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Technology in Dairy Farming in East Galway, South Roscommon Area IS30070 Mary Murray
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  • 1. Technology in Dairy Farming in East Galway, SouthRoscommon AreaIS30070Mary Murray

2. MethodsThree Types of Software: Kingswood Herd Agri Net ICBF (Irish Cattle BreedingInformation) 3. Kingswood Herd 1987 Leading farmer software suppliers Spreadsheets Internet 4. Kingswood Herd cont. What? Grass Management Breeding -Which cows are in calf - Animal Register - Veterinary Treatments Register -Animal Movement Permit Forms 5. Kingswood Herd cont. Crops Cashbook Management Bull Information 6. Cashbook 7. Breeding 8. Input Screen 9. Veterinary Treatment Register 10. Grass Management 11. Advantages andDisadvantagesAdvantages:Disadvantages: High Efficiency No Phone AppRate software available Available in Ireland yetand UK Grass Inexpensivemanagement not After hours as good as otherAssistance software Cash Management Everything with atouch of a buttonvery complicated 12. Agri Net Grassland Management Which fields need fertiliser Due to amount of grass, see whether or not cowsneed meal on top of grass. Rate of Growth of Grass Group Work Milk Supply Rotation Planner 13. Milk Tank Details 14. Group Statistics 15. General Overview of Farm 16. Applying Fertiliser 17. Advantages andDisadvantages Grass Technology Fails!Management is Weather maybettercause inaccuracy Group accessibility Inexpensive Available onSmartphone Accessibility Personalised 18. Irish Cattle BreedingInformation Information on Best Bull Fertility rate Can see if daughters fertility and milkrate will be high Prevent inbreeding 19. Fertility analysis 20. Advantages andDisadvantages Facebook Technology Fails! Accuracy Not as popular as Product of hardcopyKingswood Herd catalogue 21. Impact of Technology Access Weather Resilient All in one place Little room for error eg. Cash Management Less time consuming Developments Employ Computer science Graduates!