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Team dynamics

Jun 21, 2015



This Project is for SOC338 Group Dynamics at CBU

  • 1. Introduction0 Athletic Team0 California Baptist University Womens Water Polo Team0 Research Question0 How are interpersonal relationships indicative of teamperformance?

2. Method0 Observation (Forsyth, 2013, 35)0 Overt0 Participant0 Hypothesis: The interpersonal relationships of thewater polo team are correlated to the teams overallperformance 3. Findings0 Canadian Thanksgiving0 Team members typically associated with certainteammates, but for the most part everyone mingled andconflict seemed to be minimal 4. Findings0 Practices0 Passing0 Instruction0 Encouragement0 Leadership0 Coaches 5. Discussion0 Expected0 Cliques (to a certain extent)0 Interpersonal relationships associated with teamperformance in practice0 Unexpected0 Freshman talking back to upper classman duringscrimmage 6. Future Research0 The connection between interpersonal relationshipsand the performance of the team during games 7. Reference List0 Forsyth, DR. (2014). Group Dynamics. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.0 Merritt, S and Clauset, A. (2014). Scoring dynamics across professional teamsports: tempo, balance and predictability. University of Colorado, Boulder.0 Myers, ND, Paiement, CA and Feltz DL. (2007). Regressing Team Performance onCollective Efficacy: Considerations of Temporal Proximity and Concordance.Measurement In Physical Education and Exercise Science 11: 124.0 Sullivan, PJ and Gee, CJ. (2007). The Relationship Between Athletic Satisfaction andIntrateam Communication. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice 11:107-116.0 Tamminen, KA and Crocker PRE. (2013). I control my own emotions for the sake ofthe team: Emotional self-regulation and interpersonal emotion regulation amongfemale high-performance curlers. Psychology of Sport and Exercise 14: 737-747.

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