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Starbucks & foursquare

Sep 11, 2014




Foursquare & Starbucks

Foursquare & Starbucks Yacine Sadaoui, Floriane Brette, Andreia Dionisio, Laura FleuryMBA 2A

The Foursquare App

Foursquare is a precursor in the SoLoMo tendencyCreated in 2009 byDennis CrowleyandNaveen SelvaduraiOver 25 million people use the application worldwideOver 3 billion check-ins, with millions more every dayOver a million of businesses using the Merchant Platform

How does it work? The purpose of Foursquare is for friends to share where they are and tell others about the places they request. The whole thing is known as a Check-In. People check into places and they share where they are in addition adding comments on the place. Like the food in this place is amazing or Next time youre in this (Location) you got to visit (Place)

Every Foursquare check-in earns you points.1. For finding a new place in your neighborhood gives you +5 points2. Making multiple stops on the same night gives you +2 points3. Taking a friend along with you gives you +1 point

As you start checking-in to more interesting places you earn badges. These badges will help you discover more new places and help for traveling to far away places. Yes, even places your frequent everyday will help you get a badge (GYM, Parks, etc)

Why companies can use Foursquare? Create a big scavenger hunt for a product launch

Create the challenge with its customers to special offers (invitations, discounts ...)

Discover new places (stores, cultural venues ...)

The most successful campaign: Starbucks

What was the purpose? The deal offers customers a $1 discount on a Frappucino. The special greets mayors with this message: As mayor of this store, enjoy $1 off a NEW however you want it Frappucino blended beverage. Any size, any flavor. Starbucks is celebrating its 40th anniversary awarding $40 gift cards to customers who check-in using Foursquare. (500 cards was given by random draw) Every Foursquare check-in at a Starbucks store in the United States or Canada will raise $1 as part of the RED global AIDS fund.

A successful campaign? The campaign bring a lot of customers in all Starbucks stores and increased revenue. Very successful gain for the RED AIDS thanks to many customer : about $1 millionA huge new brand image of Starbuck through all these campaignsImprove Social Local Mobile presence

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