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Sufi-Saint – Hazrat Naseer Muhammad Faqir Jalalani

Apr 14, 2015



Collection of Letters

Sufi Saint: Hazrat Naseer Muhammad Sahib


Composing and Compilation: TARIQ HAYAT LASHARI

This booklet is not a creation of anyone; it is just a n English translation of the teachings of this great master.

Sufi-Saint Hazrat Nasir Mohammed Sahib

This small contribution is dedicated to this Great Master whose teachings have enlightened the lines of so many followers.

DR. HARISH. M. MIRCHANDANI 1-8-209/210/5 P.G. ROAD SECUNDRABAD 500003 TEL NO: 7812431, 7816631.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSThis noble collection of sixty heart-touching letters of Sufi Saint HAZRAT SUFI FAQIR NASIR MUHAMMAD JALALANI SAHIB was presented to me by Mrs. Kalawati and Mr. Devidas Bhatia of Bombay. I am extremely thankful to them and their family for this gesture of theirs. I wish, I could have met this great saint during his lifetime. These letters are immediate answers to many day-to-day problems we all face and above all they give us an idea as to what should be the living of the true devoted human being. It is just not important to be a man, woman or child. What is important is that we behave like true human beings, understanding and respecting the feeling of each others. I was motivated to translate the basic teachings of these letters in English by the faith one of my friend in Hyderabad has in Sain-Sahib. If you find this work worthwhile, the credit should go to my friend, but if there are any shortcomings, please forgive me, and bear with it. What was my motive in writing these summaries in English was that our younger generation should read and understand this. They are the future building blocks of this society, and if by any means we can mould their character, it can go a long way in improving the moral values of human race. Let me now reveal to you a little insight into the saints letter.



Letter 1Sain Sahib says that a Guru never forget his disciples. Whenever a person is having any problem and he remembers his Murshid with love and affection, he sees his path. Dont forget the Lord, place all faith in him and you will always move on the right path. Fear of god is the best Pooja a man can offer. Keep your heart and thoughts clean, for that is the House of the Lord. Fix your eyes in the beautiful face of your Guru , and dont see here and there. This will automatically lead to the land of the LORD. What is the use of looking here and there? Look into yourself, and you shall find your almighty right within you. Please the lord and the whole world would be pleasant for you. God sent human beings in this world to remember him and move on the pathways of truth, love, and affection. We do so many tricks to deceive people, but we forget the trick to win over our lord. So leave everything, and remember your RAB and your death.

Letter 2Learn and keep good habits. If your habits are good, your actions will be good, and if your actions are good your character will be good. We all are riding on a horse, and the reins are to be kept in hand properly otherwise you shall have a severe fall. By saying no, Sain Sahib stresses the need to control our senses, if not, they will land you in trouble. By reins, he means the thought of the lord. Always remember your death, and this will prevent you from going to the wrong track. Be patient, patience will get you the best of everything. Here, Sain Sahib gives an example of Paigambar Hazrat Younus. He was swallowed by a


gigantic fish, but even there he remembered the lord. He had worms all over his body, but them too he remembered the lord.

Love for lord Krishna gave so many troubles to Meera Bai, but she never gave up. So be god fearing and remember the lord at all times, good or bad, you shall always get the courage to face any circumstances.

Letter 3Always attach your thoughts with the lord there is no reason why irrelevant thoughts should ever come to your mind? Sain Sahib says that if you want to know the best possible thought, a human being can have, it is nothing but the thought of the lord. To have good thoughts about the almighty, you should always have the picture of your Guru or Murshid in your eyes. Sain Sahib says that everyone walks with his legs, but you walk towards the lord with the true eyes of your heart. What you can see with the eyes of your guru you cannot see with your own eyes. Each and every breath of yours should chant the name of the lord. A guru helps you by putting in a multi-purposed medicine in your heart through the Naam this medicine cures you from all the worldly illness. A person who always realizes the picture of the lord within himself is always happy and contended, and moreover no ill can lay him low.


Letter 4Remember death and die before your death comes. Sain Sahib means to say forget yourself and your existence in the remembrance of God.


Our basic purpose of coming to this world is to attain the lord by our good deeds and Bhakti. We all are deaf why deaf? Because music of the lord is ringing in our ear but we are unable to hear it. Sain Sahib advices his disciples to remove this deafening curtain of ignorance, and dance to the tune of lords music. Be god fearing and alert from your almighty who is nowhere else but right within your heart. Try to recognize his presence within yourself.


Letter 5Sain Sahib says that in this perishable world, Gods name is the only boat which can see you through. Dont lose your life in this myth-dreams and catch-hold of Lords Name and move from this world which is nothing but huge ocean of dirt. A person who does not realize the presence of god within himself has forgotten himself. No one on this world can afford to forget the lord, otherwise he cannot attain Moksh, and he will have to undergo constant recycling through 84 lakh births. See that your True friend your rescuer is always in your heat and dont part with him even for a single moment.


Letter 6Sain Sahib says maintain your real relation with the lord alone because our real destination is the land where god resides. If we move well with good intentions in this world, there is no danger in our real destination. Be afraid of god and there is no reason why should you go on the wrong road of life which detaches you from the almighty? We should be thankful to the lord for all he has given us. Even if we sacrifice our heads it is not enough. Give the strings of your life in his skilled and loving hands, and you shall gain immortality and peace.

Letter 7People go about here and there in search of the lord, forgetting the fact that god is always within you; all that is required is to just connect with him. Recognize your own self, and the fact that your master is always within you. If you place faith in god and recognize his presence within yourself your Ah! Can burn this whole world but what is required is the true love for the lord your Almighty.

Letter 8This life is a dream, how long can you run after your own shadow? Your desires and thoughts should centralize towards your Satguru only then your life is a success, and you can attain the goal of life the goal which has been set by the almighty for you. Sain Sahib says you as a human being itself a musical instrument, but you can produce a lovely tune only when you always have the image of god within your heart. Have faith in God, tell him your desires, and you will lack nothing. Sain Sahib says that your dream should be how you are sitting with the lord? See your true homeland in your dreams, and above all see your lord in the dreams.


Letter 9Sain Sahib says our luck is in the hands of the lord, if our intentions are true, god will satisfy us and fulfill all our desires wherever we are. Be bold, speak the truth, and god shall always accompany you. Sain Sahib says that even if you have to face the toughest trials no matter how much you have to suffer then too speak the truth and walk on the path of truth. We hear, but we dont understand. We have not controlled our desires. Then how can we reach our ultimate goal? As human beings, we always complain Oh God, why have you sent us to this world? Did you send us to see this day? Sit in silence and ask yourself have you followed or done what god expects of you? Whatever breaths we take that are intermingled with the name of god are really useful. Ultimately god will only help us to swim across this worldly ocean full of ripples and killer waves.

Letter 10Dont forget god, but forget those things which you will have to forget after your death. These are really the worldly attachments, which act as a partition between you and the lord. We as human beings are all aware that we have come empty handed, and will go back the same, but then too the race behind the objects of false satisfaction is on. Sain Sahib says detach yourself from this race and attach to the name of the lord. It is he who will see you through this world. Open your inner eyes, have faith in god, and be ready to welcome death. It is death that opens the door to the lord. Be friendlier with your death than with your life. A true relative, a true friend is the one who tells you to sacrifice your life to the ultimate truth our Almighty.


Letter 11Sain Sahib appeals to his followers NEVER FORGET GOD If you have forgotten god, you have forgotten the basic purpose of life. your life is useless without the remembrance of God. We move to Mandir, Masjid, and Gurudwaras to know where God is. Sain Sahib says open your eyes and see your lord within yourself. He is right inside our heart, and his image is in our eyes. When we open our eyes, we see the outer world, but when we sit in silence with our eyes closed, we see ou

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