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The Assessment Centre An Alternative Approach to Hiring

Mar 26, 2015



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The Assessment Centre An Alternative Approach to Hiring Slide 2 Agenda Why did we change our hiring process? How the Assessment Centre works Results Review of Process and Future Improvements Q&A Slide 3 The Need for Change Large multi-cultural, collaborative team Diverse product set New technologies Multiple vacancies Previous hiring mistakes Time and resource constraints Hire great people Slide 4 Hiring Objectives Fit into team Technical Ability Knowledge and Application Soft Skills Aptitude and Potential Personal Characteristics and Behaviour Slide 5 Benchmarked existing team Personality, Aptitude and Technical Skills Profiled key contributors Identified required technical skills Defined the measurements Meeting the Objectives Slide 6 How the Assessment Centre Works Agency & CV Selection Group Activity Individual Activity Technical Test Aptitude Test Personality Profiling Interview Slide 7 The Group Activity Slide 8 Team work & Collaboration Planning & Time management Analyse, gather and use information Communicate & Listen Observe individual behaviours The Real Reaction Team dynamics Slide 9 Role Play based on Work Activity Technical and Soft Skills Do they know the questions to ask? How do they deal with the customer? Practical and Written Elements Interaction with the customer Tackling the problem Individual Activity Slide 10 Exam based test Modular play to strengths Two approaches Test developed in-house on-line testing Benchmarked both systems on current team Technical Testing Slide 11 Thomas International TST System Indication of ability to respond to training Feature Detection Reasoning Number Speed and Accuracy Working Memory Orientation Aptitude Test Slide 12 Feature Detection An exercise to measure how quickly and accurately people can carry out simple checking tasks in their head. Look at this example: 0 1 2 3 4 Look at each block and decide on how many pairs are the same TST Examples AaAa BcBc DdDd RrRr Slide 13 Look at each block and decide on how many pairs are the same 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 TST Examples DaDa FgFg HtHt RrRr qQqQ aAaA pPpP bBbB Slide 14 DaDa FgFg HtHt RrRr qQqQ aAaA pPpP bBbB 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 Slide 15 Benchmark Data Feature Detection Working Memory Orientation Benchmark 35 (from existing team) Hire in 50 minimum to raise standard Caution with very high scores TST Benchmark Slide 16 Thomas International Product Used extensively in current recruitment process How they like to work and how they are working Frustrations and stresses Benchmark Data High SC High SCI Use information with observation Discussion document Personality Profiling Slide 17 Example Results Table Name TST 1:1 Call1:1 Write Up Technical Test Group Activity PPAOutcome Candidate 152.53.543YISReject Candidate 23533.551NSIReject Candidate 31533.552.6YSICReject Candidate 4351.5147.2NCSReject Candidate 53542.536.6NSICReject Candidate 6602.53.549.2YSICInterview Candidate 75021.551YISCHired Slide 18 Assessment Centre Benefits Reduced hiring time/effort Improved quality of hire Faster to fit in and contribute Confidence to say yes or no Pipeline Slide 19 Summary Driven by support Time intensive to design but easily repeatable Minimal cost - investment in testing tools only Scalable Assess more people in less time Consistent, measured data for decision making Impact on retention (not yet measured) Applicable to other functions E.g. Services Slide 20 Questions & Answers