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Tep Olumpus Sponsorship Packet

Apr 18, 2015



Tennessee Equality Project is a statewide organization dedicated to promote and sustain the equality of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons in the State of Tennessee through the establishment of fair and equitable laws protecting these rights and the elimination of laws that would seek to counter this effort. TEP was founded on June 1 5, 2004 by members of the GLBT community in Nashville, TN in an effort to organize a group of committed citizens who believe in protecting the rights of GLBT persons in Tennessee. While the Tennessee Legislature is in session, we monitor our legislators and have a full-time lobbyist on the hill representing the GLBT community. In addition, TEP encourages and provides the resources for Tennesseans to contact their representatives regarding specific legislation that affects the GLBT community in Tennessee.


Led the grassroots efforts to support the Metro Council in passing the 2009 and 2011 Metropolitan Nashville non-discrimination ordinances Received the 2011 Nashville CABLE Power of Inclusion Award Successfully fought discriminatory adoption bills in the State Legislature Successfully advocated on behalf of a woman who was initially denied the ability to visit her partner in a local health care facility despite Medicare rules Trained hundreds of people across the state to advocate for equality with their legislators

WHAT IS OLYMPUS?Our incredible city of Nashville has always been known as the Athens of the South. Our rich culture of music, art, and entertainment brings a unique set of culture to the state of Tennessee. Centerpiece of Nashvilles moniker, the Parthenon is set in Centennial Park. Originally built in 1 897 for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, it is now one of our most incredible museums and houses the Goddess of Athena. Just as Athena protected the just warriors of ancient Greece, TEP tirelessly wages an uphill battle to bring equality to all citizens of the State of Tennessee. For this reason, we feel the location is perfect for TEPs first ever annual fundraiser, Olympus. Olympus will allow TEP to continue to work with all of Tennessee to educate, promote and elect GLBT friendly leaders, and help protect and secure true equality for all of Tennessee. Olympus will be a greek themed night to remember, so break out the Gladiator and Centurion dress. We will have copious food and plentiful drink, and plenty of musical talent for entertainment. Additionally, we will be presenting our first annual Excellence in Equality awards to several key allies across the state. This evening will be all about celebrating our victories and rejoicing with our friends and allies. The ancient Greeks set the bar high on toasting a victorious campaign and we expect nothing less in the Athens of the South. By becoming a sponsor, you will help us launch Olympus, which will set the groundwork for another year of battling for equality in our home state of Tennessee. Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to seeing you soon. William R. Fuson Tennessee Equality Project

SPONSORSHIP LEVELS Olympus Event Sponsorship PackagesArtemis $500 Table Reserved for 5 1 0 Drink Tickets Admission pre-paid for 5 Apollo $1 000 Table Reserved for 5 1 0 Drink Tickets Admission pre-paid for 5 Promo Item placed on all tables 1 /4 Page ad in event program Athena $1 500 Table Reserved for 5 1 0 Drink Tickets Admission pre-paid for 5 Promo Item placed on all tables 1 /2 Page ad in event program Business Logo placed on all event marketing collateral Zeus $2500 2 Tables Reserved at Event for 1 0 20 Drink Tickets Admission pre-paid for 1 0 Promo Item placed on all tables Full Page ad in event flyer Business Logo displayed on all event marketing collateral Olympus - $3500 (Presenting Sponsor / 1 only) 2 Tables Reserved at Event for 1 0 20 Drink Tickets Admission pre-paid for 1 0 Full Page ad in event flyer Promo Item Placed on all Tables Business Logo displayed on all event marketing collateral Free admission to Parthenon for 1 year for family and up to 4 guests Free admission for 2 to all Parthenon special events and programs for 1 year 20% Gift Shop Discount for 1 year

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YES!!!! I would love to be a sponsor for Olympus. Sponsorship level: Zeus ($2500) _______ Athena ($1 500) ________ Apollo ($1 000) _______ Artemis ($500) ________ Name: ____________________________________ Address: __________________________________ City: _______________ State: ____ Zip: _________ Phone: ________________ Email: ______________ Method of Payment: ______ My Check is enclosed ______ Credit Card Card Number: ____________________________ Exp: _____/______ CV Code: _______________ Upon receipt, your tickets and drink passes will be mailed to you, and a member of the event committee will be in contact to arrange the other benefits of your Sponsorship. Thank you for your help making this incredible evening possible.

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