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Nov 28, 2014



Steganography project by muhammed ishaque patel for the itt coures in icai .. if you have any dout then contact me on my e-mail [email protected]

  • 1. A presentation on Group Presentation Steganography BYWRO 0508431Shaikh Shabbir Munir Muhammed Ishaque Ahmed PatelWRO 0509055RVG HOSTEL ANDHERI-(WEST), TIME 8:00AM TO 12:00PM DATED-23rd Sep 2013 TO 20thOCT 2013 RVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/20131

2. It was with this basic idea that we chose the topic of steganography-so that we would get the chance to learn and explore more about the lesser known world of steganographyRVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/20132 3. INTRODUCTION Steganography FROM THE GREEK WORD STEGANO MEANING "COVERED ANDsteganography GRAPHY MEANING "WRITINGThe art of secret (hidden) writingcoveredRVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)writing10/18/20133 4. Art and science of communicating in a way that hides the existence of a message signal or pattern imposed on content persistent under transmission not encryption original image/file is intact not fingerprinting fingerprinting leaves separate file describing contentsRVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/20134 5. Steganography in TEXTSteganography in IMAGESSteganography in AUDIORVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/20135 6. It involves three types of coding: Line-ShiftCoding : Here, text lines are vertically shifted toencode the document uniquely. Word-Shift Coding : The codewords are coded into a document by shifting the horizontal locations of words within text lines, while maintaining a natural spacing appearance.Feature Coding : In feature coding, certain text features are altered, or not altered, depending on the codeword. RVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/20136 7. Image Compression: Image compression offers a solution to large image files. Two kinds of image compression are lossless and lossy compression. Both methods save storage space but have differing effects on any uncompressed hidden data in theimage.LossyJPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) format files, offers highcompression, but may not maintain the original image's integrity. Hence it is called lossy. Lossless compression maintains the original image data exactly, It is thus more favored by steganographic techniques. Eg: (BMP ),(GIF) Formats. RVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/20137 8. Transmission medium : Benders transmission environments Digital end-to-end environment.Increased/decreased resampling environment.Analog transmission and resampling.''Over the air'' environment.RVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/20138 9. RVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/20139 10. RVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/201310 11. RVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/201311 12. Here is the link for Sample Stenographic tool Website: HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/201312 13. Bibliography: WWW.GOOGLE.COM WWW.WIKIPEDIA.COM WWW.THUNDERSTONE.COM WWW.CITI.UMICH.EDU SOME ARTICLESRVG HOSTEL ,ANDHERI (WEST)10/18/201313