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Target audience feedback

Nov 12, 2014




  • 1. Target Audience Feedback

2. Question Two - SummaryFrom my questionnaire the results for question two explains that the people who answered this questionslike the way that I have edited my trailer. It is good to see that we received good comments about the wipesthat we introduced. We looked at many other comedy trailers and decided to use wipes because it is a goodway of improving the transition between shots. I think that shot-reverse shots work really well in comedytrailer because it keeps the trailer at a high tempo. We needed to have the garden scene at a very high tempobecause of when Meg hits Will with the golf ball. 3. Question Three - SummaryFrom the results of question three of my questionnaire I have found out that due to the planning of theprops, settings and costumes we conducted the mise-en-scene very well. We received some positive andnegative points. The negative points also came with feedback which we are able to build from. Onlylimited resources were available to use but at the end of production we agreed that we could have usedmore settings throughout the production. As we are aged seventeen and eighteen we have a goodunderstanding of clothing worn by young adults, we used this knowledge when deciding what costumesthe characters would wear. 4. Question 5 - SummaryThe music is a key factor for a successful trailer. Whilst choosing conventional music that would suit ourtrailer we ensured that the music that would be in the trailer was copyright free. We conducted manypreliminary tests to see which piece of music suited the trailer best. As our the tempo for our trailer isfairly high, the tempo of the music needed to be equally as high, otherwise the music would seem out ofplace and make our trailer unconventional. 5. Summary Eight - SummaryConventional camerawork is essential for a good trailer. The feedback about our general camerawork wasgood but we need negative points to build on. We received ratings out of ten for the camerawork betweenseven and nine which we are very proud of, however we agreed, and our feedback supports this, that wecould have used a wider variety of shots throughout the trailer. 6. Question Ten - Summary I think that it is important to receive feedback to be able to work on it, but we needed an overall rating of our film, and whether that person would watch it. From the results I can work out that the average rating was 7.25 and I am pleased to see that everyone would watch it. 7. Ancillary FeedbackFrom the feedback on my ancillary products for my trailer I can conclude that thelayout, shots and colour schemes worked well for my target audience. The main positivepoints were that the colour scheme is consistent and conventional for all of the products andthe font stand out really well and grab attention. The main negative points were that there ismaybe too much space above the characters on the magazine and that there could be moreimages on the magazine. If I was to produce these products again, I would add more imagesto the magazine and produce better images with a wider variety of shots 8. Summarisation of FindingsI can conclude from the results of my trailer feedback questionnaire that certain areaswent well and others not as well. Our use of editing, with wipes, on-screen text andshot-reverse shots worked well and ensured our trailer was editing conventionally.We used conventional camerawork but could have improved more on the variety ofthe shots used. Our use of music was kept up-to-beat with our trailer to ensure that itwas used conventionally and that it suited our trailer where it had been used. Ouruse of settings could have been improved with the use of more different settings butthe props used and costumes worn proved useful throughout the trailer.From the feedback on my ancillary products I found out that the consistent colourscheme throughout all of the products work really well with each other, the layout isput together very well in order for the most important parts of the poster andmagazine to grab the most attention from the viewers. 9. Positive Summarisation of FindingsI received good positive feedback about my media package. Some of these pointswere: The consistent colour scheme throughout the trailer, poster and magazine. The layout had been put together really well Shot transitionQuotes from my feedback: The layout, colour scheme and the shots are good for both products Yes I do, I like the wipes between some of the shotsFrom this I can conclude that the parts of my media products that worked best weresome of the editing in the trailer, the consistent colours used throughout all threeproducts and the layout of the ancillary products. These parts that I received positivefeedback for are essential for successful products. 10. Negative Summarisation of FindingsI also received negative feedback and areas to improve on for my three mediaproducts. Some of these points were: The use of similar shots in the trailer Lack of different settings in the trailer Lack of images on the magazineQuotes from my feedback: Maybe a few more settings need to be used Some close-ups or long shots, its all mid-shots really I think the magazine needs a few more picturesFrom this feedback from my target audience I can conclude that there areimprovements that need to be made for my three products. If I was to do theseproducts again, I would include a more variety of settings and camera shots and Iwould include more images on my magazine and ensure that the quality of theseimages are consistent and that the images work well with the colour scheme that Ihave used throughout my media package.