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"Spring Into Spring!"... AAAAHHHHHHHH!!! .... IT'S FINALLY SPRING! “Spring is when life’s alive in everything"... ” Winter’s no longer in control, everything’s new and anything’s possible." SPRING! Spring! How beautiful is the Spring! How wonderful is the Spring! How majestic is the Spring! How fantastic is the Spring! How tantalizing is the Spring! How glorious is the Spring! How melodious is the Spring! How joyful is the Spring! How breathtaking is the Spring! How uplifting the Spring! How happy is the Spring! How magnificent is the Spring! How colorful is the Spring! How tasteful is the Spring! How memorable was the Spring! How flavorful is the Spring! How aromic is the Spring! How sweet is Spring! How beautiful is the Spring! ~ By: Alex F. UPDATES & NEWS From the Desk of Image Consultant, Amy McNish... Greetings Everyone! I pray that everyone is good health and with a peace of mind... Well, as we draw closer to the end of the first quarter of the year, I want to take a moment of reflection and growth... As many of you may already know this, but on January
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  • 1. "Spring Into Spring!"... AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!.... ITS FINALLY SPRING!Spring is when lifes alive in everything"... Winters no longer in control, everythings new and anythings possible."SPRING!Spring! How beautiful is theSpring! How wonderful is theSpring! How majestic is theSpring! How fantastic is theSpring! How tantalizing is theSpring! How glorious is theSpring! How melodious is theSpring! How joyful is theSpring! How breathtaking is theSpring! How uplifting theSpring! How happy is theSpring! How magnificent is theSpring! How colorful is theSpring! How tasteful is theSpring! How memorable was theSpring! How flavorful is theSpring! How aromic is theSpring! How sweet isSpring! How beautiful is theSpring! ~ By: Alex F. UPDATES & NEWS From the Desk of Image Consultant, AmyMcNish...Greetings Everyone!I pray that everyone is good health and with a peace ofmind... Well, as we draw closer to the end of the firstquarter of the year, I want to take a moment of reflectionand growth...As many of you may already know this, but on January

2. 18, 2012 I lost my older brother Xavier McNish, to heartfailure. He was only 34 years old. And he left behind his only daughter that is 13 yearsold. This has been a real hard time for me and my family. Everyone says that peopledeal with death in different ways, and I must say I felt like I was going crazy. Starting myNew Year off with so much hurt and pain, is nothing easy to deal with.I am a firm believer in God and He has carried me through this storm like a butterfly. Iam so grateful for His grace and mercy. I truly appreciate my true friends and family, thatprayed for me, and my strength. I am a true believer in God and Family First andeverything else comes later.Out of all of that I Thank God that I was able to turn things around, and with mybrothers strenght in me I am such a stronger woman. I truly believe anything is possibleonly if you BELEIVE!Image Consulting & Designs by Amy has been growing and taking on new foundheights. The blessing are just pouring in! As you will read below, for the month of Marchwe have just progressed so much, it is hard to keep up. So Exciting!I have added three new members to the team, Malcom Barrnett, is my Assistant, DianePringle, Lead Fashion Intern, and Candance Woods, Image Consulting Intern. My teamis AMAZING! They work hard to ensure that my name is represented very well! I trulyappreciate them. If you see them with me out and about, make sure you say Hello!One thing I have learned about life, when add new people to your team you have to letsome people go! Some clients are NOT for you so you have to LET THEM GO! Somepartners are NOT for you, so you have to LET THEM GO! God will bless you with 10more NEW ones, trust me I am a living testimony! I had too many "Constituents, andComrades" in my life! But its okay because I am truly BLESSED with "Confidants"...So, I leave you with this encouraging statement from TD Jakes:" 3 basic types of people that you will interact with if you are a child of destiny! Becareful who you share your dream with"...1) Confidants. You have very few of them. They are for you. They are in for the longhaul. You will never inherit your kingdom until you have a confidant. They will confrontyou. If you have two or three of these relationships in your life you are a blessedperson.2) Constituents. They are for what you are for. As long as you are for what they are forthey will walk and labor with you ... but they are not for you ... but what you are for. Youcould mistake your constituents for your confidants.3) Comrades. They are against what you are against. They will team up with you to helpfight a greater enemy. They will only be with you until the victory is accomplished.PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO CLIP: 3 Types Of People In Your Life - T.D. Jakes2nd Annual Men of ClassAward CeremonyOn March 4th, 2012, Image Consulting& Designs by Amy, had the opportunityto showcase the "Purple StylingCollection". As a partner with A GoodLook Campaign we presented ashowcase of 15 different looks. Thedresses where gorgeous, and classyyet chic. The event was trulyAMAZING!The beautiful spirited Honorees spoke 3. nothing but POWER and ENCOURAGEMENT in the studio. And this is the reason the Board Members of Big Sis & Co. selected these men to be the 2012 Men of Class Recipients. This event was taped in front of a live studio audience, in the Channel 10Fairfax Public Access Studio.To find out more about the "Good Look Campaign" or Big Sis & Co. Please Click Here:Good Look Campaign | Big Sis & Co. BIG THANK YOUS TO THE PHOTOGRAPHERS OF THE EVENT! Surpass Media Production, and Glamorous Divas did an awesome job capturing the moments that willlast a life time!Shades of Green Designer Collections"XAVIER DRESS COLLECTION"The XAVIER DRESS COLLECTION is well on its way...We have finished two of the One of Kind designerdresses created and designed by Amy McNish.These dresses symbolize the strengh and courage ofher late brother Xavier McNish. This collection will alsoexpress the bold yet edgy lifestyle her brother lived.She explains, "My brother did not get a chance to finish making his mark on the world,so as his sister I am going to ensure that his name is never forgotten! XAVIER DRESSCOLLECTION, will be one that will go down in history!"...The first photo shoot for the first two compeletd dresses will be at the end of April 2012.Please keep up with us and follow the updates! Check Out Shades of Green DesignerCollectionsSpecial Thanks to my business partners on this project:Dress Maker ~ Ms. Aita Carmichael, Lead Seamstress of La Linguere Fashions (NewYork, NY)Photographer ~ Donn Thompson (New York, NY)Make-Up Artist ~ Marcus Miller (Baltimore, MD) 4. Marcus Miller Make-Up Portfolio Work Donn Thompson Portfolio Work"DRESS FORSUCCESS"Spring Into FashionSeminar was a "HUGESUCCESS!"...As many small businessowners may already knowthis, but it is so HARD to geta CONTRACT through thegovernment. Even whenyou know someone thatknows someone! Well, aftermany years of pressingforward, Image Consulting &Designs by Amy was able to get through! Yes, thats right we GOT IN!Our FIRST Government Contract was presented on March 21st, 2012, ImageConsulting & Designs by Amy had the opportunity to present the "Dress for Success"Seminar. It was such a HUGE SUCCESS! Every seat in the conference room was filled,and got lots of GREAT feedback!In the "Spring into Fashion" part of the presentation, we wanted to give "Real Life"Examples of "How to Dress for Success"... So, we contracted one of the best modelingagencies in the DMV area. IHI Modeling Agency was amazing. Very professional models,on time, and very easy to work with."As Lead Consultant of my Image Company, I am always busy, and things are done at avery fast pace. And I must say Ms. Nickeeliah Freeman, has one of the best agenciesout there! I was very impressed and pleased. Thomas and Viola where great, and theaudience loved them! "... ~ AmyFor more info or bookings please click here: IHI Model Agency 5. IHI MODEL ~ Thomas NikramatIHI MODEL ~ Viola TebahTodays Empowered WomanOn March 24th, 2012, Image Consulting &Designs by Amy, partnered with Big Sis & Co.was invited to hold an informational seminar on"How to Glam Up Your Wardrobe" for the Townof Dumfries, Virginia Community Service Event. This was truly an EMPOWERING event. All the of the Panel Guest, (Chere Cofield, April Princess Martin, Donna Guinn Kaufman) spoke powerfully about their life experiences, andhow they kept going. Teaching us, that "Strength is not something that is just given, it isachieved over time"...We where also able to connect with Mr. Xavier Epps, President of XNE FinancialAdvising, LLC. He is now our new companys Financial Adviser! If you need to get yourSmall Business on a Budget, give him a call he can help! Contact XNE Financial Today! FASHION AWARDS MD 2012 ~ VOTING HAS BEGUN! ~ SUPPORT AFUA SAM! ~Fashion Awards MD ~ 2012 "Voting is now OPEN! 6. Fashion Awards MD ~ 2012 "Voting is now OPEN!"Voting begins NOW through May 31st at 11:45PM!Click on the "Vote" tab above to the right, and tell uswho deserves to win!! Only ONE of each ballot per ipaddress (per computer), so choose wisely, friends!!"~ Lana R.As a great business partner and a great friend, I AmyMcNish pledge to Afua Sam, Lead Designer of StudioDMaxsi, that I will do everything in my power tospread the word about the 2012 Fashion Awards MD.This would be an amazing achievement for Afua Sam.So, I am going to be dedicated to help see herthrough the victory. As, Afua has helped me, and I amsure she has helped many of you in the "FashionCommunity". Please return the favor and VOTE forSTUDIO DMAXSI for the 2012 FASHION AWARDS MD.As always your support is truly appreciated!CLICK HERE TO VOTE! STUDIO DMAXSI NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH! Did you know that Studio DMaxsi has a "New" Look"??? Yes! They launched the new website a few weeks ago! OMG! It is amazing! I looks GREAT! Icy PR Company did a really great job. And the PressRelease hit tons of media outlets across the globe!Check them out!~ Naija Hype~ MANY MORE...For more info about the New Website Launch, please contact: Icy PRSHOP ONLINE TODAY!Studio DMaxsi will be 7. Studio DMaxsi will beShowcasing this year forthe 2012 Africa FashionWeek New York!Image Consulting & Designsby Amy is a PROUDSPONSOR of Afua Sam, LeadDesigner of Studio DMaxsi! "We are so excited to support our beloved friend Afua Sam in her journey to the top!"...Afua Sam will showcase a never seen before collection, that we are sure it will leave theaudience in true amazement and awe!....To learn more about this event, please visit the website: AFWNY 2012*UPCOMING EVENTS YOU DONT WANT TO MISS!* 8. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWS LETTERQuestions, Comments, Concerns Please feel free to contact us at: | (202) 422-5298 | www.AmyMcNish.com2012 Image Consulting & Designs by Amy, LLC | 1858 P Box Landover, Maryland 20785 .O. Powered by Mad Mimi