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Text Response: Ransom

Feb 24, 2016




Text Response: Ransom. by David Malouf .……. Characters:. Priam : father of Hector – husband of Hecuba - an elderly king of Troy. Priam. an elderly king of Troy. had his named changed from Podarces to Priam , the name meaning ‘the ransomed one’ or ‘the price paid.’ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text Response: Ransom

Text Response:Ransomby David Malouf.

Characters:Priam: father of Hector husband of Hecuba - an elderly king of Troy

Priaman elderly king of Troy. had his named changed from Podarces to Priam, the name meaning the ransomed one or the price paid. insists that he needs to try his best to confront Achilles as a father, rather than as king. Wants to be remembered as a king who performed an extraordinary act of heroism in order to save his beloved son.

Achilles: the greatest warrior of the Greeks father of Neoptolemus best friend of Patroclus .

Achillesknown as the greatest warrior of the Greeksdriven to insanity over the death of Patroclus, his closest companiontakes revenge by killing Hector drags Hectors dead body along the walls of Troy for the next 11 daysloses his sense of humanity, as he is possessed by his rage, hatred and grief

Somax: representative of the common man in RansomBeauty: Somaxs favourite muleShock: Somaxs other mule

Somaxrepresentative of the common man in Ransom chosen to escort Priam to Achillesoften engages in useless chatter and performs daily activities in a way that is foreign to the kinghis great deal of affection for his daughter-in-law and granddaughter teaches Priam about love, family and life

BeautySomaxs favourite mule accompanies Priam and Somax on their journey to the Greek camp where Achilles resides

ShockSomaxs other mule who carries the cart to Achilles camp

Hecuba: Priams beloved wife and mother of Hector

HecubaPriams beloved wife and mother of Hectorinitially uncertain of Priams vision to save Hector urges Priam to first share his plan with their family and the kingdoms council before he departs

Hector: Priam & Hecubas son and also the leader of the Trojan army

HectorPriams son and also the leader of the Trojan army He is kind, brave and noble without any cruel intentionskills Patroclus

Neoptolemus: Achilles son


is Achilles son makes his first appearance at the end of the novel where he savagely slaughters an old and defenseless Priam in an effort to avenge his fathers death

ThemesSuggested Themes:IdentityRansom explores who we are and what it means to have an identity. Priam has always viewed himself as a king. However, the death of Hector is a catalyst for Priam for he realises that he needs to become a father.Themes (continued)Somax is designated as the kings herald, with the name Idaeus. He notes his unhappiness with this, since he is Somax, not Idaeus. The new name strips him of his identity. Somaxs confidence and pride in his identity is starkly contrasted with Priams pursuit for an identity transformation. Themes (continued)ChangeMalouf demonstrates that it is never too late to change ones ways. Priam is determined to change how he is remembered - from just another king to a hero who went to extraordinary lengths to regain his child.Themes (continued)Although Achilles is driven by hatred and anger after Patroclus death, as with Priam, he manages to change his ways. He is touched by Priams pleas and accepts the ransom and returns Hectors body.Themes (continued)RevengeAfter Patroclus death, Achilles hunts down Hector in order to avenge his best friends early death. Achilles feels the need to mutilate the body day after day without any sense of remorse or regret. Themes (continued)Chance and fateThe role of the gods is heavily woven into the events that unfold in Ransom. Priam only begins his transition and journey after envisioning the goddess Iris, who suggests that he take a chance and try to save Hector from Achilles camp. The End

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