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Introduction Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) A Brief Talk on the SNES Console History Rivals Best selling Games SNES Legacy The Future
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  1. 1. Introduction Super NintendoEntertainmentSystem (SNES) A Brief Talk on the SNESConsole
    • History
    • Rivals
    • Best selling Games
    • SNES Legacy
    • The Future
  2. 2. History
    • Released in the UK April 1992
    • Succeeded the NES Console
    • 49.1 million units sold Worldwide
    • Best selling 16 bit Console
  3. 3. Rivals
    • Sega Megadrive
    • Neo Geo
    • NEC TurboGrafx-16
    • Atari Jaguar
  4. 4. Sales Figures
  5. 5. Best Selling Games
    • Super Mario World (20 Million)
    • Donkey Kong Country (8 Million)
    • Super Mario Cart (8 Million)
    • Street Fighter 2 (6.3 Million)
  6. 6. SNES Legacy
    • Sony and Nintendo teamed up during the early 90s with the intention of creating a disk add-on for the Nintendo system. Nintendo pulled the plug on the idea and Sony went their separate way. Sony developers decided to create their own system, the Playstation, which was released in 1995.
  7. 7. The Future
    • The Legend of the Super Nintendo lives on!:
    • New generation of consoles have introduced classic game downloads including several classic SNES games
    • Developers have created Emulators which allow games to be played on PCs