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Strategic Architecture

Jan 17, 2015




  • 1. Strategic ArchitectureThe Exchange - AviaraJuly, 2003David C. [email protected] 2003

2. Outline2 What is architecture?Enterprise architecture in practiceA call for action 2003 3. Information Technology deals withcomplex systems YearDoubling of Body of Business Cycles Information 3KnowledgeTechnology Cycles1800s500-1000 yearsN/A N/A1970s100 years7 years2-3 years1980s25 years 5 years2-3 years1990s10 years12-18 months2-3 years2001 6 months6 months2-3 years200x 3 months Near Real Time? 2003Source: Meta Group, 2001 4. Example of complexityApplication 1 Application 2 4Leased Leased Application n lineline ItalyCorp 1 GPRSBSS Corp 2 Leased/ GSMLeased lineline PSTN /OSSFrance ADSL ISP InternetService LeasedBSSPlatformGPRS lineISDN/ GSMOSS WANPSTNInternet / LAN / ADSLService ISPLeasedPlatform ContentlineISDN Partner LeasedlineWAN LeasedInternet / LAN line Content Application 1 PartnerApplication 2 HungaryApplication nCorp 5BSS GPRS Application 1 Corp 6/ GSMApplication 2OSS PSTN / Application nADSLISP Service Corp 3Corp 4 PlatformISDN 2003WAN Content / LAN Partner 5. What is architecture? 5Simple SystemNormal System Complex System You can build a Part of aPart of adoghouse out of simplecomplex anything networknetwork - Alan Kay 2003 6. Lacking architecture, your results areunlikely to meet your expectations 6What you wantWhat you haveYour results!(individual systems andcomponents) 2003 7. Architecture solution 7 2003 8. Architecture answers questions for keystakeholders 8 General Client Contractorwants to knowwants to know Whats the result? How do we get it done?How quickly can I get it?How do I make sure its donecorrectly? How much does it cost / save?Architecture Whats possible?What are the risks? Whats possible? Subcontractorwants to knowWhat do I build? What do I build it with? 2003 9. Architecture answers questions for keystakeholders, continued 9Business ITManagers Managers want to know want to know Whats the result? How do we get it done?How quickly can I get it?How do I make sure its donecorrectly? How much does it cost / save?Architecture Whats possible?What are the risks? Whats possible? TechnicalStaffwants to knowWhat do I build? 2003 What do I build it with? 10. Problems occur when architecture is executed in isolationContextOpportunity 10PepsiCo is a $25.1 billionEstablish a common hardwarebeverage and snacks producerplatform for all divisionsKey divisions: Frito-Lay, Pepsi-Reduce the number of softwareCola, Gatorade/Tropicana, QuakersolutionsFoodsEstimated that bulk buying couldTechnology spend estimated at $1save 20% to 30% of current $200billion per yearmillion spend5 different mobile solutions in use Additional savings from reducedacross 5 different divisionsinstallation, service andmaintenance Architecture is one of the catalysts necessary to establish a commonplatform yet still enable innovation within each of the business units 2003Source: Baseline May 2003 11. Where do architects come from?11 Theoretical / Industry Knowledge (art of the possible) Delivery (the Craft i.e. coding) Management, Estimation, Program Design (Technology Planning) Technical GroSoftware Architect Gro EnterpriseSpecialist w Infrastructure ArchitectwArchitect 2003 12. What makes an architect? 12The Artist The GuruThe SpyThe Coach 2003 13. Outline13 What is architecture?Enterprise architecture in practiceA call for action 2003 14. An enterprise architecture practiceinvolves more than just blueprints14Governance Skills &OrganizationMetrics GuidingPrinciplesArchitectureRepository / ProcessesPortalBlueprints 2003 15. Blueprints and Guiding Principles arethe foundation of your architecture GuidingBlueprints 15PrinciplesBusinessProcessApplication Model Model ModelBuy vs Build Insource vs OutsourceInterface Information InfrastructureModelModelModel (Examples) 2003 16. Linking business to technology provides consolidation capabilitiesContext and Approach Benefits Achieved16Global property and casualty$5.6M savings via infrastructureinsurer consolidationLacking a linked business and $2.6M savings from centralizedsystems architectureidentification and authorization(single sign-on)Unable to tell how overlappingapplications related to one another $3.3M savings from standardizedoperations management consoleUnable to tell how any applicationand sensorscould replace another$1.5M in reductions and avoidanceDecided to standardize applicationfrom common eCommerceand infrastructure architecturearchitecture This effort required the creation of an enterprise architecture team andthe recruitment of a chief architect 2003Source: DCI experience database 17. Architecture work leverages the largerIT communityCIO 17 Chief Architect The EAG organizes,Business Architect Application Architect manages, and drives theSecurity Architect Information Architect ArchitectureArch Program MgrInfrastructure Architect Community Architecture CommunityArchitecture Processes Blueprinting Application Testers Vendor selection & managementArchitects Project Project checkpoint and signoff OperatorsManagers Standards development Developers Technology research and adoption Technology investment guidance 2003 18. Use of an architecture repositoryenables sharing and measurement 18IT CommunityGuiding PrinciplesRepository Example Metrics% of baseline standards created &disseminated% of projects with architecture signoff Blueprints % of applications fully compliant withstandards% of technology in each stage of thetechnology lifecycle 2003 19. Architecture provides key criteria thatguides annual IT planning and budgetingCurrent State Architecture Future State ArchitectureRoadmap19(identifies and categorizes (provides strategic criteria (Result is a roadmap of IT current IT assets)for screening and assessing projects aligned with portfolio)business drivers) Implicit ITDistinguishDefine Measure, Diagnose, Make portfolio categories criteriaassess recommenddecisions 1 4 1 3 2 3Invest 2 2 1 2 5 1A 2 3 2 0 0 1Adjust 4 0 5 0 2 41 1 3 0 2 30 2 2 2 0 1Sunset B 5 3 0 1 2 2 A hugeDifferent Screens Fact-based Business Faster / bettercollection assetsthatinsight intolanguageinvestmentof projects judged and match architecture decisionsand assets managedstrategic fit 2003 differentlyintent 20. Recent client example shows benefits ofIT portfolio screening Context and approach Benefits achieved20North American division of a large352 - Number of in-flight projects atEuropean car manufacturer start of portfolio screening effortLittle to no integration acrossplatforms and application 30 - Number of remaining high-impact,cost effective, focused initiativesMany redundancies, conflictingobjectives, unclear deliverables$40-50M - Savings from eliminatingNo shared investment tracking tools redundancies and projects withoutor metricsclear benefitsUtilized blueprints in portfolio $200M - Incremental revenues from screening and diagnosisreallocating time and resources methodologytowards customer value generating Prioritized projects, applications and initiatives platforms 2003Source: DCI experience database 21. Architecture also governs the mostdetailed IT activities21 EnterpriseArchitecture EA Iteration N EA Iteration N+1Checkpoint 0 Checkpoint 1Checkpoint 2 Checkpoint N - Assess need for - Update- Verify - Manage new technologyblueprints to alignmentarchitecture meet projectwith deviations - Check feasibility needs blueprintsSoftwareDevelopment Lifecycle 2003 22. Architecture drives down development time and costContext and Approach Benefits Achieved22 IBM developed a set of best-60% reduction in architecturepractices learned from it-s e-design timebusiness projects40% lower costs in systemsPublished as IBMs Patterns for E-migrationBusinessSharply reduced risk associatedUtilized by Experio Solutions aswith application andreference architectures for e-infrastructure upgradebusiness Pattern based architectures support faster time-to-market and faster timeto ROI 2003Source: Experio case study on IBM Patterns for e-business web site 23. Architecture sets the technology agendafor vendor evaluation & selection You are the best23 and brightest inyet you shall all the land. have to prove yourself to meBetter No,Technology! me!Im NEW!Upgrad Picke now! me! 2003 24. Where are you in your architecture efforts?Enterprise Architecture 24 Capability Maturity ModelLevel 5 Level 4Continuousimprovement. Level 3 Enterprise Metrics used Architectureto optimize Level 2 Enterprise is managedbusinessArchitectureandlinkage Level 1 Enterpriseis definedmeasuredInformal, ad-Architecture(written (metrics andhoc Enterpriseis under down) feedback)Architecturedevelopmentprocesses Adapted from Meta Group, Enterprise Process Maturity Model and the SEI Model, 2003Enterprise Architecture Strategies 25. Outline25 What is architecture?Enterprise architecture in practiceA call for action 2003 26. It doesnt matter how you start, just getgoing!Breadth of Coverage 26(Business Unit, Applications)ArchitectureBlueprintsType: Broad and ShallowGuiding PrinciplesDepth of CoverageArchitectureGovernanceArchitectureProcessesOrganization & SkillsArchitectureRepositoryMetrics &Measurement 2003 27. It doesnt matter how you start, just getgoing!Breadth of Coverage27(Business Unit, Applications)ArchitectureBlueprintsType: Broad and ShallowGuiding PrinciplesDepth of Coverage Type:FocusedArchitectureGovernanceArchitectureProcessesOrganization & SkillsArchitectureRepositoryMetrics &Measurement 2003 28. It doesnt matter how you start, just getgoing!Breadth of Coverage28(Business Unit, Applications)ArchitectureType: Broad and ShallowBlueprintsStaffing: Moderate 4 to 6Guiding PrinciplesDepth of Coverage Type: FocusedStaffing: Low 3 to 5ArchitectureGovernanceArchitecture Type:The Whole EnchiladaProcessesOrganization & SkillsArchitectureRepositoryMetrics &Measurement 2003 29.