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Plate Tectonics Test Review

Test Review. The hypothesis that continents slowly move across Earth’s surface.

Jan 05, 2016



Alaina George
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Plate Tectonics

Plate TectonicsTest ReviewWhat is CONTINENTAL DRIFT?The hypothesis that continents slowly move across Earths surfaceWhat evidence supports CONTINENTAL DRIFT THEORY?Landforms mountain ranges that match up along different coast linesFossils fossils of the same organism have been found on different continentsClimate Climate has not changed over timeWegeners supercontinent was calledPangaeaWhy was CONTINENTAL DRIFT not widely accepted?Because Wegener could not provide a mechanism for HOW the continents movedHe could not explain why mountains formed in the middle of continentsWhat features occur at DIVERGENT BOUNDARIES?Rift valleysDeep-sea trenchesWhat features occur at OCEAN-OCEAN CONVERGENT BOUNDARIES?Deep-sea trenchesIsland arcsSubducting plateWhat features occur at OCEAN-CONTINENT CONVERGENT BOUNDARIES?TrenchVolcanic mountain rangeOceanic subducting plateWhat features occur at CONTINENT-CONTINENT CONVERGENT BOUNDARIES?Folded mountain rangeWhat features occur at TRANSFORM (SLIDING) BOUNDARYTrenchesFaultsFracture zonesEarthquakesDescribe what happens to crust (created, destroyed, etc.) at each of the three major boundaries.Divergent createdConvergent destroyedTransform neither created nor destroyedGive an example of each type of boundary.Transform San Andreas FaultContinental-Continental Divergent East African Rift ValleyOcean-Ocean Divergent Mid-Atlantic RidgeOcean-Ocean Convergent Mariana TrenchContinental-Continental Convergent Andes MountainsWhat produces plate movement?Convection currents in the mantleSlab pullRidge pushWhere are the youngest rocks in the ocean floor located? Why?The mid-ocean ridgeIts where sea-floor spreading occursWhat are the four layers of the Earth?CrustMantleOuter CoreInner CoreWhich layer of the Earth is thinnest? Thickest?CrustMantleWhich plate is the largest?AntarcticWhich ocean is shrinking? Which is growing? WHY?The Pacific is shrinking because of the large deep ocean trenches.The Atlantic is growing because of the large Mid-Ocean Ridge.What area do we find the most volcanoes and earthquakes?Ring of FireWhat are the major types of volcanoes?ShieldCinder coneCompositeHot spotsAlong what boundary do volcanos occur?Convergent boundaries