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SW-PBS: Leadership & Sustainability George Sugai Center on PBIS University of Connecticut University of Oregon November 2, 2005

Dec 13, 2015



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SW-PBS: Leadership & Sustainability George Sugai Center on PBIS University of Connecticut University of Oregon November 2, 2005 Slide 2 Purpose Review main features, processes, & outcomes of SW PBS in context of sustainability & expansion Role of administrators Rationale for commitments Basic process for implementation & durability Evaluation & Outcomes Slide 3 Why invest in active administrative participation at all levels? Enhances outcomes at individual & systems level Establishes priority Encourages & maximizes team productivity & influence Increase resource access & efficiency of use .may be most important PBS implementation consideration Slide 4 1.Know PBS basics 2.Organize for efficiency & link to outcomes 3.Run efficient meetings 4.Embed staff development 5.Decide with data 6.Monitor, model, acknowledge, & participate 7.Give priority to evidence-based practices 8.Evaluate continuously Increasing SWPBS Slide 5 What does administrative support look like? High visibility across multiple settings Regular positive contacts & acknowledgements Measurable short & long term outcomes Data-based decision making Content competence Model expectations Long term investments in capacity building Active member of team Active participants in action plan implementation Slide 6 2001 Surgeon Generals Report on Youth Violence: Recommendations Establish intolerant attitude toward deviance Break up antisocial networkschange social context Improve parent effectiveness Increase commitment to school Increase academic success Create positive school climates Teach & encourage individual skills & competence Slide 7 School-based Prevention & Youth Development Programming Greenberg et al. (2003) Teach children social skills directly in real context Foster respectful, supportive relations among students, school staff, & parents Support & reinforce positive academic & social behavior through comprehensive systems Invest in multiyear, multicomponent programs Combine classroom & school- & community-wide efforts Precorrect & continue prevention efforts Slide 8 Leadership Team Funding VisibilityPolitical Support TrainingCoaching Evaluation Active Coordination Local School Teams/Demonstrations PBS Systems Implementation Logic Slide 9 Leadership Team Active Coordination FUNCTIONS Implementation support Data-based action plan Coordination Capacity building Policy & funding Communications Training capacity Exemplars Evaluation MEMBERS Coordinator State representation Behavioral capacity Agency Parent/family Leadership Etc Slide 10 TrainingCoachingEvaluation TrainingCoachingEvaluation Continuous Embedded Team-coordinated Data-based Local expertise Action plan linked Etc. Continuous Local support Data-based Preventive Positive Competent Etc. Continuous Question-based Academic & social Efficient Team-coordinated Public Etc. Slide 11 Funding Visibility Political Support General fund 3 years of support Integrated Data-based Etc. Demos & research Multiple formats Multiple audiences Acknow. others Etc. Continuous Top 3 priorities Quarterly/annually Policy Participation Etc. Slide 12 Local School Teams/Demonstrations Fidelity implementation >80% of staff >80% of students Administrator leadership Team-based Data driven Contextually relevant Teaching focused Integrated initiatives Etc..