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The 7th grade math class

Jan 29, 2015





  • 1. Our 7 th Grade Math Class Evan D. Spencer W. Rachel S. Margaret S.
  • 2. Math Class
    • Math class is one hour and ten minutes long
    • We have three levels of math:
    • -Algebra
    • -Pre Algebra
    • -7 th Grade Math
  • 3. What We Do in Math
    • Tests and Quizzes
    • Projects
    • Note Taking
    • Stations
    • Homework
    • Games
  • 4. Tests and Quizzes
    • We have quizzes for each section, and tests for every chapter
    • We review by studying, reviewing in class, and playing games
    • Tests have about 25 to 50 questions, depending on the chapter
    • We often have quizzes
  • 5. Projects
    • Projects are not that common, but they are worth a big part of your grade
    • Some projects we have done include:
      • Graphing and coordinate projects
      • Buildings Projects
      • Box Projects
  • 6. Note Taking
    • We take notes for about half of the class every day. Usually we always review our notes in class the day before our quizzes and tests. We always take notes on each section of the chapter. Then take a few practice problems on each of those sections.
  • 7. Stations
    • Most of our stations are performed as review for a test or quiz. Usually one of our stations is a game on the subject.
  • 8. Homework
    • Textbook pages
    • Review sheets and packets
    • Studying
    • Review Websites such as Studyisland.
    Pictures From Clip Art
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