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Sponsorship PAcket 2013

Mar 14, 2016



Support Education, Fashion and Achievement


    Would you like to help to foster and promote

    creative arts and business in the community?

    Would you partner with education to promote the good in this community

    and encourage more events that boost the reputation of all that is good?

    We realize that you are often bombarded with requests for support and, as the economic times have hit

    many businesses, in education, it is the career programs that suffer most. Unfortunately, it is also those

    career programs that benefit a communitys economy and its ability to rebound and grow from

    economic hardship. In education, these are also the programs that are often the most misunderstood.

    The Fashion Program boasts one of San Joaquin Delta Colleges most successful programs, but also one

    of its least funded. Therefore, it has been left to the students to raise funds for their own academic

    activities, including field trips, special events, fashion shows and even the programs marketing and

    outreach. And, it is up to those who care about the program to reach out for assistance to keep it

    thriving on the Delta College campus!

    We manage to do a LOT with very little! The Fashion Program is incredibly successful, preparing students

    for realistic and successful careers in the fashion industry and it is reflected in the success of its students

    who have graduated and are now doing amazing things!. The program has grown over the past twenty

    years into a model program for the community college system. Deltas Fashion Program has had great

    success in the past twenty years and has produced some incredible success stories! Stockton can be

    proud of the fact that such a thriving and respected program exists in its community.

    Many businesses will turn us down for a variety of reasons. But, consider that the Fashion Program

    receives the least amount of funding at the college and all of the marketing (including this sponsorship

    packet) and all of the program development is done by one faculty and a team of students. Any

    support you might be able to offer would be welcome with sincere gratitude.



    Riley John-Donnell, who came to the Fashion Program after graduating with a Fine Arts Degree

    from UOP and who went on to start the highly successful Surface Magazine in San Francisco. He

    also partnered with the founders of N.I.C.E. Collective (a successful mens wear brand in San

    Francisco) and assisted them with repositioning their brand in the market. Riley has also been a key

    advocate to the birth of the PRIDE center in Stockton, assisting in raising funds so it can become a

    vital part of the social and ethical community of Stockton. He was one of a few hundred specially

    invited guests to the White House by President Obama to the LGBT Pride Month celebration.

    Billy Hutchinson is currently the manager of the exclusive San Francisco retail

    store, Gumps and is a successful entrepreneur with his own line of stationary and porcelain

    tableware. Billy has been featured on numerous style blogs and in print magazines like The

    Bold Italic, 7 x 7 Magazine, Couture Chocolate and others. He is also a featured brand on

    Gumps web site and in the store. He also teaches hand lettering and calligraphy at

    Friends of the Book in San Francisco.

    Jennavave Barber has a thriving career as a fashion designer in New York for several highly respected brands

    including Calvin Klein, Ellen Tracy and Guess and now freelances in Europe while working as a Technical Design

    Instructor and Fashion Design Program Administrator at IED Moda in Milan Italy.

    Jennifer Rocha moved to New York to work for Banana Republic in product

    development, moved on the Tory Burch in Production and Design and is now the

    Production Coordinator for Alexander Wang.

    Nancy De Los Reyes is a visual designer for Papyrus with her BA in Fashion Design from

    Academy of Art, has her own fashion line and was described as one of the top 5

    designers to watch in 7 X & Magazine.

    Ceazar Cabreros graduated from FIT in 2012 and is a freelance designer for Bibhu

    Mohapatra, after a successful design year with Yigal Azroel in NYC. His design for Bibhu

    in February 2013 was deemed on of the 16th Prettiest Dresses from Fashion Week!


    Mark Eric Rodriguez is an Assistant Designer at Monique Lhuillier in New York, while also teaching design at FIT,

    where he attended after Delta and UOP. He received FITs Film Noir Graduation Exhibition Critics Choice

    Award in Eveningwear in 2011 and his design was featured throughout NY retail. He is a nationally-recognized

    design talent after becoming one of the top 10 chosen in the Adrianna Papell evening wear design


    Uduak Oduok is an attorney in Sacramento, specializing in entertainment and fashion law.

    After Delta, she went on to create a powerful online media group called Ladybrille and then

    combined her fashion and legal education to start up her own legal firm to protect the

    creativity of designers and artists.

    Naomi Rivera, graduated from CCA in Textile Design, went to NY to work with Donna Karan and ThreeAsfour,

    and now owns her own design studio in the East Bay, designing fabrics for a variety of designers.

    Natalie Minori Sconce graduated from Deltas Fashion Program and is now back teaching for us. She teaches

    the Collection Design Class that is the substance of the end-of-the-year show. As a student she was in the very

    first Collection Design Class and now is a mentor to new designers. She has a brilliant career, showing her own

    designs in SF Fashion Week and Sac Fashion Week and has had her designs photographed in numerous


    Tammy Krause is the Visual Director for Diesel in Northern California, Christina Her is a manager with Express,

    Jane Nguyen is the Head Designer with Sincerely Rose, Kayla Taylor is a manager with Macys, Jennifer Kelso is

    in Product Development with 5.11 Tactical watches, Amy Sieffert is the owner/operator at Something Borrowed,

    Amanda Herriford is with the Australian Geographic Shop in Melbourne,

    Our students are currently employed with a variety of retailers and manufacturers: Royal Robbins, Hugo Boss,

    Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, BCBG, Macys, Deisel, Disney, Express, Bath & Body, Victorias Secret and more,

    and some are freelance designers and visual merchandisers working for a variety of fashion companies and




    The Fashion Program is intimately connected with the fashion industry in a number of ways and work

    to bring those connection to San Joaquin County through a variety of events, one of which is our

    annual Meet the Fashion Industry Insiders, bringing influential industry professionals to the college to

    share their insights with our students and to network with the community.

    The program partners with non-profit philanthropic groups like the American Heart Association and

    the American Cancer Society, raising funds and awareness through a variety of projects: Lee Denim

    Day, the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, Go Red for Women Campaign.

    The partnerships are also extended to local businesses and organizations by offering interns to work

    and train for jobs, assistance and student help with events and shows and special assistance with

    marketing and event production.

    Please consider partnering with us and support our community events. We know you receive requests

    from other organizations and we would graciously appreciate any support you choose to provide.


    The Collection Design Show is in its 5th year. We keep it fresh and exciting by

    moving locations, creating a different vibe with each environment and using

    local talent and discovering new talent. Our shows have attracted as large an

    audience as 1000 people in an outdoor showcase under the stars, to an

    intimate and exclusive 200-person event, with wine and appetizers and swag

    bags that rivaled the best NY show,

    The show features the amazing design talent of the students in the Collection

    Design class and the organizational and marketing skills of the students in the

    Fashion Event class. The show is produced entirely by students with the direction

    and guidance of Leslie Asfour, who has spent the last twenty years developing

    and building the program and this event. It is a synthesis of designers, models,

    videographers, photographers, bloggers, and student who volunteer their time

    and energy to make the show exciting, relevant, high-quality and one that is

    highly anticipated each year.

    The Collection Design students spend 12 weeks designing and producing their

    collection of at least 6 looks, constructing all of the garments from scratch and

    fitting them to their models. The Event Production class works during those same

    weeks, recruiting models and holding workshops and rehearsals for the models,

    designing, producing and distributing all of the marketing for the show and

    coordinating every aspect from start to finish.

    They are also responsible for securing show sponsors to help offset the cost, as

    the college does not provide for this ev