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Steganography a GREEK word it means covered or secret writing Stegan -- o -- graphy Covered Writing What is Steganography

Steganography flooding

Feb 11, 2017



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Steganography a GREEK word it means covered or secret writingStegan -- o -- graphy

Covered WritingWhat is Steganography ?

The goal of steganography is to hide messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient even knows that a message has been sent.

STEGANOGRAPHY UNDER VARIOUS MEDIASteganography in TEXTSteganography in IMAGESSteganography in AUDIO

A steganography software tool allows a user to embedded hidden data inside a carrier file, such as an image or video and later extract that data.Steganographyis the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity.

Example of Text SteganographyAn example of message containing cipher text by German Spy in World War ||

Apparently neutrals protest is thoroughly discounted and ignored . Isman hard hit. Blockade issue affects pretext for embargo on by products, ejecting suets and vegetable oi/s

Taking the second letter in each word the following message emerges:

Pershing sails from NY June 1

Minor Change To Shapes of Character

Steganography in ImageUsing image files as hosts for steganography messages takes advantage of the limited capabilities of the human visual system

Example Of image steganography

Original ImageSize 56.1KB

Encoded ImageSize 544KBHidden Message Is Cyber security Welcomes You

Steps to Hide text in imageOpen S-tools.Select image in which we have to hide text with .bmp extension.Drag the text file over the image.Alert will come to enter the password this same password we have to enter when end person wants to reveal the message.

When user wants to reveal the text.Open the hidden data file.Right click. Select reveal enter the same password that was used to hide the text.A prompt will be display. With list of file hidden.Save that file(Stegano.txt)

Steganography in AudioTo embed data secretly onto digital audio file there are few techniques introduced :LSB CodingPhase CodingParity CodingSpread Spectrum

Flowchart Of Audio Steganography

Example of LSB Method The message 'HEY' is encoded in a 16-bit CD quality sample using the LSB method.

Here the secret information is HEY and the cover file is audio file. HEY is to be embedded inside the audio file. First the secret information HEY and the audio file are converted into bit stream.

The least significant column of the audio file is replaced by the bit stream of secret information HEY. The resulting file after embedding secret information HEY is called Stego-file.

Case On Real LifeTerrorist organizations have mastered the art of combining steganography with encryption.

Presently most terrorist instructions are also carried out this same way, but there has been an increase in the use of photographic images used for steganography.

Others are hiding maps and photographs of terrorist target and posting instruction for terrorist activities .

Combined Crypto SteganographyEncryptionPlain TextCrypto TextCover ImageStegano ImageCipher TextDecryptionPlain TextCovered medium + Hidden data + Stego key = Stego Medium

Who Is He ?

Discussion Of Attack 9/11

According to U.S. officials, in early 2001 Osama bin Laden posted steganographic material in sports chat rooms and some other web sites with instructions for terrorist activities.

US officials and expert say its the latest method of communication being used by Osama Bin Laden and his associates to outbox law enforcement.

Dr Robert Koontz claimed that CODED IMAGES shows plans for massive germs attack on US killing millions.

Study of 9/11 attackSays Ankit Fadia a 16 year old boy he was called in to help decrypt message from Osama Bin Laden shortly after 9/11.

Boy stunned to see the kind of technology they used to communicate.

After 9/11 attack agencies had tracked some emails where few peoples were frequently exchanging photographs of Canadian rockstar Avril Lavigne.

Steganography-hidden messages that used three customized encryption algorithm

They used technography [sic]to send messages

Digital WatermarkingA watermark is a form, image or text that is impressed onto paper, which provides evidence of its authenticity.

Visible Watermarking is used to indicate ownership and for copyright protection.

Digital Watermarking can be considered as special technique of steganography.

Life Cycle of Water Marking

Watermarking classification

Original Image

Our WatermarkWatermarked ImageVisible & Invisible Watermarking

Robust & Fragile watermarkingIn Robust watermarking modification of watermarked content will not affect watermark.

In Fragile watermarking watermark get destroyed when watermarked content is modified or tampered.Public & Private watermarkingIn public watermarking users of content are authorized to detect watermark.

In private watermarking users not authorized to detect watermark.

Asymmetric & Symmetric watermarkingIn Asymmetric watermarking different keys used for embedding and detecting watermark.

In Symmetric watermarking same keys are used for embedding and detecting watermarks.Steganographic & Non steganographic watermarkingIn Steganographic watermarking user unaware of the presence of a watermark.

In non steganographic watermarking user aware of the presence of a watermark

Steganography v/s WatermarkingThe main goal of steganography is to hide a message m in some audio or video (cover) data d, to obtain new data d , practically indistinguishable from d, by people in such a way that an eavesdropper cannot detect the presence of m in d.

The main goal of watermarking is to hide a message m in some audio or video (cover) data d, to obtain new data d, practically indistinguishable from d , by people in such a way that an eavesdropper cannot remove or replace m in d.

Scenario of SteganographyModern computer printers use steganography includes HP & Xerox brand color laser printers.

These printers add tiny yellow dots to each page.

The dots contain encoded printer serial numbers & date & time stamps.

E-mail SpoofingA spoofed email is when the sender purposely alters parts of the email to masquerade as though it was authored by someone else.

Commonly, the senders name/address and the body of the message are formatted to appear from a legitimate source, as though the email came from a bank or a newspaper or legitimate company on the Web.

Sometimes, the spoofer will make the email appear to come from a private citizen somewhere.

E-mail spoofing is possible because Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), the main protocol used in sending e-mail, does not include an authentication mechanism.

If the precaution is not taken, anyone with the requisite knowledge can connect to the server and use it to send messages.

To send spoofed e-mail, senders insert commands in headers that will alter message information.

It is possible to send a message that appears to be from anyone, anywhere, saying whatever the sender wants it to say. Thus, someone could send spoofed e-mail that appears to be from you with a message that you didn't write.

For example, spoofed e-mail may purport to be from someone in a position of authority, asking for sensitive data, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal information -- any of which can be used for a variety of criminal purposes.

What is main goal of Email Spoofing

Be aware of1. Install Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Software Liquid Webs Mail Secure

2. Watch for Spoofed Email Addresses Changing the name of the sender so that it does not match the senders email address

3. Dont Give Out Personal Information

4. Avoid Strange Attachments or Unfamiliar Links

5. Seem Too Good To Be True? It is.

Zmail open source software used to send fake mails

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