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SpotCam HD cloud based WiFi Home Security Camera The SpotCam HD is a cloud based WiFi security camera, which is relatively easy to install and then can be watched on a PC, Mac or even on mobile iOS or Android based Smartphones and Tablets. Our SpotCam HD review will show if this is the right solution for you and offers you a step-by-step SpotCam HD installation guide

Spot cam hd cloud based wifi home security camera

Feb 20, 2017



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  • SpotCam HD cloud based WiFiHome Security Camera

    The SpotCam HD is a cloud based WiFi security camera, which isrelatively easy to install and then can be watched on a PC, Mac or evenon mobile iOS or Android based Smartphones and Tablets. Our SpotCamHD review will show if this is the right solution for you and offers you astep-by-step SpotCam HD installation guide

  • The SpotCam HD 720P IP Indoor Camera has atreview date a price of approx. 179 Euro.

    In addition a SpotCam HD Pro outdoor Wi-Fi cloud HD 720P camera withIP65 water and dust proof for outdoor installation is offered at a price ofabout 229 Euro. The SpotCam is also available as Blaupunkt SpotCam inthe Blaupunkt security systems shop.

    Here you can buy the SpotCam HD.

    The delivery of the SpotCam HD

  • The SpotCam HD is supplied in this package:

  • A first look shows the well packed SpotCam HD cloud camera accessories in the packaging.

    That is contained in the delivery of the SpotCam HD

  • Included in delivery is the SpotCam HD, power supply with 3 meter cable, quick start guide, mounting plate for wall mounting, incl. screws and dowels.

    SpotCam HD technical data

  • The technical data

    Manufacturer SpotCam

    Name SpotCam HD

    Dimensions Height of 150 mm, 48 mm diameter camera mounting, foot 80 mm diameter

    Weight 0.6 kg shipping weight incl. packaging and 0.255 kg SpotCam HD weight.

    Power supply 12V 1A with 230 Volt power adapter

    Technical requirements

    Computer for the installation, High-Speed WLAN. To view any of below web

    browser: Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+,

    Chrome and iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phone, Android tablet.


    SpotCam HD 720P Indoor IP Camera, Up to 720P HD 1280720 at 30

    frames/second, H.264 encoding, 110 degrees diagonal, Speaker and

    microphone, Night Vision over infrared light 12x IR LEDs, 0C 50C

    Operating Temperature, designed for indoor use, WLAN security camera

    with 1-day cloud recording for free, Real-time alert, 2-way-Audio, Video

    streaming and storage are protected and transmitted securely with SSL


  • SpotCam HD security camera Layout, Design and Features

  • Layout, Design and Features The SpotCam HD makes a good impression and is clean finished. On the

    front you can see the wide angle camera with IR LEDs, status LEDs, and microphone.

  • This is the back of the SpotCam HD.

  • There is a switch for the installation as an Access Point (AP) and as a client and the socket for the 12V power supply.

  • A small speaker for the audio output is located on the top of the camera body. You can not just transmit a sound, but also output a sound over the camera.

  • This is the bottom of the HD SpotCam with attached wall mount bracket.

  • The camera detaches easily from the wall mount our opinion somewhat too easily.

  • The SpotCam HD can be tilted for optimal alignment.

    Overall, the SpotCam HD isproperly processed and canbe fitted well, but still notlooks like a professionalcamera, as you can see in thepicture left compared to aMOBOTIX camera.

  • SpotCam HD Installation

  • Installation

    The SpotCam installation is relatively simple, but at this point we do not connect the SpotCam HD to the socket.

    First, you need a PC, Mac, notebook or a Smartphone with Wi-Fi (b/g/n 2.4 GHz), which is connected to the Internet. There is an app for iOS, Android and Windows available. In our example, we use a laptop with Windows 7.

    Then open the Web page, where are a lot of public webcams as well.

  • Now click to the top right on Add Spotcam, where you will be prompted to install Add_SpotCam.exe.

  • Depending on the firewall you will be prompted to choose the desired network profile.

    Now, we start with the setup.

  • First, we apply an account by we registering on SpotCam.

  • Type in an user name, password and mail address, and click on Create account.

  • Now you confirm the verification mail

    you immediately receive after registration and log in with your user data at SpotCam.

    Now we connect the SpotCam HD with the power cord and wait until the LED on the front lights up orange, the rear switch must be in AP position. Now we confirm with next.

  • Then click on the Wi-Fi icon in the system tray and connect to the SpotCam HD.

  • If it doesnt work, but fails with the error message No connection to the network you must first deactivate the own Wi-Fi connection.

    Now try again to connect with the SpotCam HD.

  • Continue when the Wi-Fi is connected.

  • Now we get a message that we should select the network profile, in our case home network.

    Now we connect the SpotCam over Wi-Fi and select the Wi-Fi network (the router, not the SpotCam) in the following window, to connect the SpotCam HD in the future with the Internet. In our case, the Wi-Fi SSID is Gastzugang (guest access).

  • Of course, the Wi-Fi access password is required, too.

  • Now we set the SpotCam HD selector switch to client

    connect again to the Internet via Wi-Fi and confirm with next.

  • If all went well, we should now see our first webcam picture in the SpotCam window

    at least if the firewall allows incoming connections and the router is configured, that the SpotCam HD is able to connect to all required ports, otherwise it gives this error.

  • But now !

  • Thats it, the SpotCam HD is set up and can be watched online.

  • By the way, you will be notified once a SpotCam HD firmware update is available.

  • Of course, we have tried that and uploaded the current firmware to the SpotCam HD, which easily went through.

    SpotCam HD Operation


  • The SpotCam portal offers above all many options, a continuous recording option, where 1 day in the cloud is free and a fee for more than 1 day is required. The time lapse is an especially interesting video mode, offering you the last 24 hours video recording in fast motion.

    Zoom and volume settings, as well as a pause button are also contained in the basic view.

  • Of course there also lots of settings such as e.g. Disabling the LED display, 180 rotation for overhead installation, SD mode for low bandwidth

  • Night vision switching and audio recording.

  • And alarm functions with automatic mail by motion or noise.

  • By the way, a motion mask is included, like on professional cameras.

  • And a desired time schedule is available.

    Up to the public release of the video stream of the SpotCam HD

  • , creating and editing a movie, snapshot function and transfer of speech to the camera is possible.

    However the snapshot does not work properly in the test and showed onlythe first recorded image despite updating the Web page (even after refresh)and responds very slowly. But the download contains the updated image.The downloaded picture has a SpotCam watermark. Also the file nameunfortunately changes not as time, but only consists of the serial number ofthe SpotCam HD.

  • If you click on a function not established, you will receive an error message.

  • These functions can be ordered then partly free and partly for a monthly fee.

  • BTW. this is a picture in the night vision mode.

    The image quality was quite positive, but despite faster connection to the Web, there was a

    delay from 3-7 seconds in our test when viewing the SpotCam HD cam video stream. We also

    miss a possibility to set the sharpness, brightness, volume of the webcam speaker and more,

    what we would expect from a surveillance camera.

    The power consumption of the SpotCam HD in our test was depending on the operating mode in

    the overall average 5.4 Watts and this is positive for a WiFi camera.

    SpotCam HD Result and general impression

    Result and general impression


  • The cloud based SpotCam HD WiFi security camerainstallation was relatively easy and can be watched afterthe login procedure even on mobile devices.

    The SpotCam HD offers many features such as the free 24hours video recording in a cloud and the time lapsefunction. In total we are missing more flexibility, forexample regarding to the direct access to the SpotCam HDin a local network without Internet. Because currently theSpotCam HD can be called only over the Internet. Safety-critical users are discouraged from buying it exactly at thispoint. But who can live with this point and is giving theprovider the necessary trust, is getting with this SpotCamHD an easy to use camera for home or office. Before usingand installing a surveillance camera in the outdoor area youshould inform of the respective legal provisions.