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Mar 17, 2016



my portfolio

  • BRENT CASTROselected works

  • selected work . fi rst year

    welcome center . chapel of the resurrection off the holy path .

    The following welcome center is located off axis from the Woodland Cemeterys main chapel to not interrupt funeral processions that walk through the forest. The spaces created imitate the human journey into the ground by controlling light which symbolizes a decent into darkness. A museum component pays tribute to the Chapel of the Resurrections architect Siguard Lewerentz and his life work and dedication to the preciseness of the built form.

  • beyond borders . an attempt to be touched by time excerpt from published scholarly journal a garden of memories childrens plant nurseryenvironmental educational center re-development of old prisoner of war camp for educational usevanderbilt secret society house For the order of the fugitives and agrarianssequoya hills . high density community charleston inspired high density residentialsolar decathlon home . living light facade + lighting + hvac team

    polish tour . krakow new cultural center new urban plan . krakow towermax min competition winner + bronze metal award . assembly. required : re-measuring the landscape

    selected works .

    BRENT CASTROselected works

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  • Italy is one of the most desired locations for members of our profession. In Verona, the Castelvecchio, revitalized by Carlo Scarpa, offered my soul a look into the far reaches of the past. At dusk the sunlight peered through the teeth of the castle walls. The warm rays of sun silenced external noise, reminding me of the innocence of my childhood, in a place twenty-eight times my age. By seeing, feeling, and sensing the Duomo, the expanse of St. Marks Square, the bells of Notre Dame, and the warmth of Zumthors thermal baths, we can start to decipher thoughts about the history of time and our existence. We can conceive how time led to our innovations; we can remember what changed in time to create a notion of what beauty truly is. We can fear and welcome the time that led to wars, religion, love and loss. We can be thankful for the time that allows people to continue to learn about themselves.

    Here I am sitting in the Gardens of the Villa Rotunda and it is as if time stood still. I am alone with my thoughts and living a once in a lifetime architectural experience. My senses run wild from the perfection infused by landscape and building. They penetrate the deepest of my psyche and spirit. This is what beauty truly is.

    -Personal writing from The Villa Rotunda, Vicenza

    Time is our most powerful possession without it we would be unable to learn. Our ancient and new worlds have had thousands of years to

  • rethink and refine themselves. From five thousand years of recorded history, we have books, art, sculpture, and architecture to guide our curiosities towards answers. The ability to walk past walls that have two thousand years of history flowing through them allows your mind to fully understand their purpose.

    all I can think about is what it would have been like to experience this space. A coliseum that was once full of passion, greed, and death that begged all your sensations to combine into one and become an unforgettable experience. The harshness of the space now sits in solitude and dormancy of the past. What happened within these walls 2000 years ago? History happened and it was truly Gods intervention.

    -Personal writing form the Roman Coliseum, Rome

    Through these passing years great minds have created beautiful and innovative designs. Still to this day, many of our cultural leaders progressively design without fear, creating intrigue sometimes not seen from the ordinary steps of our homes. However, ask any of these designers and one will find that the influences of their past made them who they are. But here we cannot truly experience living in a history that has built upon itself for centuries.

    Beyond Borders: An A

    ttempt to be Touched by Time

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    An AA

    ttemmmptptpt t tto bebebe TTTTououchchchched by Timem

    the epistemology of studying abroad

  • Loss is an inevitable aspect to our biological lives as humans. Due to the deaths of grandparents, relatives, siblings, friends and sometimes parents, children are being exposed to this loss many times before they become adults. A similar sense of bereavement is also felt when a child loses a parent due to divorce or abandonment. It is not possible to shield children from the realities of our world, but they can be guided through the grieving process.

    Some children have abruptly lost the most important aspect to their lives, a sense and memory of home and the feeling of belonging. It is true when they say that home is where the heart is. The heart is created through the love and protection of family and friends. The idea of the home is reinforced by place. The sense of belonging then takes effect and these spaces become the most comfortable for the child.

    Without the love and support of family and friends, a true sense of home is harder to find. Children and adults need human interaction because it is part of our biology. If this is interrupted it can be a huge detriment the child and may affect his development.

    Architecture cannot replace family or guarantee a sense of home, but program and design may spatially support a coping process. The journey of healing can be guided by the spaces we create and the architectural story we tell.

  • selected works . 5th year

    a garden of memories . plant nursery

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    a garden of memories . plant nursery

  • The path of remembrance :

    The following depicts the memorial path and garden for the nursery. The procession begins with a walk through the flower garden where children can plant and grow flowers for their own memorial. Once fully bloomed, the flowers are cut and placed on the eastern memorial wall. The movement is then focused down the path to acceptance. The final view is looking out at the quarry of the beautiful view. This is about a moment of peace.

    a memorial connection to landscape

  • selected works .

    of whom need a symbol of acceptance, the architecture will guide their heart along this process of re-building home.

    The garden creates structured landscape created for the purpose of horticulture and beauty which presents itself as an escape from the modern world in which we live. These areas of refuge allow the senses to run rampant fulfilling the need of all the sensory organs.

    This was a great joy-- to be out in the air-- for I had not been outside in almost a month. A pure and intense joy, a blessing, to feel the sun on myface, and the wind in my hair, to hear birds, to see, touch and fondle the living plants. Some essential connection and communion with nature was re-established after the horrible isolation and alienation I had known. Some part of me came alive, when I was taken to the garden, which had been starved, and died, perhaps without my knowing it.

    Warner . Restorative Gardens

    This proposal seeks to investigate how architecture may support a child who has experienced loss, providing a place of safety, comfort, and belonging that speaks of home, and draws on ideas of sanctuary to promote healing and reinforce memory.

    The following plant nursery will explore these issues of support, safety, comfort and belonging through the design of a plant nursery.

    A plant nursery presents itself as a program that begs for the attention of the child who is grieving. Since it is a symbol of life, re birth and re-growth this place of refuge can move the child through the steps of grieving while physically showing them that life goes on through growing their own flower or plant.

    Nature is one of our purest forms of re-birth and this symbol can stand as a beacon of hope for those of who are grieving from their past detriments that have affected their inner souls. It is also a place that allows the imagination to permeate the barriers of our known world. [a process that takes them from conception to re-birth]

    This plant nursery will allow for the constant progression towards acceptance for the child in need. If we are considering that half of all children have experienced grief at some point in their childhood, these spaces will be created that allow for an escape for all. For those

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    a garden of memories . upper site plan

  • selected works .

    A garden for the child not only evokes the senses to allow for inspiration in this landscape, but symbolically can aid in the process of healing.

    There is a certain symbolism that comes with the plant and gardening. It can begin to help aid in memorializing the past while guiding the child to accept reality.

    The plant is something tangible that the morning child can hold in his hands to then take care of. The act of taking care of this organic object allows for the repetitive movement of the muscles that in turns gives the child a chance to either concentrate on or escape from theirreality. They are both imperative towards this process.

    It can be a symbol of re-birth that gives the child a purpose while they are recovering from loss. Starting from the seed to the point of the bloom, one can realize that life does go on.

    The Pla