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Super Computers

Dec 30, 2015



Personal. Super Computers. Chris Ward CS147 Fall 2008. Not just for the Big Boys. Recent offerings from NVIDA show that small companies or even individuals can now afford and own Super Computers. Just what is a “Super Computer”?. Super Computer. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • PersonalChris WardCS147 Fall 2008

  • Recent offerings from NVIDA show that small companies or even individuals can now afford and own Super Computers.Just what is a Super Computer?

  • A supercomputer is a computer that is at the frontline of current processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation. wikipediaThe term supercomputer itself is rather fluid, and today's supercomputer tends to become tomorrow's ordinary computer.

  • In computing, FLOPS (or flops or flop/s) is an acronym meaning FLoating point Operations Per SecondTodays two fastest Super Computers operate at > 1 petaflop/s (represents one quadrillion floating point operations per second. )

  • Most applications use double precision math for the following reasons:To minimize the accumulation of round-off error, For ill-conditioned problems that require higher precisionThe 8 bit exponent defined by the IEEE floating point standard for 32-bit arithmetic will not accommodate the calculation, orThere are critical sections in the code which require higher precision.

  • Some of the latest GPUs and CPUs have LARGE differences in flops for single vs double precisionResearchers are recognizing this trend and re-examining their algorithms to take advantage of single precision whenever possible

  • GPU Graphics Processing UnitCPU Central Processing unit

    DeviceTransistor CountYear ReleasedMakerRV770956 000 0002008AMDGT2001 400 000 0002008NVIDIADual-Core Itanium 21 700 000 0002006IntelQuad-Core Itanium Tukwila2 000 000 0002008Intel

  • Tesla S1070 Computer is a four-teraflop 1U system powered by the worlds first one-teraflop processor.Each of the 4 cores contains 240 GPUs (960 total)Single Precision floating point performance (peak) 3.73 to 4.14 Tflops Double Precision floating point performance (peak) 311 to 345 GflopsStarting at about $3,995 to ~ $10,000

  • 1 Board= 240 Processing Cores~ 1 TFlop performance4GB GDDR3 RAMPCI-Express 2.0, Write your code in C and run in Windows or Linux$1,699.99


    65 nm vs 45 nm tech 1.4 B vs 1.7 B in intel*345 giga flops double precision, 4 Terra flop single precision*