientists and value-adding organizations in using remotely sensed atmospheric composition data, information, and services.

    Help foster interoperability and application of atmospheric composition data, information and services worldwide.

    Identify the unique requirements and common (shared) features of the ACC and GEOSS users to provide a value-added and complementary capability.

    Work with partners in CEOS and the broader AC community in advancing the AC Portal

  • Anticipated Features of the AC Portal *

  • *= connectivity between portal contributors

  • *Anticipated AC Portal UsersAtmospheric Science Researchers

    Value-adding organizationsProcess (aggregate, filter, combine or analyze) remote sensing dataDevelop decision support tools or particular applications and users

    Users can be characterized by their:Domain Groups: Air Quality, Climate, Stratospheric Ozone

    Data Needs: Near-real-time, Forecast, Archived dataInformation Context Needs Processes used, assumptions made in deriving AC data products Understanding applicability of AC data products in their domain Availability of data products Previous uses of AC data products

  • *Initial CapabilityData and Service FlowCurrent Status of AC PortalAlpha release planned for April 2010DLRGES DISCDatafedOGC WMSDLRGiovanniData AccessGatewaysVisualizationToolsProcessing/AnalysisToolsContextualmetadataUser provided contentACP Portal Site at DLROGC WCSACP TeamCollaboration Site

  • Future AC PortalFuture Plans for AC PortalDLRGES DISCDatafedOthersOGC WMSOGC WCSOPeNDAPDLRGiovanniDatafedOthersDLRGiovanniDatafedOthersData AccessGatewaysVisualizationToolsProcessing/AnalysisToolsGEOSSUsersContextualmetadataUser provided contentACP TeamCollaboration Site

  • *Initial CapabilityDemonstrationGoal: Demonstrate the feasibility of connecting distributed atmospheric composition data and analysis tools into a common and shared web framework

    Initial effort focused on:Collaboratively creating a web application within WDC-RSAT for comparison of satellite derived atmospheric composition datasets accessed from distributed data sourcesImplementation of data access and interoperability standardsSolicit feedback from potential users and other participantsEspecially others in WGISS DataOzone (now)NO2 (coming soon)

  • Demo video*(click image to run demo video)

  • *AC Portal Technical TeamNASA Richard Eckman Ernie Hilsenrath (emeritus) Frank Lindsay Karen Moe GES DISC Greg Leptoukh Chris Lynnes Young-In Won Peisheng Zhao Wenli Yang James Johnson DataFed Rudolf Husar (Washington University) Erin Robinson (Washington University)Stefan Falke (Northrop Grumman)DLR Beate Hildenbrand Kathrin Hppner Peter Sommer Oleg Goussev Sverine Bernonville

    Others seeking others in WGISS to participate in AC Portal Technical Team

  • AC Portal Alpha ReleaseAnnouncement*The CEOS WGISS Atmospheric Composition Interest Group announces the alpha release of the Atmospheric Composition Portal (AC Portal). The AC Portal is being developed to: provide access, tools, and contextual guidance to scientists and value-adding organizations in using remotely sensed atmospheric composition data, information, and services. foster interoperability and application of atmospheric composition data, information and services worldwide. identify unique requirements and common (shared) features of the ACC and GEOSS users to provide a value-added and complementary capability. collaborate with partners in CEOS and the broader AC community in advancing the objectives of the AC Portal. The alpha release represents an initial version of the AC Portal intended to generate ideas and feedback, and to invite others to become involved in the AC Portal development. A beta release is planned for 31 August 2010. AC Portal: About the AC Portal: What's Next for the AC Portal: Provide your ideas, interests and comments: To stay updated on the latest AC Portal developments, please subscribe to the AC Portal announcements email list by sending an email to [email protected] with subject heading 'AC Portal announcements'.

  • Participation from broader WGISS and CEOS communityWe seek your recommendations in developing the AC Portal what would be useful from your perspective?

    Data ProvidersWhat is important for users of your data to know when applying it to air quality or climate applications?What kind of information would you like to get from users of your data?Data UsersDo you have unmet or challenging remotely sensed AC data needs?Any issues you encounter in working with remotely sensed AC data?Do you need any processing, analysis, visualization tools to supplement your existing tools?Would visualization and analysis tools in an online environment be useful?Do you work with metadata?

    For more information and provide feedback and comments:

  • GEO-CEOS Task AR-09-02a _30IN PROGRESS: The AC Portal Technical Team announced the AC Portal alpha release on 18 May 2010 at WGISS 29. We are participating in the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot, Phase 3 that kicked-off in March 2010, where we plan to contribute AC data web services, and to provide input on the structure of metadata and the process for registering services in the GEOSS Common Infrastructure. COMPLETED: The AC portal provides access, tools and guidance to atmospheric scientists and the value-added organizations in using remote EO in Atmospheric Composition data, information and services. The portal was presented and demonstrated at the following meetings: 1) ACC Workshop on Air Quality in Frascati, Italy on 15 June, 2009, 2) GEO-VI Plenary and Air Quality meetings in Washington DC on 17 Nov, 2009, 3) ESIP Winter Meeting in Washington DC 5 Jan, 2010, 4) ACC Workshop in Montreal 30-31 March where a progress report and demo were presented and several pilot uses of the portal identified. *

  • OutreachGEO VI Plenary, CEOS Booth Nov 2009

    AGU Presentation and Poster Dec 2009

    ESIP Poster Session Jan 2010

    ACC Workshop Presentation and Demo Mar 2010

    EGU Presentation and Poster Apr 2010*

  • Feedback from ACC WorkshopPossible expansionsIDEA-I?GOME-2 NO2 with OMI algorithm (via NOAA)?Algorithm intercomparisons?Volcanic ash-related datasets?Model-data comparison?Capabilities and FeaturesDeep info about dataset: validation info, quality control (+how to use), algorithms, contactsOrganize data by species/variablePreprocessed climatologiesComparison guide for datasets

  • AC DatabasesAC Data BrokersOthersAC WebPortalsOther Search ToolsUsersRemotely Sensed Atmospheric Composition Data ProvidersGEOSSCommonInfrastructureGEOSSRegistryGEOSSClearing-houseAtmos. Comp. Community CatalogMetadataRegistration ToolsAtmo. Comp.MetadataRegistryGEOWebPortalsGeneral search and use of GEOSS data and servicesAC-specific search and use of GEOSS data and servicesOne Potential View of ACP and GCI in GEOSS AIPAC WebApplications*harvestregister

  • IDN Collaboration*IDN MetadataWeb Service (beta)IDN/GCMDMetadataAC PortalContextual MetadataACP and IDN collaborated to integrate IDN metadata dynamically into ACP. ACP does not store IDN metadata, accesses on a when-needed basis

  • WADC Collaboration*Community-oriented portal approach to GEOSS

    Defining a core search criteria

    Input to a CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog (CWIC) prototype

  • Alignment withWGISS 5-yr PlanSupport for CEOS Plenary and GEOSSReport to CEOS PlenaryParticipation in GEOSS Architecture Implementation PilotData and information managementImplementation of OGC WMS standardTailored use of the OGC SLDStarting implementation of OGC WCS standardUser services and Applications SupportImplementation of satellite data comparison toolOutreach to researchers and value adding organizations (e.g., ACC)Information ExchangeInteroperability among DLR, NASA GES DISC and DataFedPlanning to network with other organizationsFeedback to standards bodies (e.g., OGC)


  • Related GEO Tasks*AR-09-01b GEOSS Architecture Implementation PilotAQ&H Workgroup AR-09-02a Virtual Constellations Atmospheric Composition Constellation (ACC) US-09-01a Identifying Synergi

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