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Jan 01, 2016



SPM Software & Resources. Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging University College London. SPM Course London, May 2011. Image time-series. Statistical Parametric Map. Design matrix. Spatial filter. Realignment. Smoothing. General Linear Model. Statistical Inference. RFT. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • SPM Software & ResourcesWellcome Trust Centre for NeuroimagingUniversity College LondonSPM CourseLondon, May 2011

  • NormalisationStatistical Parametric MapImage time-seriesParameter estimatesGeneral Linear ModelRealignmentSmoothingDesign matrixAnatomical referenceSpatial filterStatistical InferenceRFTp
  • Software: SPM8Open Source academic freeware (under GPL)Documented and informally supportedRequirements:MATLAB: 7.1 (R14SP3) to 7.10 (R2010a) no Mathworks toolboxes requiredSupported platforms (MEX files): File Formats:Images: NIfTI-1 (& Analyze, DICOM)Surface meshes: GIfTIM/EEG: most manufacturers (with FieldTrips fileio)Linux (32 and 64 bit)Windows (32 and 64 bit)Mac Intel (32 and 64 bit)

  • SPM Interface

  • SPMweb Introduction to SPM SPM distribution: SPM2, SPM5, SPM8 Documentation & Bibliography SPM email discussion list SPM short course Example data sets SPM extensions

  • SPM ToolboxesUser-contributed SPM extensions:

  • SPM DocumentationPeer reviewed literatureSPM Books: Human Brain Function I & IIStatistical Parametric MappingOnline help & function descriptionsSPM Manual

  • SPM Online Bibliography

  • External ResourcesSPM @ Wikipedia @ Scholarpedia @ WikiBooks Imaging/MEG wiki @ NITRC

  • SPM Mailing [email protected] home page, archive searches, instructionsSubscribe [email protected] spm Firstname LastnameParticipate & learnemail [email protected] by SPMauthorsUsage queries, theoretical discussions, bug reports, patches, techniques, &[email protected]://

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