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Rethinking Resources for Student Success Organizing the central office to support systemic turnaround October 14, 2011 Tanya Carter

Tanya Carter, Deputy Executive Director, Denver Public Schools Presentation

Jun 19, 2015



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  • 1. Organizing the central office to support systemic turnaround Tanya CarterRethinking Resourcesfor Student SuccessOctober 14, 2011

2. A Research-Approach to Whole SchoolReform Five Core Strategies:1. Excellence in leadership and instruction2. Increasing instructional time3. Fostering a no-excuses culture of high expectations4. Frequent assessments to improve instruction5. Daily tutoring in critical growth yearsEducation Resource Strategies2 3. Culture of High Expectations Tool:Classroom Indicators Standard Based Classroom Rich classroom environment Recognition/ Celebration of student success Resources Core Values Behaviors/ Expectations Respectful Environment College and Career ReadinessEducation Resource Strategies 3 4. Culture of High Expectations Tool:Building Indicators Student Work Displayed School-wide goals Data Walls Climate of school safety College-Going Culture Interactive Supervisor Respectful Physical Environment Branding Interaction Among Adults School Values PostedEducation Resource Strategies4 5. Screenshot #1Education Resource Strategies 5 6. Screenshot #2Education Resource Strategies 6 7. Screenshot #3Education Resource Strategies 7 8. Screenshot #4Education Resource Strategies 8