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the big chill

Mar 09, 2016



the big chill

  • bleachStarted in 2003, we are a design company that is driven by the challenge

    of producing unique solutions for and in collaboration with our clients.

    We scribble, discuss, laugh, cry, question and scribble again, its all part of

    the creative process. The bottom line is we love coming up with great ideas,

    whether we are working in print, digital or getting our teeth into an

    integrated campaign.

    We dont only enjoy working with big named companies, but relish the creative

    challenges that smaller projects can present. However big or small our clients

    are, they share the same desire to produce creative work that achieves its goals

    and reaches its target audience.

  • The Big Chill 2009 marketing campaign

    A case study

  • Fight for the right to party

    Fifteen years ago the Big Chill was one of a handful of festivals.

    Today the competition is much greater, with boutique and niche festivals popping up throughout

    the summer. Even the big brands have got in on the act, as brand managers realize the marketing

    potential of running their own events.

    Peoples perceptions and demands have also evolved. Festivals, like any other product have had to

    up their game, not just in what they offer, but it the way they market themselves to their audience.

    As the old saying goes...

    If you keep doing what youre doing you just keep getting

    what youre getting.

    After 15 years this was exactly what was happening to the Big Chill. Their core demographic was

    getting older and young festival goers were being tempted by the fresher boutique festivals.

  • The public speak

    When the Big Chill approached us to develop a marketing campaign for 2009, we observed that they

    assumed that people saw the Big Chill the same way they did. We also noticed that the images used

    to promote the festival, contradicted the stakeholders perception of the festival.

    Listen, learn, evolve

    We needed to hear this from the public, especially festival goers who shunned The Big Chill.

    Qualatitive research was proposed and our research company Ask Joe Public ran the groups.

  • Tough love

    The research showed that in the eyes of the public that the festival was perceived as:

    A festival with no attitude

    A pipe and slippers festival

    A chill out festival

    A festival for alternative music acts

    A sanitised festival

    The findings gave us a solid platform on which to base the creative.

    We felt that a campaign that created an emotional response was the key to attracting

    a new audience and re invigorate the existing Big Chillers, while at the same time

    giving the festival a personality with attitude.

  • The big idea

    The Big Chill festival is forever evolving, offering a multitude of experiences.

    We asked 40,000 subscribers of the Big Chill website,

    What is the Big Chill to you?

    26 responses were picked that illustrated the many facets of the festival and 26

    illustrators were picked to put the words into pictures.

    Illustrators with different styles were selected so that we could target

    specific groups.

  • United we stand

    The Big Chill had also expanded into 3 bars and a record label, so it was

    imperative that an identity was created to unite them.

    The identityVisually united the festival, house, bar (London and Bristol) and label

    Built awareness of the connection between all five parts of the group

    The advertising campaignEngaged the public

    Illustrated the different aspects of the festival

    Targeted different social sets

    Emphasised the creative aspect of the festival

    Created PR through a countrywide art exhibition

  • Putting it all together

    Over the period of 10 months the multi media campaign was rolled out

    throughout the UK.

    Press advertising

    Ambient advertising

    On line advertising

    PR packs

    Promotional flyers

    Art exhibition


    Festival collateral

    Interior and exterior design

  • Previous page: Bar and House monthly flyers, Dont Panic poster

    Left:Festival flyer, Dont Panic poster

    Right from top:Time Out ad, Observer music magazine ad, Last FM web banner

    Previous page Panic poster

    This pageBar and House monthly flyers and Dont Panic poster

  • Left from top:Clean advertising, cling poster


  • Left: Festival programme

    Right from top: Festival lanyard, festival wrist band

    Over page left: Festival tickets

    Over page right: 15 x 15 cd packaging

  • Left: Festival stage idents

    Right: Festival stage ident sequence

    Over page left: Exhibition

    Over page right: Limited edition prints

    Left: T-shirt

  • Left: Mens T-shirt

    Right: Womens T-shirts

    Left: T-shirt

    Right: T-shirts

    Over: Bristol bar exterior and interior plans

  • Left: Bristol bar exterior and interior plans

    Right:Exterior and interior shots


  • bleach would like to thank all of the illustrators

    who contributed to the campaign.

    Chrissie Abbott Ryan Miglinczy

    Alex Chappell Andy Miller

    Simon Cory Matt Needle

    Joe Crocker Lee Owens

    Ria Dastidar Si Scott

    Matt Dent Rosie Stallard

    Jason Divine Supermundane

    Sam Green Ryan Todd

    Jean Julien Toby Triumph

    Sarah King Hannah Waldron

    Jirayu Koo Brett Wilkinson

    Rachel Lattimore Joe Wilson

    Hello Marine Steve Wilson

    bleach5 Hoxton Square London N1 6NU

    If you would like to know more about us

    or our work please contact:

    Jane Chattenton

    +44 (0) 20 7012 1211

    [email protected]

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