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Surrealism lesson one

Jan 15, 2015





  • 1. World Cinema Unit Surrealist Film: Lesson One

2. Aims: For students to investigate and define surrealism and respond to Un ChienAndalouOutcomes: By the end of the lesson students should be able to: Define some of the key features of surrealist art, photography and film; Define and give examples of Dada and the Roots of Surrealism Complete some initial research on Freud and The Interpretation of Dreams Respond to the first screening of Un Chien Andalou 3. How can you film a Dream? Activity:On a storyboard sheet try to storyboard either a dream you have hadrecently; or a dream that a friend has told you about.Try to be as specific as possible include the key filmic elements camerawork; mise-en-scene; lighting; editing; characters; performance 4. Dada and the Roots of SurrealismSurrealism was a cultural movement that had its roots in a previous art movement called Dada.Dada is relevant to surrealist cinema as the aims and methods of the surrealists developed fromthe work of Dada artists; many of the founder members of the surrealist movement wereassociated with the Dada group.Quick research task:Google Dada; produce a mood board that gives a description of the Dada movement and alsogives some examples of Dada artists. What are your responses to the aims of the DadaMovement, especially given what was happening in Europe at the time? 5. The Dada was a radical group of artists who had no real common stylistic identity, however theyshared an opposition to the First World War (1914-18) and the dominant culture of the time.They wanted to create art that had radical political ideas as the main content, rather than craftskills and middle class values.The Dada were against the nationalistic, romantic and religious art of the time. They thought thatthis art work ignored the reality of life for soldiers and civilians living through the First World War.The spirit of Dada has been revisited over the years, most notably being its influence on punk inthe 1970s. 6. Marcel Duchamp Jamie Reid cover art for the SexMona Lisa with a Moustache, 1919 Pistols God Save The Queen, 1977 7. Research Activity:Go to the web site www.surrealists.orgCreate a mood board of surrealist works (they can be art, photography, multi-media, film).Aim for a range of different mediums. Have examples of contemporary and historical works.What are the artists trying to convey in their work? Do you think that their work is relevanttoday? 8. Un Chien AndalouOn first watching the film note down:Visual imagery that is memorableEditing techniques that you think are effectiveSurrealist films often have a dream-like quality; they depict unconsciousdesires and fantasies that are normally repressed. Can you find examplesfrom the film to agree with this statement?Homework: go onto You Tube print screen images from Un Chien Andalouthat you find interesting and provocative.