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Submitted To: Ma’am Sidra Naeem Submitted By: Farhan Mahmood # 31 Shahbaz Shareef # Course:- BBA(Hon’s) Subject: Principal of Marketing

Tarang by Backstreet Boys

Apr 11, 2017



Ishtiaq Bhatti
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Submitted To: Ma’am Sidra NaeemSubmitted By: Farhan Mahmood # 31

Shahbaz Shareef # Course:- BBA(Hon’s) Subject: Principal of Marketing

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Pakistan's No. 1 tea-whitening brand, Tarang is a specialized tea creamer that makes the perfect cup of tea guaranteed to transport tea-lovers into a state of sheer bliss any time of the day.

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ABOUT TARANG Engro Foods Limited is subsidiary of Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd. which

is one of the most reputed enterprises in Pakistan with more than 40 years of diversified business operations in the areas of fertilizer and chemicals.

Engro Foods started its business operations in March 2006 and with the successful launch of Olpers Milk, Tarang, Olwell, and Olpers cream, it has established itself as a major player in the foods business.

Engro Foods has  already set up two processing plants at Sukkur and Sahiwal. With the ever expanding milk collection network and processing facilities, the Supply Chain has geared us for the growing sales of our products.

Tarang is a specialized tea whitener that gives tea the perfect color, aroma and taste in every cup. The brand instantly succeeded in creating a stir in the market and received a warm welcome from its consumers across Pakistan since 2007.

Tarang is not only the market leader in both the STC and UHT Dairy categories but is also Tetra Pak's 6th biggest global

brand. In Pakistan, Tarang continues to be one such brand. From its

inception, Tarang as a brand continues to carry the whole “Filmi”, “Lollywoodish  and “.Festive” feel in its communication.

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Our vision is to become a fast expanding mega foods company. To achieve our vision, the company will initially focus on dairy by investing a substantial amount in plant, milk collection capability and marketing. We are making concrete efforts to expand in and beyond Pakistan; through strategic international alliances, to eventually become global.

It is for the young experiences to get attracted by this and go for Tarang Milk. It is targeting to the young youth wanting to have tea with a good taste and are energetic

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POSITIONING THE BRAND :- Positioning involves designing the product and

image that will occupy a distinctive place in the minds of the target market. As can be seen, nestle milk pak and Haleeb have the largest profit margins and market share in the milk industry. Thus the marketers at Tarang have decided to create its own unique image and then strengthen the position in the customer’s minds.

And most of the above is the revival of the lollywood culture which is appreciated by most of the community(rural areas, drivers, small restaurants like dhabas).

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Tarang was launched as a tea-whitening brand with an aim to achieve excellence in terms of quality, affordability and brand experience.

The brand instantly succeeded on these fronts and became the market leader in the UHT(ultra head treatment) industry of Pakistan in a brief span of time. In 2012 alone, Tarang sold over 1.5 billion packs touching 5 million consumers daily.

Currently, Tarang is rated at #6 position in Tetra Pak’s top 10 global brands list. It enjoys the highest recall among all brands in its category.

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The Company is operating 5 Regional Offices located in important cities of the Pakistan to handle the domestic business. These regions are

Karachi. Multan. Lahore. Rawalpindi. Peshawar

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BRINGING UP THE PERFECT PACKAGE Tarang comes in a diversified SKU(stock

keeping unit) portfolio in 125ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml to meet the needs of all tiers of its target audience.

Recently Tarang has launchedd elaichi flavored milk.

Tarang has 6.5% vegetable fat (HPO) and contains 4.5% milk-solids non-fat, with 1.75% sugar and minor ingredients such as emulsifiers and stabilizers. Each pack is packed in Tetra Brik Slim and has a shelf life of 71 days.

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The milk sector shows a market that has homogeneous preferences that is the consumers have similar preferences.

They want milk to be white. It should be carefully processed. It should be good for health and bones.


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PROMOTION AND ADVERTISEMENT Aggressive marketing campaign. Print ads, radio commercials, billboards

and plenty of BTL (below the line)activities including direct consumer and shop branding activities.

TV and lollywood themes.

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Engro’s Back  Tarang is a brand of ENGRO foods.

PR with farmers, ENGRO has a strong bond and long term relationship with the farmers who are willing to supply milk to the company

Positive response from customers

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WEAKNESS Narrow brand portfolio 

Tarang brand portfolio still consists of just few products i.e. Tarang tea whitener, Cream, Tarang (Liquid & Powder), Tarang flavored Elaichi milk).

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Increased funding by governmentGovernment has decided to increase farmer’s funding

Increased consumption of PLM, Each competitor in the milk industry wants to increase penetration of processed liquid milk.

Awareness, Growing dissatisfaction with loose milk and increasing awareness about health and hygiene issues have led to increased processed milk consumption.

3rd largest producer of milk. Pakistan produces 32 billion liter of milk in a year. This is quite an opportunity for ENGRO Foods as there is lot of growth in this part of the Sector

Technology advancement.

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THREATS Consumers· perceptions and price differentials

can cause a threat for the company. It is important that Tarang comes up to the expectations of the customers For example, loose milk is still cheaper than packaged milk and that is also one factor that people still prefer to buy loose milk.

For Tarang it might be difficult to penetrate in a market where the loyalties exist for such brands as Nestle and Haleeb

Customer developed taste. Inflation Government regulation

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MARKET MIX Price According to the

demand of the people (Student, workers, Business man.

Place Stations all over

Pakistan Mainly in big cities

Promotions Advertisement & Packages , sponsors . Technology

PeopleCustomers , rural areas,

workers employees & Banks, offices etc.

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