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Teaching Mathematics with Technology

Feb 22, 2016




Teaching Mathematics with Technology. Birgit Loch Mathematics Engineering and Science Education Research Group Swinburne University of Technology [email protected] Overview. Why use technologies? Electronic writing in class and for recordings 2 ideas to change the way we teach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Birgit LochMathematicsEngineering and Science Education Research GroupSwinburne University of Technology

[email protected] Mathematics with Technology1OverviewWhy use technologies?Electronic writing in class and for recordings2 ideas to change the way we teachImmediate feedback (Step 1 and Step 2)Roaming about

Teaching Mathematics with Technology2Chalk and blackboard?It worked for us!

It needs minimal preparation and no post-production3

www.cosmosmagazine.comTeaching Mathematics with Technology3Whats wrong with chalk and blackboard?We are teaching mostly non-mathematicians

Your back to students

It is focused on face to face teaching


www.cosmosmagazine.comTeaching Mathematics with Technology4Whats wrong with PowerPoint? PDF slideshows?An example from MathsCasts (also investigated with Jordan, Lowe, Mestel & Wilkins (2011))

Handwriting gives you a sense of doing maths Handwriting imparts methodology betterStudents need to see how handwriting is set outBut: typed is neater and easier to read!Teaching Mathematics with Technology5

5How did I get involved in educational technologies?Teaching first year calculus and linear algebra at UQ Loch (2005)

Teaching Mathematics with Technology6

6Electronic writing in classTeaching Mathematics with Technology7

7Student feedbackPerfect lecture set up. Perfect course for that matter, Ive really enjoyed this subject, each maths subject should have this setup (UQ student, 2004)

It brings the whole lecture virtually anywhere along with you. Loved it. Great approach. (Swinburne student, 2010)

I found the slides to be vital in my learning (Swinburne student, 2010)

Teaching Mathematics with Technology88Lecturer feedbackled to more engagement with technology in generalmade lectures more dynamichave led to a change in teaching approaches

Students are now more involved in contributingIn terms of how the use has invigorated my teaching. [] For the first time in years I have felt excited about my teaching and that is reflected in how I interact with students. So then they get excitedTeaching Mathematics with Technology99Pen screensThis technology may already be available in a lecture theatre near you!

Would you recognize a pen screen?Teaching Mathematics with Technology10

10Lecture recordingYou cant do this. Students wont come to class any more

Well, actually Study at USQ with on-campus studentsStudents kept turning up!They quoted interaction and being able to ask questions as reasonsTeaching Mathematics with Technology11Loch (2010) and Loch (2011)11Short focused recordingsTheres an app for thisTeaching Mathematics with Technology12


Mathscasts.org12Student feedbackYes, I watched them all. They are fantastic, much better than a typed response.

Every time I get stuck on something, Ill go back to a MathsCast, and it makes it a bit easier to go through questions out of a book .This student also said that not only does he find maths easier to grasp, but he has even started enjoying it.

Teaching Mathematics with Technology1313Changing the way we teachWhat if your students watched a short screencast demonstrating how to explain a solution in an assignment?

BEFORE they attempt the assignment.Teaching Mathematics with Technology1414The flipped classroomYou record the important points of your lecture and expect your students to watch BEFORE they come to class

Teaching Mathematics with Technology15

15The flipped classroomClass time is used to discuss misconceptions, to get students to work through problems, to provide immediate feedback

Teaching Mathematics with Technology16

16Immediate feedback (step 1)Audience response systems (clickers)

RevisionExplaining where students often go wrongChecking understandingTeaching Mathematics with Technology17

17Some student feedbackTeaching Mathematics with Technology18

18Some student feedbackChanges the form of the lecture

Can move on if everyone understands a question

Can cover in more detail if misunderstanding


Helps gauge class/own understanding

Teaching Mathematics with Technology1919Challenging misconceptions

Teaching Mathematics with Technology2020Encouraging deeper understandingTeaching Mathematics with Technology21

21A warningThe results from clickers questions can be demoralising!Teaching Mathematics with Technology22

22The problem with clickersA)B)C)D)Teaching Mathematics with Technology2323Immediate feedback (step 2)Advanced Concepts Teaching Space(UQ, with Diane Donovan (submitted))

100 pen-enabled screens, SynchronEyes software

Test revision sessionsTeaching Mathematics with Technology24

24Selecting student workTeaching Mathematics with Technology25

25The sessionsStudents were given (incorrect) solutions to potential test questions, and asked to mark.

Students were asked to solve potential test questions

Student work was then selected, displayed and discussed

Interaction took timeTeaching Mathematics with Technology2626Student feedbackThemes from comments:engaginginvolvedinteractivefunusefulcool Teaching Mathematics with Technology27272011: Did you learn more in the ACTS lab session than you would have in a normal classroom? (n=87)Teaching Mathematics with Technology28

Lecturer feedbackWas able to emphasise the principles of problem solving strategies, analytical thinking and logical presentation, and to implement these strategies straight away.Teaching Mathematics with Technology2929Is there a cheaper version?Tablet PCs for studentsGraphics tablets connected to lab computers

MeTL software (Monash Uni)Teaching Mathematics with Technology3030Exam preparation sessionsOffered by the Maths and Stats Help CentreTeaching Mathematics with Technology31

31Roaming aboutIn a large lecture theatre,

what if you were no longer physically separated from your students?

what if you gave the stylus to your students?Teaching Mathematics with Technology3232Going wirelessVarious solutionsTeaching Mathematics with Technology33 Mathematics with Technology34More research needed!Best practice in the use of technologies for mathematics learning and teaching

How to involve other lecturers in the effective use of educational technologies?What PD is needed?

How to convince ITS divisions?Teaching Mathematics with Technology3535