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Page 1: Spirituality Religion

By Brittany Harmsworth


Page 2: Spirituality Religion

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• Slide 3, 4, 5 – Reflection of songs

• Slide 6, 7 – Collage of films

• Slide 8 – Piece of writing

• Slide 9 – Role model

• Slide 10 – Spiritual leaders

• Slide 11 – Parable of Jesus

• Slide 12 – Beatitudes

• Slide 13 – Another Worlds Religion

• Slide 14 & 15 – Environment Issue

• Slide 16 - Bibliography

Page 3: Spirituality Religion

Kate Miller Heidke- Caught In The Crowd

The song Caught in the Crowd by Kate Miller Heidke is a song that speaks to a young audience about the mistakes that you make in your schooling life really does affect the lives of others, not only during school but even years after. Kate Miller Heidke is telling her story in a song to apologise to her friend for not showing him what he really meant to her. The message that this song speaks about influences the lives of others. It encourages you to stand up for anyone who may be getting bullied, someone who is feeling alone or someone who is shy. To say something comforting and make them believe there is someone really out there in the world who does care for them. Kate Miller Heidke gives you in insight of the events that occurred in her early life of what happened to her friend James and how she walked away when he really needed her most. “If I could go back, do it again, I’d be someone you could call friend, please, please believe that I’m sorry” She sings this from her heart to say sorry to James for not standing up for him.

Reflection On Three Songs

Page 4: Spirituality Religion

The Climb by Miley Cyrus is an inspirational song for anyone who does not believe they can achieve their dream. Miley sung this song from the heart to prove to not only to her but to the rest of the world that if you try your hardest and believe that you can reach your goal in life then go for it. “But I, I got to keep trying, got to keep my head held high” Miley sings this with passion and emotion to say you will always have some self-doubt on yourself from others trying to bring you down with words. Believe in yourself and keep your head held high. Miley tells her story through this song about her struggles in life and what it means to her to have others supporting her all the way.

The Climb

Page 5: Spirituality Religion

Skinny love- BirdyThe song Skinny love by Birdy is a song the world has heard. The meaning behind ‘Skinny Love’ is when two people love each other but is too shy to admit it but they still show it. Birdy sings this song from her heart. She shows emotion in her voice and actions, as something might have happened in her life. She is expresses her feelings and emotions through this song. This song can relate to a young audience as many people in the world has experienced this in their lives.

Page 6: Spirituality Religion

Inspirational films

Page 7: Spirituality Religion

Never Give Up On Yourself

In the film ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, the main character Chris Gardener has shown the audience about his struggles in life as a father. As a teenager, Chris was top in the class but as he got into the real world, having to find a job and stay financial was too hard for him, especially having a 5 year old son to take care of.

Chris always tried his hardest at everything he did and the results would finally turn out the way he hoped in the end. He had to deal with the constant disappointment of being turned down for trying to find a stable job so that Chris and his son Christopher could live a stable live style without a wife or mum helping them on their way.

Many people in the world have struggled finically to keep their family stable. Chris has shown a message to the lives of others for them to relate to his problems and how he over comes them.

Chris struggled financially to keep his house from being taken away from him and Christopher but he had not paid his taxes therefore he had no money. They ended up sleeping in toilets, homeless shelters and trains.

Chris never gave up on trying to sell his products and try finding a stable job. In the end it all worked out for them, Chris got the job he had hoped for and they have enough money to pay the bills and taxes and to live in a house. The message to this movie is to never give up; in the end you will succeed.

Page 8: Spirituality Religion

Choices- Desiree Kimbrue

I see people laughing and joking all around,but on my face there is no smile instead there is a frown.

I never laugh anymore instead I cry,and I never stop to ask myself, “why”?

I head we live and die by the choices we make,and there’s only so much a person can take.

So just remember that life goes on,and it hurts when someone leaves and is gone.

So always remember keep your head up,

Because another door is opened every time one is shut.

This poem is called Choices by Desiree Kimbrue. It is a poem about a girl losing her father in a horrible way. No matter how hard she tries to overcome such a significant event that has happened in her life, she tries her hardest to move on. “So just remember that life goes on,and it hurts when someone leaves and is gone.” By losing a loved one it can have a massive impact on yourself, as someone in your life is gone without any notice. She is feeling depressed and is asking herself “why don’t I feel happy like everyone else?” The message towards this story is to keep your head up high and to try your hardest to overcome the most difficult times in your life.


Page 9: Spirituality Religion

Role Model

My role model in life is my nana, Jill O’Keefe. Jill was born on the 4th of August 1924. She was born in Rockhampton but has English background. She is the oldest of 3 brothers. My nana is my role model in life as she always supports me and my family no matter what happens. She is the strongest woman I know, as she has been through a lot in her life time. She has experienced the death of her brother at the age of 41 and her husband, my grandad Brian in the recent years. This was the most difficult time in her and my family’s life time as my grandad was the strongest man we knew. Although these were both difficult events in her life she always tries to pull through it. Jill is a Christian as is the Christian is the professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus. This is why I believe my nana is the strongest and most respectful women I know.

Page 10: Spirituality Religion

Spiritual Leaders

Page 11: Spirituality Religion

The Parable of the Lost Son

The story behind the Lost Son is where a man has two sons. The father of the two sons has given the younger the privilege of having half of his property, but what about the other son? When you are given something in your life, it is easy to take what you have for granted. As the younger son did by making the mistake to leave his family and betray them by spending all the family earnings, his father gave him as a privilege. The message behind this parable is to stay true to yourself and your family and never give in to temptation. As in the end all you need is there with you. The older son who has never left the fathers side and betrayed him, felt lonely and used once the younger son had returned to the father. With pity in his eyes the younger son had come to realisation of what he has done and would except salve roll in the house hold. But with enjoy and forgiveness in the fathers eyes he expected the sons apology and had a celebration. The father wanted his son back in his life as he said to his older son “But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.”

Page 12: Spirituality Religion

Beatitudes• Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of


Modern- Bless the unfortunate people in life, for there is hope.

• Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth

Modern- Bless the humble, for they will receive a lot in their life time.

• Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.

Modern- Bless the people who cannot afford food, for there will be something being done about it.

• Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.

Modern- Bless the kind hearted, for they will be shown appreciation.

• Blessed are those who are persecuted because of the righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Modern- Blessed are those who are mistreated for doing right in the world, as they will be expected by others.

Page 13: Spirituality Religion

Judaism Judaism’s believe that touch is an significant part in a marriage. They believe that if you love somebody, touch can have a big impact between two people. A problem in Judaism is there religion is well against intermarriage. Intermarriage is where you would marry a member of another group. Jews are against marrying someone from outside their religion because of the threats of Jewish survival(as Judaism is a small religion). It was looked upon by Jewish leaders as they decided it would be a problem towards this religion. As there partner from a different group may have a say on the child's religion. This message relates to today’s generation as love is a strong feeling in any religion and that it can have a strong connection in the Jews eyes. You can’t help who you have feelings for as there can be a strong bond between somebody know matter what religion you are apart of.

Page 14: Spirituality Religion

Environmental Issue- Save the Turtles!

Page 15: Spirituality Religion

Our generation need to come together to save the oceans and the turtles living in it. By coming together by not littering you can make a huge difference and help save the turtles. You can make a change by picking up rubbish on your local beaches to help make it a clean environment.