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Teaching Reading with Technology

Jul 12, 2015



STEMming Off Stories

Teaching Reading with TechnologyTina Coffey

1Tina CoffeyInstructional Technology Resource TeacherRoanoke County SchoolsEmail: [email protected]

Everything from Todays Session is here:

Also check Objectives for this PresentationIntroStudent EngagementShowcase Projects using Digital Technology Short Activity Technology Playtime

Engaging StudentsRoanoke Countys Push to tap into 21st Century Skills:CollaborationCommunicationCritical ThinkingCreativity

By UsingSTEM/ PBLAuthentic Learning ExperiencesTechnology

Books, Reading, STEM, and Digital Tech

The True Story of the Three Little PigsBy Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

Examples (STEM Project)Big Bad Wolf Video

Examples (Pic Collage)

Snowmen All Year Long by Caralyn Buehner

by Caralyn BuehnerAt Home in the Cold from Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears

Example: Provides leveled text, readers theaters, and take home books.

Examples (Video)Snowmen Design Video

Examples (STEM Project)

Examples (Pic Collage)

Examples (Videolicious)Videolicious Video

Example 1Example 2

That Book Woman by Heather HensonThe Librarian of Basara by Jeanette Winter

Examples (PBL Project and STEM Projects)

Example (Pic Collage)

Iditarod Literature

Use videos, images, and text to help build prior knowledge.

Examples (Trading Cards)Students research mushers and create a trading card on one of them. Students will follow 5 of the mushers during the Iditarod.

Rosa Parks: Freedom Rider

By Keith Brandt and Joanne MatternExamples (Popplet and Videolicious)

Videolicious Video:

Island of the Blue Dolphins

By Scott ODell

Examples (Pic Collage)

QR Code Video Book Reports

Oak Grove Third GradeABC Book

Vowel Zoo (ChatterPix)

Oak Grove KindergartenSpiders (ChatterPix)

Oak Grove PreschoolBook Trailers (Videolicious)

VA Statues of Religious Freedom VideoPlace students in a Book SettingOak Grove Fourth GradeGreen Screen/Aurasma: Tina and JulieAdmin Retreat 201430Writing


Snowman Descriptive Writing with Blog Buddies

Kentucky Blog PalOak Grove StudentTip: Check Out Jen Wagner Projects!Snowman Skype

Tip: Find partners for similar projects on Skype in the classroomWriting Non-Fiction iBooks

Book CreatorWriting Non-fiction iBooks

Book CreatorClearbrook Third GradeWriting Fictional iBooks

Book Creator

Clearbrook Third GradePublishing iBooks

Book Creator

Oak Grove Fourth GradeScript WritingVideolicious

VideoliciousOak Grove Third GradeLegos Houses and Lego Movies

Lego Movie TrailersOak Grove Fifth GradeiMovieLego House: Alisa40Admin Retreat 2014Student Blogging

Post ProjectsWriting PracticeComments-Authentic Audience

From Teachers

From Administrators

From Classmates

Comments-Authentic Audience

Mamaroneck, NYSaskatchewan, CanadaFrom People Around the WorldNoel, MissouriTip: #Comments4KidsYour Task:You have 10 minutes:Use the materials provided to create a main character from your story.We will use this item to learn about technology.

Lets Play with Apps!Sock PuppetsVideoliciousiMovieBook CreatorChatterpix KidsPopplet

Read, Write, Think AppsTrading CardsVenn DiagramWord MoverRWT TimelineDiamante


We use dropbox so students can transfer projects from the student iPads to the teachers computer.