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Stitching Truth presentation

Jan 14, 2017



Stitching Truth:Transforming Art into Activism

Stephanie Carrillo- Campbell Hall, North Hollywood

Facing History and OurselvesEducational and professional development organization whose mission is to engage students of diverse backgrounds in an examination of racism, prejudice and antisemitism to promote the development of a more humane and informed citizenry. Focus is on:Primary Source MaterialsDiscussions and Group ExercisesCharacter Explorationto foster empathy and reflection

Why I love to use the Stitching Truth Guide:Covers an area and topic frequently omitted or glossed over in textbooks (Chile during Pinochets dictatorship, 1973-1990)Rich in primary sources including:poetrylettersinterviewsofficial documentsphotographsimages of protest artFocus is on women, many of whom were marginalized, poor and illiterate, who stood up to a dictator and helped restore democracy to their countryEmphasis is on the power of individual choices, the importance of community, and the significance of non-government organizationsHighlights the role of art in social justice movements

Graphic Organizer for Image Analysis:

Concrete ObservationsOutside InformationPossible InterpretationsQuestions Raised

Close Read/ Analysis of Question - by Doris Meniconi LorcaDirections:In the body of the text, please circle any words you do not knowIn the left hand column, write down your paraphrase of the lineIn the right hand column, write down the tone or feeling expressed in the lineIn the body of the text, underline words or phrases you feel are core to the overall meaningParaphrase:Text:Tone/Feeling:Where is the son that I love so much?

Where is the warmth of his white hands?

Iron chains have left him prisoner, and if you search blindly for your star in the night...

How is your interpretation of the Arpilleras deepened by:Hearing others discuss their arpillera?Reading the poem Question?Viewing the timeline of events in Chile?

How do we transform Art into Activism?

Quilting as Activism in the United States- The Names Project/ AIDS Quilt

Student Project:Ally Quilt in Support of LGBTQ Youth

Art as an expression of history in Monuments and Memorials:

The Great Wall of Los Angeles

Students were assigned panels of the mural to analyze and research

Students served as docents and gave a guided tour of the Great Wall to a history class from another school.

Student Memorial Artwork Pieces:

Japanese InternmentHolocaust

Student Monument Artwork Pieces:Cesar ChavezDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Student Art as Public Service Announcement:

Student Installation- Gender Income Disparity

Social Media Campaign as Campus-wide Conversation Starter:

Walk a Mile in My Shoes Student Art Instillation


Students researched different issues and found news stories of actual people whose lives had been touched by things such as homelessness, child labor and human trafficking.

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