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A WORD ABOUT THIS GAME We would like to thank you for purchasing one of our products. Please remember that the developers of this product are relying on you not to give away copies to others. They have spent a lot of time, effort and money to bring this software to you, and are depending solely upon royalties from sales in order to make a living. Your purchase will allow them to invest the time and energy necessary to produce additional h’ h ig quality software in the future. We are committed to providing products for you that are of the high- est quality and value. If you have questions concerning any of our soft- ware, or if there are additional programs that you would like to see developed, please contact us at: Spectrum Holobyte America Online: S HOLOBYTE 2490 Mariner Square Loop CompuServe: 76004, 2 144 Alameda, CA 94501 GEnie: HOLOBYTE (510)522-1164 Internet: [email protected] (510)522-9357 Fax BBS: (510)522-8909 Gilman G. Louie Spectrum Holobyte, Inc TABLE OF’CONTENTS Introduction .................................. . System requirements ........................... . 4 Installation .................................. . 5 Loading ..................................... . Clockquestion ................................ . Quick start guide ............................. . 7 Options screen ............................... . 8 How to play ClockWerx ........................ .1 1 Controlling your clock hand ......... . ....... . 12 Mouse control ............................ . 15 T h e s t a t u s a r e a .............. 16 Goal dots and bonus dots .............. 16 Enemies, obstacles and tools . . .17 Two-player game .............. 26 S c o r i n g .............. 26 Skipping a level .............. 27 T h e m e n u b a r .............. 28 S t r a t e g y t i p s .............. 30 T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g .............. 32 C u s t o m e r s u p p o r t .............. 33

TABLE OF’CONTENTS A WORD ABOUT THIS, Game Boy), WildSnake (SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear) and BreakThru (SNES, Game

Feb 17, 2021



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    We would like to thank you for purchasing one of our products. Please

    remember that the developers of this product are relying on you not to

    give away copies to others. They have spent a lot of time, effort and

    money to bring this software to you, and are depending solely uponroyalties from sales in order to make a living. Your purchase will allow

    them to invest the time and energy necessary to produce additionalh’ hig quality software in the future.

    We are committed to providing products for you that are of the high-

    est quality and value. If you have questions concerning any of our soft-

    ware, or if there are additional programs that you would like to seedeveloped, please contact us at:

    Spectrum Holobyte America Online: S HOLOBYTE

    2490 Mariner Square Loop CompuServe: 76004, 2 144Alameda, CA 94501 GEnie: HOLOBYTE(510)522-1164 Internet: [email protected]

    (510)522-9357 Fax BBS: (510)522-8909

    Gilman G. Louie

    Spectrum Holobyte, Inc


    Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    System requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

    Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

    Loading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Clockquestion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Quick start guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7

    Options screen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

    How to play ClockWerx . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 1

    Controlling your clock hand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

    Mouse control . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15

    T h e s t a t u s a r e a .............. 16

    G o a l d o t s a n d b o n u s d o t s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

    Enemies, obstacles and tools . . .17

    Two-player game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

    S c o r i n g . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

    S k i p p i n g a l e v e l . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

    T h e m e n u b a r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

    S t r a t e g y t i p s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

    T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

    C u s t o m e r s u p p o r t . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

    Underdogs -Scanned and compiled from original manual by Underdogsfor Home of the Underdogs -


    Callisto Corporation

    Original Design and Mac Programming:Seth Lipkin, Darrell Myers,Robert Harris, Mike Barta

    Original Artwork: Darrell Myers, Ann Harris

    MicroBurst, Inc.

    Windows Conversion: Tom Davidson, Xin Liu

    Halestorm, Inc.

    Music: Peter Drescher

    Spectrum HoloByte, Inc.



    Sound Manager:

    Product Marketing:

    Marketing Services:

    Manual Writing:

    Manual Layout:

    QA Director:

    QA Lead:

    Quality Assurance:

    Special Thanks to:

    Gareth Davis

    Karen Ffinch, Paul Wood

    Paul Mogg

    Tom Byron and Rita Harrington

    Kathryn Lynch

    Marisa Ong

    Carrie Galbraith

    Marjorie DeWilde

    Wi Kiah Tang

    Jack Gibbons, Garth Gurley,Robert Wong, Randy Lee,Pete McNab, Chris Evans

    Alexey Pajitnov, Daniel Lucas,Kurt Boutin, Holly Hartz,Tom Dickson, Lou Gioia,Dan Irish, Leslie Simmons,Catherine Durand, Tom Barkett,J. White, Boris Polonsky,Sean McLean, Lucija Kordic

    Introduction“In the early 1980s, Ideveloped Tetris as asimple exercise inmathematics. I couldnot have dreamedthe impact it wouldhave in the world ofgames. ClockWerxcarries on the chal-lenging and addict-ing tradition of

    Tetris, and I am proud to endorse the prod-uct. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as Ido.”

    Alexey PajitnovMathematician and Puzzle Game Designer

  • 2

    What is thename of thewooden boardto which themovement of alongcase clockis attached?

    Seat board

    About the Spectrum HoloBytepuzzle lineAlexey Pajitnov, creator of the world-famousTetris, is lending his endorsement to and ishelping in the design of a full line of actionpuzzle games from Spectrum HoloByte. Theline includes the company’s existing Tetrisgames, as well as new and increasingly excit-ing and super-challenging puzzle products.

    Since its debut in 1988, Tetris has been onbest-seller lists, and the famous game offalling blocks continues its phenomenal pop-ularity to this day. Included in the SpectrumHoloByte puzzle line are products for per-sonal computers and videogame systems. Forpersonal computers, the line features Tetris(IBM, Mac), Welltris (IBM, Mac), Faces.. TrisIII (IBM, Mac), Wordtris (IBM, Mac), SuperTetris (IBM, Windows, Mac), Tetris Classic(IBM, Windows), BreakThru (Windows,Mac) and now ClockWerx (Windows, Mac).For videogame systems, the line includesWordtris (SNES, Game Boy), WildSnake(SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, GameGear) and BreakThru (SNES, Game Boy).Puzzle games within the line are fun, chal-lenging, universally nonviolent and are idealfor all ages and skill levels.

    All the titles listed above are available at yourlocal software retailer or can be ordereddirectly from Spectrum HoloByte anytime bydialing 1-800-695-GAME.

    An introduction to ClockWerxClockWerx is a unique action puzzle gamethat will sharpen your skills and engage yourmind. As you swing, flip and bounce yourclock hand from dot to dot, ClockWerx chal-lenges you to navigate through such obstaclesas enemy clock hands, spikes, oil globs, mov-ing doors and bombs. 256-color animationsenhance the action in 100 levels of challeng-ing play. But nothing could be simpler thanto start playing ClockWerx: it only takes fourkeys to play!


    What is amechanismused to mini-mize escape-ment error asa mainspringunwinds?


  • 4

    What was thefirst form ofclock con-troller used inverge-escape-ment clocks?


    System requirementsThe floppy disk version of ClockWerxrequires:

    . IBM 33MHz 80386DX compatible orfaster

    l 4 M B R A M

    . 1.44MB 3 1/2" floppy disk drive

    l Hard drive with 5MB free

    l Super VGA graphics (640 x 480 x 256c o l o r s )

    l Windows-compatible sound card forsound effects and music

    l M o u s e

    The CD-ROM version of ClockWerxrequires:

    IBM 33MHz 80386DX compatible orfaster

    4MB RAM

    CD-ROM drive

    Hard drive with 8MB free

    Super VGA graphics (640 x 480 x 256colors)

    Windows-compatible sound card forsound effects and music


    InstallationFloppy disk installationBefore installing, be sure to make backupcopies of the ClockWerx program disks andput the originals in a safe place.

    1. Start Windows 3.1 by typing xvi- at theDOS prompt.

    2. g;;;,rr ClockWerx Disk 1 into your floppy

    3. After Windows loads, go to the ProgramManager’s “File” menu and select “Run... ."

    4. In the command line box type a: setup orb: setup (depending on which drive Disk 1is in). This will run the ClockWerx setupprogram.

    5. As the ClockWerx setup program loads, youwill see the message “Initializing Setup...”

    6 . When you see the message “Welcome to theClockWerx Setup,” click the “Continue”button.

    7. The setup program defaults to installingClockWerx to C:\CLOCKWRX. You canchange the directory by typing a new name.

    8. Insert ClockWerx Disk 1 or ClockWerx Disk2 into your floppy drive when prompted.

    9. After the game is installed into theClockWerx program group, you will see themessage “Setup succeeded!”

    10. Be sure to double-click the Read Me file inthe ClockWerx program group in order toread important last-minute information.


    What is thename of themechanismthat electrical-ly maintains apendulum inoscillation?Hipp-toggle

  • 6

    What steelalloy used forpendulumrods has anear-zerocoefficient ofexpansion?Invar

    CD-ROM installation1 . Start Windows 3.1 by typing xvi- at the

    DOS prompt.

    2. Insert the ClockWerx CD-ROM into yourCD-ROM drive.

    3 . After Windows loads, go to the ProgramManager’s “File” menu and select “Run.. .”

    4 . In the command line box, type d: setupinstead. This will run the ClockWerx setupprogram.

    5. As the ClockWerx setup program loads, youwill see the message “Initializing Setup.. .”

    6 . When you see the message “Welcome to theClockWerx Setup,” click the “Continue”button.

    7. The setup program defaults to installingClockWerx to C:\CLOCKWRX. You canchange the directory by typing a new name.

    8. After the game is installed into the Clock-Werx program group, you will see the mes-sage “Setup succeeded!”

    9. Be sure to double-click the Read Me file inthe ClockWerx program group in order toread important last-minute information.

    You will not need the ClockWerx CD-ROMin the drive after you install the game.

    LoadingTo run ClockWerx, simply start Windows,open the ClockWerx program group anddouble-click on the ClockWerx icon.


    Clock questionThe first time you run ClockWerx, the com-puter will ask you a question before you cancontinue. The answer to the question can befound on one of the pages in the manual. Youneed to type the complete answer. Once youhave answered the question correctly, youwill only be asked again if you reinstallClock Werx.

    Quick start guideIf you’re impatient to start playing Clock-Werx, just read this section. We recommendthat you start with the tutorial lessons (levelsl-10) which will gradually teach you how toplay the game. You can find additional infor-mation in this manual and the ClockWerxHelp file (press [F1]).

    The objective of ClockWerx is to finish 100levels. Each level can be completed by reach-ing the goal dot with your clock hand.

    What is thename of aform of pendu-lum in whichthe rod is adiamond-shaped frame?




  • 8

    Command P l a y e r 1 K e y s Player 2 Keys

    Swing morn @jorBonthenumeric keypad

    Bounce m or m mormonthenumeric keypad

    Flip [Shift] ~,@or@onthenumeric keypad

    Reverse [Spacebar] mormonthenumeric keypad

    Options screenThe Options screen is where you will chooseyour game options in ClockWerx. Click onthe buttons to make your selections.



    When you are finished with the Optionsscreen, press the “Play” button to begin thegame or select “New Game” from the menubar.

    If you do not start a game, the Optionsscreen will automatically return to the titlescreen. Just click the mouse or press a key toreturn to the Options screen from the titlescreen.

    Level and best scoreSelect which game level you want to play byclicking and highlighting it. The best scorefor that level is displayed to the right. Theletter next to the score shows the difficultylevel that the score was achieved on(C=Child, E=Easy, M=Medium, H=Hard).Each group of 10 levels is called a stage,which is shown in all capital letters. You can-not see the level names within a stage untilyou reach the first level of that stage.

    If you become stuck, the “Skip Level” buttonbelow lets you skip a level you haven’t com-pleted and move on to the next level. You canskip a total of three levels. If you go back andcomplete a level you previously skipped, youcan then skip a different level.

    Player 1:Type your name in the space to the right.Your ClockWerx rating, listed below, is basedon your total score.

    Just click on either “Keyboard” or “Mouse”to choose one as your game control. Werecommend playing ClockWerx with thekeyboard.

    Game Type:You can choose between a single-player or atwo-player game. The two-player version isdescribed later in this manual.

    Time:You can decide how much time you want toplay ClockWerx in one session by setting atime limit. Click on the up and down arrowsto set a time limit between 5 and 55 minutesin S-minute increments. In addition, you canset no time limit. Don’t worry if you run out


    What is thename of theknurled nutsupporting thependulumb o b ?Rating nut

  • 10

    What is thename of thedevice that isused to equal-ize the force ofthe main-spring over itsperiod of run?Stackfreed

    of time; ClockWerx will ask you if you want tocontinue playing. Think of the time limit asa reminder not to play longer than a 15-minute coffee break!

    Difficulty:ClockWerx has four difficulty levels: Child,Easy, Medium and Hard. Most significantly,entire levels are different depending on thedifficulty setting. Easier difficulty levels havesimpler and fewer obstacles than tougherones. The difficulty levels also affect thespeed of everything on the game screen(including your clock hand and enemy clockhands) and the amount of time you have tocomplete a level (which is unlimited in Childmode).

    YOU can turn the background music andsound effects on or off by clicking on thebuttons.


    How to play ClockWerxTo start a game of ClockWerx, first type yourname in the space for Player 1. SinceClockWerx remembers your previous achieve-ments, you can start a completely new gameby typing in a different name.

    Next, choose a starting level from theLevel/Stage list. You can choose any level upto one level higher than the highest levelyou’ve completed. Initially, Stage 1 is a tutor-ial which teaches you how to play ClockWerx.The game really begins with Stage 2 (levels1 l-20). You can go straight to Stage 2’s levelsif you want.

    Choose either “Keyboard” or “Mouse.” Click“Single Player.” Choose whichever timelimit, difficulty level and sound options youlike. Click the “Play” button to start thegame.

    The object of ClockWerx is to complete eachof the levels by reaching the goal dot withyour clock hand. Tiy to achieve high scoresby completing game levels as quickly andwith as many bonuses as possible. The gamehas 10 stages, each stage containing 10 pro-gressively more difficult levels. As youadvance through each stage, you are intro-duced to new game enemies, obstacles andelements. You must play the levels in order(although you can skip up to three levels).

    You must maneuver your clock hand across afield of dots to the sparkling “goal” dot whileavoiding such dangers as enemy clock hands,spikes, bombs, doors and oil globs. You canalso gather “bonus” dots to increase yourscore.

    If your clock hand hits a dangerous obstacleor you run out of time, you’ll restart that

    What isanother namefor a watchcapable ofsounding outthe time atwi l l?Repeatingwork

  • What is thename of thecylindricalbrass box con-taining themainspring ofa clock?Barrel

    level. The time limit you have for complet-ing each level depends on the level itself aswell as the difficulty setting you choose.

    Scoring is based on the difficulty level, howfast you finish the level, and how manybonus points you gathered on the level.

    Controlling your clock hand

    Your clock hand is gold-colored and continu-ously spins around one of the dots on thegame screen. (Player 2’s clock hand is coloredblack.) At the start of the level, both yourclock hand and the goal dot are surroundedby sparkles.

    You can move your clock hand from its cur-rent dot to another dot by “grabbing” theother dot just as your clock hand’s tip passesthe other dot. If you grab another dot suc-cessfully, your clock hand will spin aroundthat dot. You can grab another dot in twoways: swinging or flipping. If you swing toanother dot, your clock hand rotates in theopposite direcuon around the second dot as itdid around the first. If you flip to anotherdot, your clock hand rotates in the samedirection around the second dot as it didaround the first dot.

    Press a or Q to swing from dot to dot.Notice that your clock hand grabs the adja-cent dot and changes its direction of rotationfrom clockwise to counterclockwise. If youturn on the Swing Indicator (by pressing@iJJ), the onscreen indicator will showyour direction of rotation if you swing ontoan adjacent dot.

    Press IShift], m or m to flip from dot todot. Notice that your clock hand grabs theadjacent dot and continues rotating clock-wise. Flipping is essentially swinging andbouncing simultaneously.

  • 14

    What is thename of thecam that isused to deter-mine the

    Instead of grabbing another dot, you canbounce your clock hand off the second dotto reverse your clock hand’s rotationaldirection.

    Press m or m to bounce off a wall or dot.Notice that your clock hand does not grab anew dot, but it does reverse its direction ofrotation.

    You can also change your clock hand’s rota-tional direction at any time by doing a“reverse.”

    Press [Spacebar] to reverse. Notice that yourclock hand reverses its direction of rotationwithout bouncing off any dot. Remember torelease the key or you will not be able toreverse again.

    To effectively swing, flip or bounce yourclock hand, press and hold down the appro-priate keys before your clock hand passes byan adjacent dot and keep the keys depresseduntil after the grab or bounce is successfu1.Swinging, flipping and bouncing work if theappropriate keys are pressed at the momentyour clock hand passes a neighboring dot.Pressing and then releasing the keys whenyour clock hand is not passing an adjacentdot has no effect. You do not have to releasethese keys for them to work multiple times.For example, if you want to flip continuously,simply hold down the flip key and don’trelease it. You can cancel a swing, flip orbounce by releasing the key before yourclock hand passes any adjacent dot.

    Mouse controlAt the Options screen, you can choose tocontrol your clock hand with the mouse.Your clock hand should be within one-quarter revolution of the dot you wish tograb next when you click the mouse. If youclick near the dot that your clock hand occu-pies, your clock hand will reverse. Click onor near the dot you wish to swing or fliponto. We recommend using keyboard controlfor medium and hard difficulty settings.

    Command Mouse Control

    Swing Click once away fromyour dot

    Flip Double-click away fromyour dot

    Reverse Click on or near the dotyour clock hand occupies


    What is thename of thearm acting asa click for therack in rack-strikingclocks?Rack hook

  • 16

    What is the The status areaname of thenib at the endoftheanchoror lever armsacted upon bythe escape-ment wheel?


    The status area (at the top of theClockWerx game screen) displays the levelnumber and name, the time you haveremaining to complete the level, yourscore for just this level, and your totalscore for all the levels you’ve played. In atwo-player game, the scores shown arethe cumulative scores for all the levelsplayed in that session.

    Goal dots and bonus dotsTo complete a level, you must grab a goaldot by swinging or flipping onto it withyour clock hand. The location of the goaldot is indicated at the beginning of eachlevel with sparkles.

    Bonus dots are translucent and may beeither white or colored. Score extrabonus points by swinging or flipping ontoa bonus dot. The color of a bonus dotdoes not affect its value.

    Bonus dot

    Enemies, obstacles and toolsEnemy clock handsMost levels have enemy clock hands,which are colored blue, green or red.Some enemy hands rotate at exactly thesame speed as your clock hand does, butothers may be faster or slower. If anenemy clock hand touches or crosses yourclock hand at any time, your clock handis destroyed and you must restart thelevel from the beginning or a way stationdot. If you’re careful, you can grab andride on the same dot that an enemy clockhand is on if the clock hands do notcross-but don’t follow too closely!

  • 18

    What is thename of theteeth on thesmaller drivenmembers inclock geartrains?

    Pinion leaves


    Each enemy clock hand in a level follows adefinite path: swinging, flipping and bounc-ing just as your clock hand can. For instance,one clock hand may simply spin on one dot.Another may swing from one dot to another,spin around once, swing back to the first dot,spin around once, and so forth. When youfirst enter a level, watch and learn the enemypaths so you can plan how to avoid them.Some objects in the game that are dangerousto you are harmless to enemy clock hands.

    The color of a game dot tells you the colorof the clock hands that grab that dot on thatlevel. For instance, the dot around which ared clock hand spins is colored red. Two dotsthat a blue clock hand swings between arecolored blue. If clock hands of more thanone color grab the same dot, that dot is mul-ticolored. Two or more enemy clock handsthat follow the same path are always coloredthe same.

    SpikesSpikes can be either stationary or moving. Ifyour clock hand hits a spike, your clock handis destroyed and you must restart the level.

    Moving spikes orbit around dots and havepredefined paths, exactly as clock hands do,They orbit at a point corresponding to thecenter of a clock hand and move at a con-stant speed.


    WallsYour clock hand usually bounces off walls.Enemy clock hands also bounce off walls,although some other enemies travel rightthrough them. If you hyperdot into a wall oryou get stuck in a wall by riding a movingdot, however, your clock hand will bedestroyed.

    Doors and door switchesDoors act the same way as walls, except thatdoors, of course, can open and close. A dooris controlled by one or more switches. Eachswitch, in turn, may control one or moredoors. The color of these switches matchesthe color of the door trim (the bars on bothsides of the door). The dots on the switchesalso match the number of dots on the trim.

    What is thename of thetype of wheelfound in plat-form-escape-ment carriageclocks whichdrives theescape pinion?Contrate

  • 20

    What is thesound of aclockstrikingthe quarterson two differ-ently pitchedbells orgongs?


    A switch is activated whenever any clockhand passes over it. Activating a switch startsclosing the door if it’s open, opening thedoor if it’s closed, or changing the door’sdirection if it’s opening or closing.

    Although your clock hand can harmlesslybounce off closed doors, be careful not to getcaught in an opening or closing door. Yourclock hand will be guillotined and you’ll haveto restart the level.

    Oil globsOil globs sit motionlessly near dots. If yourclock hand passes over an oil glob, the glob isactivated and starts creeping toward thenearest dot. The oil glob will eventually flowup the dot and coalesce. The oil glob will siton the dot for a bit but will then start chas-ing your clock hand by dripping towardanother dot, usually one closer to your clockhand. If the oil glob lands on the dot aroundwhich your clock hand is spinning, yourclock hand is destroyed. You can also die ifyou grab a dot that an oil glob is sitting on.You can safely pass your clock hand over anoil glob.

    Oil globs will reproduce by themselves atrandom times, with the two oil globs goingoff in different directions. Once activated, oilglobs will chase you until they leave thescreen, are destroyed or you complete the

    1 level.


    Lighters. fuses and bombs What is thename of thebearing inwhich a pivotruns?

    When your clock hand passes over a lighter,When your clock hand passes over a lighter,it ignites a spark, which starts traveling downit ignites a spark, which starts traveling downa fuse. If your clock hand hits the spark, youa fuse. If your clock hand hits the spark, youdie. Eventually, the fuse will burn down anddie. Eventually, the fuse will burn down anddetonate a bomb. The exploding bombinflicts damage in several ways: it kills nearbyclock hands (including your own); it destroysnearby spikes, oil globs and walls; and itremoves the bonus from nearbv dots.

    Pivot hole


    Guns, triggers and bulletsTriggers work just like door switches andcome in three colors. Scattered around thescreen are matching-colored guns. The gunsare stationary, and each has from one to fourfixed barrels. Whenever any clock hand pass-es over a trigger, all guns of the same colorshoot a bullet. Bullets travel at the samespeed. They stop at walls but will passthrough enemy clock hands. If a bullet hitsyour clock hand, it’s destroyed and you’llhave to restart the level.

    - G u n

  • What is thename of thetrain of wheelsin a clock thatprovides a 12to 1 reductionbetween theminute andhour hands?

    Motion work


    Wallbusters are small ball-shaped objectsthat “float” in the playing field until yourclock hand comes by and pushes them in aparticular direction. If the Wallbuster hits awall, the wall disintegrates in a cloud of dust.If a Wallbuster hits a door, it just bouncesoff. After a delay, Wallbusters will reappear.

    Ring dots disappear as soon as your clockhand releases it and grabs another dot. Aftera delay, ring dots reappear.

    While your clock hand is on a slowdown dot(which has a triangle on it), all enemy clockhands move at one-half their normal speed.

    If you grab a way station dot partwaythrough a level and then later die, your clockhand will appear on the way station dot(instead of the starting dot). Restarting froma way station dot is very useful if you passthrough a difficult section and don’t want toreplay that part. If you restart on a way sta-tion dot, the clock will be reset to the timeyou had remaining when you first landed onthat way station dot. Way stations are moreplentiful on easier difficulty settings, butHard has none.Wallbuster

    Special dots

    Special dots are introduced to you graduallythroughout the game’s levels.

    Moving dots move one position in the timeyour clock hand moves one-quarter of a

    Death dots (marked with a square) are per-fectly safe to grab and spin on. If you try toswitch from one death dot directly to anoth-er, however, you die. Enemy clock hands cangrab death dots with no penalty.


    Extended dots are “long” dots that are essen-tially connections between two stationarydots. When a clock hand stays on an extend-ed dot, it slides along the extended dot.




    Hyperdots come in identical pairs. If yougrab a hyperdot, your clock hand is immedi-ately transported to the matching hyperdotwith no change in your clock hand’s angle or

    What is thename of thecam in anequation clockused for indi-cating solartime?

    Kidney piece



  • direction of rotation. Some hyperdot pairslook similar to other pairs, so examine themclose ly .

    Shield dots make your clock hand invulnera-ble to enemy clock hands as long as you stayon them. Shield dots are useful for areasdensely populated by enemies.

    Up/down switches are marked to correspondwith up/down dots using symbols such as cir-cles, squares and crosses. When you or anenemy clock hand presses an up/downswitch, a whole set of dots will eitherdescend into the floor or be elevated intotheir normal positions. If a clock hand isdragged into the floor, the clock hand dies.Clock hands cannot grab an up/down dotthat is even partway down.

    HourglassPass your clock hand over an hourglass togain an extra 10 seconds of time. The hour-glass is also worth 1,000 points,

  • 26

    Two-player gameIf you choose “Two Player” at the Optionsscreen, you and your friend compete to finishthe level and maximize your individualcumulative scores for the game. Each playerhas a total game score for this session.

    If one player dies, that player goes hack tothe beginning of the level. Once one playerhas grabbed the goal dot, the level endswhen the other player either dies, grabs thegoal dot or runs out of time. If both playersreach the goal dot, the first player to grab itreceives more bonus points than the secondplayer. The game ends when the game timeexpires and the players choose not to playmore.

    In two-player games, the players’ clock handscannot kill each other.

    ScoringIn the single-player game, the scores shownare the score for that level and your totalscore for all the levels you’ve completed.

    Completing a levelYour bonus for completing a level dependson the difficulty level.

    Bonus dotsYou receive 1,000 points for the first bonusdot you gather in a level, 2,000 points for thesecond and so forth up to a maximum of5,000 points for each bonus dot. If yourestart the level, the next bonus dot you grabis again worth 1,000 points.

    Top scoresAt the Top Scores screen, you can either see“Top Level Scores” or “Top Scores.” “TopLevel Scores” displays the top scores everachieved for a particular level along with theplayer’s name and the difficulty setting. “TopScores” lists the top total scores per player(the sum of a particular player’s top scores forall the levels he or she has played).

    For two-player scores, the top level scoreshown is the highest score for a particularlevel by one player in a two-player game.The top total scores shown are the highesttotal scores for individual players in two-player games. Each individual player, how-ever, can only appear once in this top levelscore list.

    Skipping a levelYou must play the levels in ClockWerx inorder. If you are unable to complete a level,however, you can use one of your threechances to skip that level and try the nextlevel. If you use all three chances, you mustcomplete one of the previously skipped levelsbefore you can skip another level. Any timeyou complete a skipped level, you haveanother chance to skip a different higherlevel.

  • The menu barMove the mouse to the top of the screen touse the menu bar. If you are runningClockWerx in 640x480 resolution, press theright mouse button to bring up a pop-upmenu bar. You can also use the keyboardequivalents for some menu functions.

    FileNew Game

    End Game

    Abort Game

    Open Levels File

    Restart Level

    Skip This Level


    optionsSound EffectsBackground Music

    NonePlay Once

    Play Pause

    Play Loop

    Swing Indicator

    Starts a new game from theOptions screenEnds the current game with thescore and goes to the Top ScoresscreenAborts the current game andreturns to the Options screenFor future puzzle add-on sets forClock WerxPauses or resumes the currentgameAborts the current game positionand restarts the levelskips the current level and goes tothe next oneBrings up a dialog box asking ifyou want to quit ClockWerx

    Toggles sound effects on or off

    No background musicMusic for that level plays onlyo n c eMusic for that level plays once,pauses and then plays againMusic for that level playscontinuouslyToggles the swing indicator on oroff

    Top ScoresTop Scores m Displays the Top Scores


    ClockWerx Help 0 Brings up the ClockWerx helpsystem

    About ClockWerx Displays the game credits

  • 30 31

    Strategy tipsEveryone has his or her own methods ofplaying ClockWerx, but here are a few tips wecame up with to help you play better and geta higher score:

    Study a level before starting. Rememberthat you can sit and study a level as longas you like before starting since the timerdoesn’t start until you press a game key.Try to understand exactly what enemyclock hands are doing before plunginginto the level.

    Master swinging and flipping. The secret tomastering ClockWerx is understanding thedifference between swinging and flipping.Notice that when you flip, your clockhand always maintains the same directionof rotation. Practice swinging and flip-ping in the first 10 levels of the game.Press m to turn on the Swing Indica-tor to help you learn how swinging andflipping work.

    Gather bonus dots. Since bonus dots areworth so many points, it can often beworth your loss in the speed bonus tospend some time gathering bonus dotsbefore completing a level. Be careful,though, since many bonus dots areguarded by enemies.

    Many levels have multiple paths to the goaldot. If you’re stuck, try studying the levelsome more and look for a different pathto the goal dot.

    You can “hover” between a wall and a dot.Hold down the bounce key and repeat-edly bounce off a wall and then the dot.

    Learn how oil globs work. Watch the oilglobs carefully to learn how they chaseyou. You should be able to avoid themonce you have learned their secret.

    l Study up/down switches. An up/downswitch is often controlled by an enemyclock hand and has a particular pattern.Observe the pattern to overcome thisobstacle.

    l Learn how bombs explode. Since fuses burnat a constant rate, how much damage anexploding bomb does depends on exactlywhen it’s detonated. You can control thisby passing your clock hand over thelighter at the correct time.


    TroubleshootingPlease see the Read Me file for importantlast-minute information.

    The graphics speed seems slow. If video per-formance in the game seems slow, pleasemake sure you have the latest Windowsvideo drivers installed for your specificvideo card. Please contact your videocard manufacturer for the latest version.In addition, having more than one videodriver installed or an outdated driver canslow down Windows.

    The music in the game sounds wrong. Youmay need to change your settings in theMIDI Mapper (which is in the ControlPanel). Although the MIDI files inClockWerx support both basic FM andextended FM, the music in the gamesounds better if MIDI Mapper is set toextended FM if your sound card supportsit. You will only need to set MIDIMapper to basic FM if your sound cardis older, such as an Ad Lib. It is better toselect either basic FM or extended FMthan all FM.

    The game window doesn't fill the entires c r e e n . Because C1ockWerx runs at a reso-lution of 640x480, the game window willnot take up your entire monitor screen ifyou run at a higher resolution in Win-dows, such as 800x600 or 1024x768.

    I can’t see the menu bar: If you run Clock-Werx at a resolution of 640x480, thegame window fills the entire screen. Toaccess the menu bar, press the rightmouse button to display a pop-up menubar.

    If you have any questions about ClockWerx or any of our other games, pleasecontact Spectrum HoloByte Customer Support at:

    n Spectrum HoloByte2490 Mariner Square LoopAlameda, CA 94501ATTN: Customer Support

    W (510)522-11649:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific TimeMonday through Friday

    n Fax(510)522-9357

    n Automated technical support and fax back(800)TECH958

    America Online:To reach our Customer Support board in the Industry Connection, pressm for “Go to Keyword.” Then type SPECTRUM in the Keyword win-dow. In addition to posting and reading messages, you can download files(demos, updates, troubleshooting tips, etc.) from the “Software Libraries.”You can also send electronic mail to Customer Support at S HOLOBYTE. Call(800)827-6364 for membership information.

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    Call (800)848-8199 and ask Representative #142 for your free introductorymembership and $15 usage credit. Besides online support of SpectrumHoloByte products, CompuServe offers many other services includingcommunications, hardware/software support, travel, reference librariesand more.

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