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TALON Distance Learning Networks BROUGHT TO YOU BY East Central BOCES Northeast BOCES Centennial BOCES

Jan 03, 2016



  • TALONDistance Learning NetworksBROUGHT TO YOU BY East Central BOCESNortheast BOCESCentennial BOCES

  • Why Distance Learning?Rural Schools and Declining EnrollmentLimited Budgets Physical LocationsNCLB and Teacher Qualifications

  • Distance Learning v. Online ClassLive TeacherClassroom environmentPersonal supportAttendance recordsAccountabilityStudent interaction Virtual fieldtrips Online Mentors

  • OVERVIEWInteractive video-conferencing systemPost-Secondary courses & curriculum Allows broader curriculum choicesfor districts and studentsBridging and scheduling services Simultaneously runs multiple classes and meetings Tri-BOCES course sharing (Schedule)Classes for community members

  • Developing TechnologiesComputer/webcam application for meetingsBridgitTabletsSmartboardsAvistar / MoviOnline Course Module Available

  • For More Information...Dennis Hurianek [email protected] Atkinson-Shorey [email protected] BOCES

    Emma Richardson [email protected] Central BOCES

    Arlene Salyards - [email protected] East BOCES

    While populations are decreasing and home schooling is on the rise, rural schools are often faced with declining enrollment. So often, the school is at the heart of the community and closing the doors or consolidating with another school district can often devastate a community, turning a once thriving small town into a ghost town. In East Central BOCES, we have seen it first hand. The town of Genoa now sits almost empty, buildings slowly fall apart as they sit uninhabited. Some districts already cover such a large area, that it is not feasible to expect students to travel any further for an education. As enrollment declines, districts find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Not only is the demand for qualified teaching staff from NCLB almost impossible to fulfill on a small budget, but the travel requirements for professional development or any kind of multi district meetings and hurting districts financially and timewise.

    The VNETS Distance Learning system uses an interactive video conferencing system to join multiple school districts in a learning environment. A school district can offer a class and have up to four additional schools take the class over the system. The system actually allows for more than four districts but the limit has been set at four for easy viewing.

    This system is a huge benefit to school districts that need additional subjects taught but cannot afford another full time teacher. This system can bring in multiple subject s for less than the price of hiring a teacher.

    We are presently working with Morgan Community College who is the main provider of our college class offerings. Students receive dual credit (high school and college) for classes taken through Morgan. Many students in our BOCES graduate with approximately 15 college credits.

    We are working towards offering professional development classes and meetings through the system. This will save driving time and cost for districts.This is a project that is going to grow as we continue. We are constantly looking at ways that we can improve what we offer and different ways to maximize the system capabilities.

    For example, we are about to try and implement webcams in several sites that will allow computer users to tap into the system using a laptop or desktop computer with internet access.

    We are working on setting up a website that will have a dual registration system one for community members and one for high school students. The system will allow districts to enroll their students in classes and then pull grades weekly for eligibility purposes.

    We have interest from various school districts that want to join the system.

    We are talking to CSU about class offerings for the Spring semester.

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