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SURFnet overview

Nov 28, 2014




SURFnet Overview
Presentation by Erwin Bleumink, SURFnet

Event: March 29-31, 2011: MediaMosa and TF-Media conference 'MediaMosa, weblectures & open video'.

  • 1. TF-Media March 30, 2011
    Erwin Bleumink
    Managing director SURFnet
  • 2. SURFnet, the Dutch NREN
    160 institutes, 1 million end users in higher education & research
    Turnover 32 million Euro, 40% subsidies
    85 employees
    Part of SURF
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. SURFsps
    Shared Professional Services
    E-Science Research Center
    (together with Dutch NSF)
    Integration of ICT research infrastructure
    Networking, Grid Computing, Supercomputing, services for e-science
  • 6.
  • 7. Collaboration in small teams
    Users are the innovators
    ICT enters the heart of research & education
    Ownership and delivery mechanisms
    Users become choosers
    Renting is the new owning
  • 8. Changing education paradigms
    Sir Ken Robinson
  • 9. Where good ideas come from
    Steven Johnson
  • 10. Chance favors the connected mind
    Steven Johnson
  • 11. A fundamental characteristic of our age is the rising tide of data global, diverse, valuable and complex.
    High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data
  • 12. By 2014, 90 percent of organizations will support corporate applications on personal devices.
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15. Users spend more on innovation than companies do
    Eric von Hippel
  • 16. His cousins reported that they liked learning from his videos better than from him
    About Salman Khan
  • 17. Researchers, instructors, and students
    work together simply and effectively
    with the aid of ICT
  • 18. Hybrid end-to-end network
    the basis for all collaboration, providing
    efficient, unlimited data transport
    Trusted identity
    offering secure and seamless access to
    electronic materials and facilities
    Pioneering collaboration environment
    that seamlessly integrates the services and
    tools provided by a large number of suppliers
  • 19. Power of collaboration
    Focus on results
    Basic services
    Temporary ICT services and showcases
    Collaborate, challenge, and shareknowledge
    Challenge talented people
  • 20. Mission
    To improve higher education and research by promoting, developing, and operating shared ICT facilities that are not offered by the market of its own accord.
    By seamlessly linking ICT services and encouraging and developing new ICT applications, we ensure that researchers, instructors, and students can work together simply and efficiently.
    A hybrid end-to-end network as the basis for all collaboration, providing efficient, unlimited data transport.
    A trusted identity offering secure and seamless access to all the electronic materials and facilities that researchers, instructors, and students need.
    A pioneering collaboration environmentthat reaches beyond existing boundaries and that seamlessly integrates the services and tools provided by a large number of suppliers.
    We share knowledge and work with institutions, market parties, and international sister organisations, provide basic services, and create showcases and temporary ICT services.
    Results-driven innovator
    Reliable partner
  • 21. erwin.bleumink[at]
    +31 30 2 305 305
    Creative Commons Attribution license:
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