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Tet- New Year Lunar

Jul 16, 2015



  • Tet Lunar New year festivalGroup: 2Class: ENT.113FPT POLYTECHNIC

  • Contents

  • Tet is the biggest festival in a year in our country, Vietnamese people have many activities to celebrate this occasion. Tet is an occassion for all spend time to relax after a long year.After a year flooded with work, people prefer to refresh themselves on Tet.1.OverviewTet is a national and traditional festival in Vietnam.Tung Nguyen Xuan

  • The timeWinter ends.Spring come.

  • 2.Activities in days of Tet

  • LUCKY MONEYThe First Visitor To The House

  • Attend temple early spring

    Spring festival

  • 3.Some traditional food on Tet

  • Jellied meatLearn pork pie Soya noodles with chickens visceraonion picklesChung cakeGi xo