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Nov 28, 2014





2. INTRODUCTION No one apartfrom theArt andA form ofsender and science of security intendedwriting hiddenthroughrecipient, messagesobscurity suspects theexistence of the message 3. Stegans CoveredGraptos WritingETYMOLOGY 4. HISTORY OF STEGANOGRAPHYCurrent1st and 2ndWorld Wars440 5. Cryptography SteganographyWatermarkingEVOLUTION 6. ADVANTAGE OF STEGANOGRAPHYOVER CRYPTOGRAPHYMessages do notattract attention toProtects boththemselves messages and communicating 7. TYPES OF STEGANOGRAPHY Steganography In Text/Documents Steganography In Video Steganography In Audio Steganography In Images 8. Carrier or Cover File Stego-MediumEmbedded or Payload SteganalysisSTEGANOGRAPHY TERMS 9. VIDEO 10. HOW IT 11. STEGANOGRAPHY STEPS SteganographyEncoding aDecode a messagemessage 12. EmbeddedData MESSAGEPlain infoMESSAGE 13. ENCODINGStep 2 Prepare Encode Steganographic datacover data embedded data with cover dataStep1 Step 3 14. DECODING Step 2 Steganographic EmbeddedData Decode data Plain info obtained Step1 Step 3 15. STEGANALYSISArt and Science of detecting hiddenmessages Just discover Steganography Not deals with decrypting the 16. Line Shift CodingWord Shift Coding Feature CodingLeast Significant Bit InsertionLow bit encoding Masking and FilteringSTEGANOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES 17. STEGANOGRAPHY USING LEAST SIGNIFICANT 18. PRACTICAL 19. ProgramImage files Audio filesVideo files Document filesBMP, JPG, Mp3, WAV 3gp, Mp4,PdfPNG, TGAMPEG-1, OpenPuff MPEG-2, VOB, SWF, FLV MP3Stego- Mp3 -- OpenStegoBMP, PNG -- -S-ToolsBMP, GIFWav- -StegFS - -- - Steganographic BMP, PNG,-- -Laboratory (VSL)JPG, TIFF PHP-Class PNG -- -StreamSteganographyList of some tools for 20. USAGE IN MODERN PRINTERSTiny yellow dots are added to each pagePrinter serial numbers date and time stamps are encoded on yellow dotsEXAMPLE: HP and Xerox color laser 21. ILLEGAL USAGE 22. CONCLUSION 23.