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Study Smarter, Not Harder

Feb 09, 2016




Study Smarter, Not Harder. 1. Preparing to Study....Be Nice to Your Brain. Sit in a QUIET place. TV and radio distracts your brain. Don’t procrastinate. It puts your brain under stress. Don’t study after you normally go to bed. Your brain wants to sleep at that time. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • **Study Smarter, Not Harder

  • *Preparing to Study....Be Nice to Your BrainSit in a QUIET place. TV and radio distracts your brain.

    Dont procrastinate. It puts your brain under stress.

    Dont study after you normally go to bed. Your brain wants to sleep at that time.

  • *Preparing to Study....Be Nice to Your BrainTake breaks. Your brain gets tired too.Set reasonable goals and reward yourself-Im going to study for 20 minutes then take a snack break.

  • *What Kind of Learner Are You?Auditory Learners: Learn by hearing

    Use a study groupStudy out loudPay close attention to lectures

  • *What Kind of Learner Are You?Tactile Learners: Learn by touching or using

    Use practice questionsPay close attention to lab*

  • *What Kind of Learner Are You?Visual Learners: Learn by seeing

    Use flashcardsReview diagrams from the textbookPay close attention to class notes*

  • *Study Method #1: RepetitionReview your notes the same day you get them. Thats when your brain remembers the best!

    Then review your notes daily. Give your brain the chance to repeatedly see the information.

  • *Study Method #2: WritingRewrite your notes

    Type your notes

    Or do both!

  • *Study Method #3: CondensingDay 1: Write out everything you need to know. Youll have several pages.Day 2: Condense this information into half the number of pages. Take out extra words not needed, not important details.Day 3: Condense this information into one page divided into four sections.

  • *Study Method #4: Talking to YourselfSay or sing your notes out loudRead only 1 sentence of the notes at a timeCover the sentence up and say it several times. Check your notes to make sure that you got the sentence right

    This words great for diagrams too! Cover up the labels and try to guess them correctly.

  • *Study Method #5: FlashcardsWhile studying flashcards, make 3 pilesWhat I knowWhat I dont knowWhat I guessed right

    Focus your studying on the What I dont know and What I guessed right piles

  • *Study Method 6: Mind MappingRewrite your notes using only key words and images

  • *Study Method #7: Study BuddyUse a study buddy Have a friend ask you questions about your notes. Answer their questions without looking at your notes. If you get a question wrong, ask your study buddy to tell you the right answer. Make a list of the questions you get wrong.After the last question, have your study buddy ask you the questions you got wrong again.

  • *Study Method #8: MnemonicsCatchy words or phrasesSPONCHsulfur, phosphorus, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen = the 6 most common elements in biologyKing Philip came over for good spaghettiKingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species

  • *Study Method #8: MnemonicsVisualizingFondant is a sweet, smooth, elastic icing. If its freezing you need a blanket. Fondant looks like a smooth blanket over a cake or cupcake.Buttercream is a light, creamy frosting. Buttercream is creamy!

  • *Study Method #8: MnemonicsChunking

    Abraham Lincoln was shot on April 14, 1865 by John Wilkes BoothAbraham = April Abraham Lincoln has 14 letters = 14 He was a president and you can vote for president when you turn 18 = 18Lincoln is a type of car that can by found on the highway going 65mph = 65

  • *Study Method #8: MnemonicsStory MethodCounties in Southern England: Avon, Dorset, Somerset, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, and Surrey.An AVON lady is walking towards a strange house. She is hot and sweating in the SUMMER (Somerset) heat. Outside the house, there is giant CORN (Cornwall) growing, but it's beginning to WILT (Wiltshire) in the heat. She knocks on the DOOR (Dorset), which is opened by the DEVIL(Devon). He is smearing honey on a HAM (Hampshire), making in GLOSSY (Gloucestershire) in the bright sunlight. The Avon lady panics, screams 'SORRY' (Surrey), and runs back down the path.

  • *Study Method #8: MnemonicsJourney MethodShopping list: Coffee, lettuce, cauliflower, French bread, chicken, pork chops, bath tub cleanerFront door: spilt coffee grains on the doormatRose bush in front garden: growing letuuce around the rosesCar: with cauliflower on the driver's seatEnd of the road: an arch of French bread over the roadTraffic lights: chickens squawking and flapping on top of lightsPast church: in front of which a pig is karate chopping wooden boardsSupermarket parking lot: a filthy bath tub is parked in the space next to my car!