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1 Survival Questions Presented by Competent Leader Eide Hillal

Survival questions

Feb 17, 2017


Self Improvement

Eide Hillal
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  • *Survival QuestionsPresented by Competent Leader Eide Hillal

  • What is Table TopicsMini SpeechOpening ,Body, Conclusion Must have message

    Add knowledge, Any GainRemove pain from them.Entertain.Every one seems normal until we stand in front of people


  • *Tips for Success in Table Topics(1) Listen(2) Pause(3) Confirm(4) Tell(5) EndSource: Impromptu Speaking (Supply Catalogue Item #273)

  • *Table topics

  • *Speech DevelopmentStructureChronological (Past, Present, future) : PPFSequential (First, Second, Third)Cause and Effect ( if this then that)Problem and Solution PREP ( Point , Reason , Example , Point )Pro and con Compare and Contrast (Big and little, light and dark)

    Note : Be with the topic or against that makes it easy

  • *EffectivenessLogic, Directness, Enthusiasm, Achievement of Purpose, Audience ResponseEffectiveness is the judge's subjective [determinations] of how the response came across. Where you, the judge, able to determine the speaker's purpose? Did the [answer] relate directly to the given question or topic? Was the response clearly and logically presented?Source: Table Topics Contest Judge's Guide and Ballot, Supply Catalogue Item Number 1180

  • *The Table Topics Speech's BodyQuestion 1: "What are the biggest challenges faced by Saudi youth?"Your answer will be a Problem and solution" speech. You could name and define some problems. This technique is frequently called "the problem-solving speech."

  • *The Table Topics Speech's BodyDivide your topic into pro and con. Argue both in favor and against Dieting. Give specific reasons and examples. Also could add ( PREP Methods ) Point, Reason , Example , Point.Question 2: "Are there any benefits to dieting if you want to loose weight?

  • *The Table Topics Speech's BodyDivide your topic into cause and effect. "If we do this - - then this will happen."Question 3: "Your car didnt start this morning. How would you trouble-shoot it?"How old you would like to be if you dont know your age ?

  • *The Table Topics Speech's BodyCompare and contrast. How are the men aggressive? Compared to women .Question 4: "What makes you think Men are more aggressive than women ?RESPONSE:This reminds me of a situation in my own family, when we had a terrible argument that nearly ended family get-togethers forever. Heres how I agree men are aggressive.

  • *Closing TechniquesYou can... End with a quotation Tell a story or anecdote Create suspense or curiosity Call for action Ask a rhetorical question Refer to the speech's opening Summarize your main points

    Source: Concluding Your Speech (Supply Catalogue Item #271)

  • *Delivery and Language make up 45% of the points awarded on the Table Topics Judges' Guide and ballot.Physical - Appearance, Body Language, Speaking Area 15 pointsVoice - Flexibility, Volume 15 pointsAppropriateness - To Speech Purpose and Audience - 10 pointsCorrectness - Grammar, Pronunciation, Word Selection 5 pointsRemember Delivery and Language!

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