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Team dynamics presentation

Apr 06, 2017


PowerPoint Presentation

Team Dynamics

Present By:Madhow Sailesh Hasley,Hau Teen yee Fabrice

What is a team?What makes a team effective?What makes a team defective?Why teams?Stages of team/group developmentTeam Dynamics

What are Team Dynamics ?Relationships between members of a group that are assigned connected tasks within a company.

Group of two or more People.

Dynamics are affected by roles and responsibilities and have a direct result on productivity.

Types of Team 1. Problem Solving Teams:

Temporary teams inspect a problem

2. Cross Functional teams:

Formed unexpectedly, using rented resources.To develop products or solving problems.

How Team Dynamics can be improve .

Team Work.Understand each other.Show Respect to each other.

Team Dynamics- How They Affect Performance Team dynamics are a very important part of working lifeThe profitability of an organization.Whether people enjoy their work.Staff retention rates.Team and individual performance.Company reputation.


Why informal Teams Exist Emotional Support

Accomplish a Goal

Social interaction





AimsBetter communication Skills.

Pulling together resources to achieve set goal.

Support and interdependence.

Increase bond of trust.

Tolerance of others views.

Team Design Elements

Task Characteristics Easy to implement Task InterdependenceShare common outcomes

Team SizeSmaller Teams are betterBut Large are enough to accomplish task

Team CompositionMembers MotivatedTeam diversity

Stages of Team Development

Causes of Team Cohesiveness

Team Cohesiveness OutcomesWant to remain membersWilling to share informationStrong interpersonal bonds Want to support each otherResolve conflict effectivelyMore satisfied and experience less stress

Cohesiveness and PerformanceHigh productivityModerate productivityLowproductivityModerate to low productivityHighHighLowLow

The Trouble With TeamsIndividuals better/faster on some tasksProcess losses cost of developing and maintaining teamsCompanies dont support best work environment for team dynamicsSocial loafing

Conditions for Social LoafingLow task interdependenceIndividual output not visibleRoutine, uninteresting tasksLow task significanceLow collectivist values

Type of Team Building

Role definitionInterpersonal processGoal settingProblem solving

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