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Taxonomic and Taxonomic and Community Community Classification Classification Resources and Resources and Standards Standards Robert K. Peet Robert K. Peet University of North Carolina at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill

Taxonomic and Community Classification Resources and Standards

Feb 01, 2016




Taxonomic and Community Classification Resources and Standards. Robert K. Peet University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Resources for plant names. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Taxonomic and Community Classification Resources and StandardsRobert K. PeetUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Beware of dangerously obsolete standards A.E. Radford, C.R.Bell. H.Ahles. 1968. Manual of the vascular flora of the Carolinas. J.K. Small. 1933. Manual of the southeastern flora.

    Resources for plant names

  • Why we need to use new floras and new resources New names New taxon concepts (lumps & splits) New discoveries Taxa new to science New collections & overlooked collections New data sources (Plots, Heritage lists) New determinations

  • Our preferred standard! Alan S.Weakley. 2006 (or subsequent eds). Flora of the Carolinas,Virginia, Georgia, and surrounding areas.

    Resources for plant names

  • Other modern standards: USDA Plants database Flora of North America

    Resources for plant names

  • Data integration requires unambiguous identification of organisms.Taxonomic names are ambiguous. Taxonomic concepts should be represented by a name and a reference.Single largest impediment to large-scale synthesis in ecology is the failure to document taxonomic concepts.

    Species concepts & data

  • Abies lasiocarpaAbies bifoliaAbies lasiocarpasec. Littlesec. USDA PLANTSsec. Flora North AmericaThree concepts of subalpine firSplitting one species into two illustrates the ambiguity often associated with scientific names.

  • USDA Plants & ITISAbies lasiocarpa var. lasiocarpavar. arizonicaWhat are the fir trees of the West?

  • Flora North AmericaAbies lasiocarpa Abies bifoliaWhat is Abies lasiocarpa?Partnership with USDA plants to provide plant concepts for data integration

  • High-elevation fir trees of western North America AZ NM CO WY MT AB eBC wBC WA OR Abies lasiocarpa var. arizonicaAbies lasiocarpa var. lasiocarpaDistributionUSDA - ITISFlora North AmericaAbies bifoliaAbies lasiocarpaMinimal conceptsABC

  • Which species occur with Andropogon glomeratus?Record dataFind dataMerge data

  • Taxonomic headaches The Andropogon virginicus complex in Carolina has between 1 and 9 taxa, with 17 different concepts variously applied by 8 important authors.

  • The challenge: Few large-scale compilations of concepts and their relationships are available.The good news: Multiple organizations are developing tools for concept use and integration. The greatest progress has been made here in the Southeast

  • Toward a new AtlasCarya carolinae-septentrionalis, Radford et al. 1968How to integrate new sources of data??

  • Add dynamic access to NCU collectionCarya carolinae-septentrionalisNCURAB

  • Carya carolinae-septentrionalisNCURABUSDACVSAdd USDA PLANTS records & CVS vegetation plot data

  • But wait !!There is a concept issueAccording to Radford 1968, USDA PLANTS v 4.0, & Weakley 2006Carya carolinae-septentrionalisCarya ovataAccording to Stone 1997 in Flora of North America.Carya ovata var australisCarya ovata var. ovata

  • Carya carolinae-septentrionalisSome nominal occurrences might or might not represent the taxon

  • Community types with the concept

  • Resources for community compositionCarolina Vegetation Survey website Mike Schafale & Alan Weakley. 1990. Classification of the natural communities of North Carolina. Third approximation. U.S. National Vegetation Classification (NVC; see below)

  • TNatureServe Explorer current home of the NVC

  • TCommunity descriptions with links to VegBank


  • LinksCarolina Vegetation Survey Weakley flora Atlas of the SE flora EEP, NSF (SEEK, VegBank), NC Bot. Garden