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Teaching and technology

Jun 16, 2015



  • 1. Teaching and Technology
    Assistive Technologies for
    English Teachers
    in the Secondary Classroom
    Chase Bauer
    W200, Spring 2010

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Turnitin is an excellent tool for guarding against plagiarism in college and high school classrooms.
Both student and teacher utilize the database
of more than one million student-generated
papers to determine the amount of material
that may be considered plagiarism.
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Understanding why students might turn to plagiarism is a good way for educators to determine how they might help prevent it.While sometimes simply the pressure of a deadline might push a student to use work that is not their own, it is important for teachers to make sure their students understand exactly what plagiarism means.
5. Reflection
As a future secondary educator, it is a relief to know about
technologies such as because it will not only
help me emphasize the importance of issues like plagiarism,
it will help me prepare my high school students for life in
the college classroom.
6. Purdue Online Writing Lab
OWL is the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.It offers hundreds of resourcesfor writing studentsincluding styleguides,
ESLESL strategies, answers togrammatical questions and much more.
The OWL also offersvaluable resources that cover the writing
process for academic , research, and common writing.Foreducators,
OWL hasvaluable resources to enhance classroom
lesson plans and activities to sharpen the high school writer and prepare
them for academic writing at the next level.
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The advantages of technology like Purdue Universitys Online Writing Lab (OWL)are
invaluable to students and educators.This
resource is available at the fingertips and has
literally hundreds of helpful topics on the site.
Students and educators can ask quick writing-
related questions and get timely answers from a trained writing tutor to help them in a pinch.
8. Reflection
Having used the OWL myself, I understand what it means to have a resource like this in your hip pocket from the concept to thecreation of a paper.This technology is not only useful to college students, but is something to be introduced to high school students and to be used by educators.
9. Teaching English With Technology
Teaching English with Technology is a fantastic web site that helps English & Language Arts teachers bring technology to their classrooms.
This site is full of resources for teaching common secondary-level literature, poetry and poets, has links to lesson guides and lesson plans and offers advice on the ESL classroom.
10. More offers great advice on the advancement of technology in the classroom such as blogs, wikis, podcasts and online social networks for teachers and how to bring them to the classroom to enhance the learning environment.
11. Reflection
Resources like bring an element to the secondary classroom by adding not only the advanced technological element to the learning environment, it also gives teachers valuable resources and connections to fellow educators with common interests and goals.
12. Conclusion
Resources like Turnitin, OWL and tewt will allow me to keep technology alive in my secondary classroom and keep lessons interactive and in an up-to-date fashion that will keep students engaged.Technologies like these give students the advantage of having more resources and contacts available to them to help them succeed.These assistive technologies will help me help them succeed.
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