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Teaching with technology 2

Nov 19, 2014



Part 2 of my professional development workshop on using technology to facilitate / enhance learning

  • 1. Teaching with TechnologyPracticalitiesClive BuckleyGlyndwr University

2. Grace Hopper1906 - 1992The most damagingphrase in thelanguage is: "It'salways been done thatway." 3. "Anyone, anyone" teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off 4. Flipping the classroomA pedagogical model in which the typical lecture andhomework elements of a course are reversed. 5. Henry of Germanydelivering a lectureto universitystudents inBologna.(14th Century) 6. Salman KhanThe Khan Academy 7. The Flipped Classroom 8. Why and how youcan flip learning ? Narrate PowerPoint Presentation Screencasts Ted-Ed ( 9. Looking forwardLecture captureOpen Educational Resources (OER)MOOCs 10. Technologies to facilitatelearningLecture capture PanoptoWikisBlogsPodcastsSocial curation 11. Twitter"Twitter is not a technology. It's aconversation. And it's happeningwith or without you." [email protected] 12. 13. Thank youClive BuckleyGlyndr University 14. Image CreditsSlide 1: final gather refraction Creative CommonsSlide 2: Mathematical Association of America Grace Hopper (1906-1992) Creative CommonsSlide 4: Chris Suderman Kids in the classroom Creative CommonsSlide 5: A J Cann Lectures Creative CommonsSlide 6: Ed Uthman Salman Khan Creative CommonsSlide 8: Matthew Benjamin Coleman How It Is Creative CommonsSlide 10: Knokton The Explorer Creative CommonsSlide 11: Eneas De Troya Hard Work (Vicios I) Creative CommonsSlide 12: Johan Larsson TweetDeck for Android Creative CommonsSlide 12: Quote from About Money WebsiteSlide 13: Magdalena Roeseler reading Creative Commons (Image darkened slightly)Slide 14: derriel street photography Thank You