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Superbpag Super-slim 17'' Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad Chill Mat with Dual 160mm Blue LED Fans

Aug 09, 2015




  1. 1. Superbpag Super-slim 17'' Laptop Cooling Pad Dual 160mm Blue LED Fans
  2. 2. 1.Slim, portable, and light weight allowing you to take with in your laptop bag. 1.18 inch of thickness and only 1.5 lbs of weight, the laptop cooling pad is ultra- portable and protects your investment wherever you go.
  3. 3. Blue LED lights so you can see the fans moving but not visible when the laptop is in place You can see the light from the side though and it is way cool
  4. 4. Ergonomic Comfort:Doubles as an ergonomic stand With the help of ergonomic design and the 2 adjustable height setting, the Superbpag laptop cooler provides you a 9 the most relaxing incline angle for all-day viewing and tying.
  5. 5. Superior Cooling, Whisper Quiet Double 16cm fans provide superior airflow at whisper quiet noise levels, spinning at just over 800 RPM. Noice: