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Telephone etiquette

Jul 18, 2015


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  • WHY IS TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE IMPORTANT?The objectives of the call is met Positive image is formedShows professionalismCompanys reputation is enhance

  • PRE CALL PREPARATIONBefore the callThink through exactly what you plan to say and discuss before you place a call.SmileHave a positive attitudeOrganize your desk that you have the following handy namely a pen, a paper pad, a glass of water.

  • CALL OPENING Speak clearlyThe first impression a customer gets of your company, is the first 15 seconds of your conversation with the customer.Your voice is your communication tool, hence keep it honed & polished at all timesVoice will always convey your body languageA good voice is clear, articulate, courteous & charming

  • CALL OPENINGWarm and professional greetingIdentify yourselfBe enthusiasticHow should you sound when you open your call?

  • During the callBe respectful Be genuinely polite in your tone. Let the customer hear politeness in your voiceBe patient with your customers and do not sound rude, annoyed or abruptFeel good when you speak with the customer

  • continuedConversing with the customerSay Please when appropriateSay May I or Could You instead of Can IRemember to maintain enthusiasm and excitement in your toneSay Thank You when you get back to the customer for being on holdThank you for being on hold.The customer spells out his nameThe customer compliments you

  • Follow appropriate hold procedureSeek Permission Specify the DurationExplain the ReasonWait for the customers responseGet back to the customer in the committed time frameHOLD PROCEDURE

  • Phone Message should always include:

    1 Callers name and company name (if applicable)2 Time and Date of call3 What the call is regarding (if possible)4 If a follow up or return call is needed5 Phone number (office or home)

  • Phone Message should always include:

    1 Your name and company name2 Time and Date of call3 What the call is regarding (brief)4 If a follow up or return call is needed5 Phone number (office or home) speak SLOWLY even repeat the phone number include area code

  • CALL CLOSURESummarize what has been discussedAsk if you can provide further assistanceEnd on a positive note e.g. Have a nice day, sir!While, closing the call:Have a pleasant tone and be courteousDont sound rushedPause at appropriate places

  • Could you ask her to call me back, please?Could you give him a message, please.What time do you expect her back?Ill call again later today. Thanks very much for your help.

  • SpeakingIm afraid hes in a meeting/not in the office/still at lunch/not available just now. Is there anything I can do for you?Hold on a moment, please.Ill just find out if shes back yet/in the other office/available.Ill put you through to MissIll ask to call you back as soon as she is free.Whats your extension number/fax number?

  • Thank You....

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