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Strategic Content Marketing: How to Create Content that Creates Customers

Nov 17, 2014



So you built a Facebook page, signed up for Twitter, maybe even added a blog to your website. Or perhaps you’ve done nothing because you’re strapped by compliance and other industry regulations. Now what? How do you utilize the power of content and social media marketing to reach those ever-elusive millennials – while still keeping an eye on your ROI?

Content Marketing Strategist Hannah Richards highlights best practices for content and social media marketing in the financial industry, shares strategies for generating conversion-oriented content, and provides key performance indicators for measuring success.

  • 1. StrategicContent MarketingHow to Create Content that Creates Customers

2. Presented ByHannah RichardsContent Marketing StrategistDevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/ 3. Who We AreMultiplatform Branding Agency Brand Development Traditional Marketing Digital MarketingDevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 4. ExistingClients 5. Agenda Content Marketing: What it isand why its important What to Write About How to Write It How to Share It Did it Work?DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 6. So what is Content Marketinganyway?DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 7. People buyfrom peopleDevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures(not businesses)that they like. 8. DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cult1ure.s Attract2. Engage3. Convert 9. That sounds time consuming.Why cant I just run a printad?DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 10. DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 11. DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 12. DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/culturesWill it Blend? 13. What does a bank have thatcan be put in a blender?DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 14. WHAT TO WRITE ABOUTDevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 15. DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures1. Prime the pump2. Make the sale 16. Step One: Identifythe pain points.Step Two: SolvePriming thePumpthe problem.Step Three: Earntheir trust. 17. 1. Fun, engaging photo2. Appeals to target audience3. Identifies a problem they canPrimingthe Pumpsolve4. Solves the problem5. Makes it fun/interesting6. Not a hard sell7. Relevant 18. Good for them, now whatthe heck do I write about?DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 19. ContentIdeas1. Share knowledge Statistics Case Studies Tips and How Tos Listicles2. News Special events New team members Travel or event recaps New products3. Conversation Starters Opinion articles Advice columns 20. Dont stop now! Its time toconvert them.DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 21. ConversionOriented Content1. Convince them that the worldhas changed in a real andundeniable way1. Convince them that the risk ofinaction is greater than the riskof action1. Convince them that NOW is theideal time to act1. Ask them to act 22. Key Components ofConversion Content Direct and Assertive Starts on common ground Linear Data-drivenConversionOriented Content 23. People spend more than 50% of their time online looking at content. (AOL and NielsenContent Marketing Study)70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.( of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. ( spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/culturesUsing inbound tactics saves an average of 13% in overall cost per lead. ( an inbound strategy doubles average website conversion rates, from 6% to12%. ( 24. Sounds like a plan! Nowwhos going to create all thiscontent for me?DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 25. HOW TO WRITE CONTENTDevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 26. In House vs. Outsource-high quality content-cutting edge industryknowledge-expert analytics-BEWARE the college internCompliance-choose your platform-compliance software:WatchDog by CSI CreatingContent 27. I spent all this time andmoney on awesome content,why isnt anyonereading DevelDoepvineglo it?spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 28. HOW TO SHARE CONTENTDevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 29. Post,Hope andPray Find your people where doesyour target audience spend timeonline? Employ traditional PR Utilize paid distributionContentDistribution Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Banner Ads, Sponsored Stories,Email Marketing Promotional Lift 30. So how do I know if this isworking?DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 31. MEASURING SUCCESSDevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 32. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):MeasuringSuccessImpressions-post views-image views-blog views-video views**length of impressionEngagement-likes/favorites-comments-shares-brand mentionsConversions-purchase-click thru toblog/website-like/follow/subscribe-download content-sign up for emails-coupondownload/redemption**conversion quality 33. 1. Track your audience through thefunnel2. Personalize content based onposition for maximum conversions Email In-person events Personal outreachMeasuringSuccess*Funnel infographic by Hootsuite 34. This is a lot to keep trackof. Isnt there some kind ofsoftware that canhelp me DevelDoepvineglo with spailnegs this?bcraamnpdas igns/cultures 35. Social MediaSoftware Hundreds of programs available Range in price from zero to$10,000/month Help to evaluate and organizeyour content and scheduleposts Listen and participate inconversations Track and cultivate leads 36. Questions?DevelDoepvineglo spailnegs bcraamnpdas igns/cultures

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